Thursday, September 25, 2014

One quilt finished!

I decided at the start of this week that I'd focus my attention on finishing a number of my projects - both 'work' and 'play'.
You saw my project folder on Tuesday, and the progress I'd made with piecing and quilting the Shabby Roses Churn Dash quilt yesterday, so today I'm still 'on a roll' and can show you my completed version  of Chrissy's (from Sew Lux and via Clover & Violet) Mini Medallion quilt!

Chrissy's design still has two more pieced borders yet to come in October and November which will need larger quantities of fabric for the piecing and strip borders, but I had chosen to make mine using only my favourite fabric scraps - and guess what? I've run out!
So rather than cutting into new yardage I decided to stop where I was and finish it up as a table runner or small wall quilt - still haven't decided...
What do you think?

 I did have to use yardage for binding, but it was worth it because I love having the whole quilt enclosed in turquoise...
I spent all of Tuesday night machine quilting, and Wednesday morning sewing down the binding...

 I knew I was in trouble with finding enough fabric scraps when I ran out of pink and white spot in the snowball border, so I improvised with a piece of plain white homespun...

That might bother some people, but I'm not fussed at all.  In fact, the project becomes a little more personal I think.
If I use it on the table I will need to go tablecloth shopping again...but that would be fun!

Now that I feel accomplished with two finished projects this week, I can soldier on and finish the hand quilted circles on my Shabby Roses Churn Dash quilt!
The machine quilting is done, and I've sewn the binding around the edge, so 17 circles to hand quilt, then complete stitching the binding to the back and I can show you how it's turned out...

Though sewing has taken a big chunk of time the past few days I've not forgotten to stay on track with healthy food for Mr E and me...

*apple cinnamon banana loaf*
(grain free, sugar free)

 So far this month I have lost over 2 kilos (about 5 pounds) on this 'lifelong' detox from grains, sugar and refined foods.
It's been incredibly easy, satisfying to the taste buds, and has kicked our sugar addiction out of the ball park. We also quit salt on Monday and it was way easier that I imagined it could be!

We walk every day for about 45 minutes and drink plenty of water too.
I'm not counting calories, just eating good food when I'm hungry, and discovering that I'm satisfied with much less on my plate.

This book is great for ideas and motivation...

Just a little encouragement if you're considering this path...

Righto, back to quilting!



  1. Love your medallion quilt - so pretty and fresh - we laughed about your cute little white triangle - so wouldn't bother me - in fact I love little differences like that - makes it unique. No quilt police round here. Ha!

  2. I like it as a wall hanging. And you are right, the turquoise binding sings!

  3. Your medallion quilt is beautiful, Jenny. I didn't even notice the white corner until you pointed it out. I went back and had a look and it took a bit of finding! The fabrics are so pretty. Have a great day. Hugs, Christine xx

  4. Great job on your finish. Love the color and fabric choices.

  5. The fabrics are just of course the quilt is wonderful.

    PS I like your new signature too!

  6. Hi Jenny, I just love the fresh crisp colours you have put together in this. I adore it :-) You know, if you had not pointed that piece of white homespun out, I would never have noticed it as I cannot find it in the picture of the entire quilt you have shown.

  7. Your little quilt turned out so cute - no matter how you use it!

  8. Another beautiful work of art Jenny. Love the colours. Sandra P

  9. The white triangle makes it truly unique, it looks beautiful xx

  10. Your medallion quilt looks beautiful Jenny! You have such an eye for what will "marry" and blend into a perfect quilt! I would not have noticed the little block - but you're makes it even more yours :)
    Great going on the detox! That loaf looks delicious! Are you finding that eating a healthier meal helps you save or is it more expensive eating? I ask because I was looking at a lot of the sugar free stuff here nad find that most of them cost more than the regular would think that if they used less they'd charge less.....go figure! :)

  11. Hi Jen I love you new project,I would use it as a table runner ,gee well done with losing weight ,I must check this book out,enjoy your evening my friend.xx

  12. It's lovely Jenny! I've been pinning the installments, meaning to make this myself, I just need to carve out some time!

  13. Love the quilt, the colors and the fussy cutting!

    Patricia C

  14. Love this little quilt! I can see why those fabrics were your favorites! I have to agree with Christine...I didn't notice the substitution then just had to go back and hunt for it!! My eye expected to see dots, so I saw dots!!! You remind me of the ladies who began quilting many years ago who just made do with what they had. It worked then, works now!

  15. Linda a colcha ,cores maravilhosas. E esse bolo está com uma cara ótima também. Tenha um bom dia !

  16. That white triangle does not jump out at you - even when you are looking for it! Pretty mini Jenny. xx

  17. Beautiful! That bread looks great too! We are trying to change the way we eat around here. It's going slow and is very difficult because not everyone is on board. I am gluten/wheat free and one of my daughters has gone dairy free. So meal planning has been tough!

    Thank you for the inspiration, Jenny!

  18. I love your version of the pattern, and the colors are just perfect. I don't know what her last two borders will be, but how can they improve on what you've done? Cute toes, too. ;) The bread looks so yummy! Congratulations on the weight loss. Easier now than ten years from now, trust me.


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