Saturday, August 23, 2014

Together in the birdhouse!

Well, I took the challenge and spent all Tuesday night and most of Wednesday afternoon playin' around with an idea for my sweet bird fabric...

I thought "what about lovebirds in a birdhouse?" so that's where my 'makin' it up as I go along'  design began...

Step 1:
Sew blue squares together for the main background, and a green grassy edge along the bottom.
Step 2:
Prepare a birdcage that allows my lovebirds to be cosy and romantic!

Step 3:
Need to 'frame' the birdhouse. Choose fabrics for flowers, stems, leaves. Draw up the applique shapes...

Step 4:
Join the flower stems with a heart...
(cause this is a lovebirds project, right? )

Step 5:
The green bottom border needs something more.
Draw and prepare some pots to applique beneath the flower stems.

Step 6:
Add a bright border from the flower fabric!

Step 7:
Still needs something more.
Aha! This is what the design is all about...

Step 8:
What about the flower centres? More applique? No.
Choose cute little blue buttons to sew on at the end...

 Preparation Complete!

 Now I can choose threads and begin the hand applique. 
Pretty pleased with this so far...

Step 9 : Stitching in progress....

So you know what I'm doing over the weekend, don't you?!
What will you be stitching?

 bless ya heaps,


  1. Love it! What a great inspiration the bird fabric fabric was. I especially like the patched blue background.

  2. Sew cute !! Is your appliqué fused down ?

  3. I just love your bird house, Jenny. Those little birds are so sweet.

  4. It truly is gorgeous Jen!!! Thanks for walking us through your process!! <3 Enjoy your weekend sweetie!!! xxx

  5. oh so sweet..... love it... and lovely to read how you grow your projects...

  6. Oh,Jenny this block really is made me smile.
    Hugs Sue
    Western Australia

  7. This is gorgeous Jenny, love it and all the detail, you are overflowing with creativity, which is wonderful for us, thank you for sharing and taking the time to step us through the process. My friend who recently moved to Coffs has a collection of wooden bird houses. So many ideas from your project, thank you. I am continuing with making my birthday gift collection. Happy stitching,
    Judithann :-)

  8. Tweet, tweet, tweet.... so delightful.

  9. It is darling! You are amazing.

    Patricia C

  10. clever chicky! it's adorable Can't wait to see it finished! xox
    sugary sweet ones - mwah :o)

  11. Totally charming in every way.

  12. THat is so cute. It's going to look even more adorable when all the stitching is done xxx

  13. Oh, is just lovely! On this project you have used a process similar to my most recent quilt finish. I think "theme quilts" are an under-explored genre' in quilting! If you want to take a peek at my "Call Me Imelda" it's on my blog. Theme quilts are definitely my first love in quilting! Your little details have truly captured the lovebird theme! Again, just perfect!

  14. You have to be one of the most creative women around. Just plain cute.

  15. Charming project Jenny - enjoy your weekend. xx

  16. Adorable lovebirds in their cozy bird house!! I'm quilting on a challenge quilt this weekend and the quilt isn't talking to me!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Another cute-as-anything design by Jenny. I love it. The way you blogged about it, it seems so stream-of-consciousness.

  18. How perfectly "Jenny"...I love darling girl!

  19. Love it! What is the bird fabric that you used in this project?

  20. Gorgeous creation. Love those birdies....So much detail in this project. I worked on hexie's over the weekend and did a little stitching on a red work design.

  21. como siempre , es un enorme placer visitar tu blog. Ahora a bordar yo también.
    always is a pleasure visit your blog, now i will stitching ,too.


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