Saturday, September 6, 2014


With the Holly Bird Designs completed I can finally take a deep breath, survey my home, and begin Spring cleaning.
I *love* Spring cleaning - and Autumn cleaning, and Summer cleaning, and Winter cleaning...I just love how the start of a new season brings delight in decluttering, dusting and re-organising.

And I love Spring bouquets...
 Today I started in the sewing room as it was a mess after a week of non-stop sewing. There was fabric, dust, threads and paperwork all over the place and because I love order in my workspace I reveled in bringing it under my submission once more. Here's the 'before' pic...

I even serviced the bobbin area of my sewing machine! I'm taking a little break to write this blog post before I finish the room with a vacuum under all the tables and in the window crevices (I needed an apple and a big glass of water!).
In the process of cleaning up I put together new containers of projects to start or finish. I keep individual projects on the go in separate tubs that contain all the fabrics, tools, threads, buttons etc that I might use along the way...
The Blossom-girl dropped by before lunch and spent time making bookmarks for Mr E. It's Father's Day tomorrow in Australia and she has a book he requested as a gift, but he also asked if she'd make him some bookmarks, and she loves her daddy so she had fun creating these...

Made me think of my own daddy, gone 22 years now, and my mama who died at just 21 years of age.
So I shined the little photo I have of them on their wedding day in 1958 that hangs outside my sewing room door - he was a  handsome navy man of 24 and she a wisp of a girl at 17...
With Spring's arrival we've had a visit from Mr Kookaburra, my favourite bird in all the world. He sits on our front gate under the shade of the trees and lets me stand right near him to take photos...

Mr E and I are finding our Spring detox to be easy, enjoyable and worthwhile.
Breakfast is usually fruit, coconut yoghurt, freshly ground flaxseeds, and green/dandelion tea...

Lunch is our main meal of the day and always consists of a large salad and some protein, my favourite being salmon...

Dinner is a green smoothie and maybe some gluten free/paleo style bread, like this scrumptious Carrot Coconut Breakfast Loaf I baked from a recipe at THIS site...
I know the endless heat of a tropical summer will be here too soon, so I shall rejoice in these early Spring days as long as I can.

May you find delights in your own Spring or Autumn season...



  1. Yup super delicious :)
    Enjoy my dear x

  2. I like the idea of the separate boxes of projects. So easy to grab one to work on, and to contain it all if you want to move on to something else. And I always love seeing spring pictures as we move into the fall here in the US! I think you've inspired me to "Fall Clean" my bedroom today! :)

  3. Your meals look lovely. It has inspired me to have some lovely yogurt for lunch myself. There just happens to be some. =) I always love a look inside your sewing room. Even your mess looks creative. Happy Father's Day to Mr. E. Lovely bookmarks! Happy spring, too. Here I am looking forward to fall. I'm tired of heat and humidity!

  4. I certainly wish my sewing space looked as good as yours does!!! Any you say it isn't clean/neat?!!! I'm in the middle of moving out large bookcases to the main floor, but I need to wait for a large chair in the living room is gone, so my space is a mess! Oh well, I'll just turn my back to it and quilt!!

  5. Oh Jenny Jenny Jenny, that room is not in disarray at all . . . I can still see the floor!

  6. Hi Jenny. Your before photo looks better than my after photos! I wish my room was only that messy. LOL! I hope Mr E has a lovely Father's Day.

  7. Beautiful photo of your parents Jenny, thank you for sharing something so special, both gone far too soon. Our spring so far has been showers and drizzle and very little sun, oh and a baby magpie (they are so big) on our front lawn calling out constantly 'oy' as in boy,I wonder if I'll ever get it out of my head, haven't heard any Kookaburras recently, love to hear them and be lucky enough to sight them. I am beginning to sort, tidy and begin a little spring cleaning, hopefully I'll be more inspired after seeing your lovely photos, oh and your food looks so yummy, thanks for another great recipe to try. Thank you for sharing, Mr E will love his bookmarks, have a lovely day, our family getting together for dinner and before that having time with our grandies. Judithann :-)

  8. I love to clean me sewing room after a project. Even if I'm picking up a project I've already started its like a fresh start when the room is cleaned up. I keep my projects organized in baskets because I love baskets. Its great to just pick up a basket and see where I left off and begin again. Reading that you are 'spring" cleaning makes me glad that we are internet "pen" pals, so that we can share the differences in our worlds.

  9. LOL! I meant MY sewing room, not ME sewing room. Typing too fast again!

  10. That coconut breakfast loaf looks amazing...Nothing beats a cleaned up organized sewing room or studio...It encourages creativity

  11. I have printed the recipe for the loaf. How are you doing your detox? Is there a book that you are following?


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