Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Scripture ~ Romans 12:2

Does the caterpillar have any idea of the transformation he is about to undergo when he shuts himself away inside a dark and lonely cocoon?

Some caterpillars are beautiful, their colours and markings a sight to behold.
The human mind, if it did not know of the metamorphosis about to occur, would marvel at the creature and acclaim it for such a striking appearance. But we do know what faces the lowly caterpillar.
Renewal of it's life into something magnificent!

I believe many Christians, myself included, go through seasons - both long and short - of imagining their lives are lovely enough in caterpillar mode. They are content with their lot, and desire no change, so they warm up to the ways of the world around them and settle in for a mundane existence. After all, this requires no spiritual exertion to examine their lives, character, habits, beliefs, personal truths.
Yeh, life in Caterpillar City is fine by them.

But what are they - what am I - missing?

A butterfly robe. 
A beautiful transformation from the old to the new, from the past-our-use-by-date to the just getting started adventure!

Sure, that butterfly has to exert some serious energy and strength to break free of the cocoon in order to fully complete the metamorphosis, but what a sight to behold she is when the last shreds of her dingy grey grave clothes fall away. 

That's what God has in store for you and I if we ask Him to renew our minds, washing it free from the stains of the world we've allowed to soil our hearts, thoughts, and lives. 
We may have to break free of the things that we've shackled our lives to and that could be hard, but...imagine the freedom when those tentacles of sin and worldly conformity are broken.

Are you game?
I am.

I think my butterfly robe will be blues, and carry the fragrance of heaven in every thread.
What about you?

God bless you and keep you always in His strong and mighty arms,


Ju said...

Oh, Jenny, que metáfora magnífica! Que palavras sábias e inspiradoras, exatamente o que eu precisava ler hoje!
Deus esteja sempre contigo!

Allie said...

Beautiful thoughts today [tonight] Jenny-girl - I hope my robes are the pink of a pre-dawn sky! That rosy shade that announces the triumphant arrival of the Son....

Farm Quilter said...

Amen! So easy to become comfortable and static in any stage of life. We take so much for granted and just glide through life until God reaches out and shakes us awake and out of our complacency.

Maria said...

A beautiful post Jenny and a timely reminder of 'what it's all about'.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, that dovetailed so beautifully with the lessons of Amos and Joel I studied today - that with commitment to the ways of God, the promises and blessings that shower forth on us are so huge, we can't even comprehend them. I love the way you ministered in this post, and how well it went with my whole spiritual growing this day. Thank you!

Ida said...

Thank you for sharing. As curiosity is my middle name I could´t resist doing some research about butterflies and what happens when they transform. I found this page helpful
Interesting is that once the transformation is done the butterfly can do a lot of things but they can't grow anymore. They use their skills to plant new eggs and give birth to the next generation of butterflies. I think Christians on the other hand grow all our lives but our goal is to serve other people and give them a possibility to start a new life in Christ too. And one more thing talked to me; In the process of transformation there is a protective shell around me that provides me with a place where the transformation can take place in peace within God´s grace. "It may look like nothing is going on but big changes are happening inside. " That is also a big comfort to me and it is all about God´s grace.
Take care

Carla said...