Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Juicing and sewing...

I'm loving the process of detoxification!
Yesterday I cleaned out both the upstairs and downstairs fridges and went shopping for more fresh produce. We're at the stage now of removing all the things we know we won't eat again from the pantry, and focusing on pure and fresh.
I also juice fasted yesterday and was not hungry at all...


 I spent most of the morning cleaning before shopping, and then all afternoon and into the evening preparing food for the week ahead - things like roasted veggies for salads, protein balls, spreadable butter (yep!), strawberry chia jam (no sugar), mashed pumpkin and sweet potato for freezing in portions, more of that yummy carrot coconut breakfast loaf, and cutting a load of veggies for juicing today and tomorrow.
The scales are going down, Blossom says my eyes have never been blue-er or sparkled so clearly, and my insides feel amazing!
I also have loads more energy, and my tiredness is from moving my body a lot. Bonus!

In the sewing room I've chosen orphan fabrics to make the free Mini Medallion quilt that's being shared over here at the Clover & Violet blog.
I'm planning a day of 'just sewing' tomorrow...

I also have a friend with a birthday soon so have chosen one of Fee's gorgeous Friendship Quilt blocks to make up as a wall hanging. She likes different colours to me so my small supply of Lynette Anderson fabrics are perfect...

 You can see all the blocks Fee has released so far HERE on her blog.

Have a happy healthy day everyone!


  1. You are so busy! That juice sounds like it could taste pretty interesting....I love ginger and lemon...interesting blend of flavours there!
    The new stitchy peaks look am I kidding...I love all the bits you do!

  2. Can't wait to see your block finished.

    Hugs - Fee x

  3. Love how your "orphan" fabrics all go together like a family!

  4. Hmm...yummy juicing! We love just carrots and apples best! A friends favourite is carrots, lemon and ginger root. Slurp!

  5. Sounds like your body spring clean in tune with the rest Jenny, very encouraging for you, your juices look delicious as well as healthy, I am enjoying my daily nutriblasts. Stitching plans look lovely and loved your girl and cat project this week too, and it all must be so tiring for gorgeous Sophie, Princess of the house.
    Happy spring, Judithann :-)

  6. Hi Jenny gee this detoxing sounds great,can't wait to see your finished block,enjoy your evening my friend.xx


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