Friday, October 3, 2014

A day with the girls and get your supplies ready...

I finally got my date right and met up with Michelle and Heather yesterday for a birthday lunch!
Here's the girls, happy as can be for being together again...
 We hadn't caught up for a while, so before Michelle opened my gift for her she had one of her own to give Heather. When we celebrated Heather's birthday in August Michelle had just started a course and hadn't yet finished making this gorgeous framed stitchery. Today was the day!
Look at all those French knots!
Heather loved her present, and I just couldn't figure out a way to sneak it into my bag without them noticing so I dropped a few hints to Michelle that I would "love" one of my own. Not sure she paid attention, though, because she was too excited about the gift I had made for her!
You can see the detailed photos of the wall hanging HERE in Wednesday's blog post.

After we had a couple of coffees with salad for lunch, and spent a few hours stitching up a storm, we headed off to our local Spotlight store for some quilt wadding that was on special.
All in our own cars it looked a bit like a convoy when we turned off the highway in pigeon file! I was chuckling and singing that old "Convoy" song to myself. 

Once inside we headed straight to the quilting section...
 ...where I quickly snapped up a full bolt of cotton wadding! This will keep me going for about 2 or 3 years I think...
My only other purchase was basting spray, which then freed me up to catch the girls at play with my camera...
 Michelle eyed off this fox Christmas fabric bundle, reminding her of home in Ye Olde England...
I knew it was time to put the camera away when they both stared me down over the fabric shelves...
Oh well, I tried to get more pics but...

The truth is we had a BRILLIANT day, laughed our sides out and promised we wouldn't leave it so long between the next catch-up.
The only down side of the day was that Wendy couldn't make it. I'm sure she'll be there next time, though.

I've been having a problem uploading Block 10 of the Shabby Roses Churn Dash Stitchalong, "beauty", to my Craftsy Shop, so you will have to wait until tomorrow to get it.
Good news then - I hope.

Don't forget this 5 day tutorial with free stitchery begins on Monday!

You'll need -

One fat quarter of 'feature' fabric (I'm using that sweet red hostess fabric in the photo)
One fat quarter of contrast fabric (like the white background daisies above)
One, 10" square of solid white fabric for the stitchery
Embroidery threads in five colours that blend with your feature fabric
One 10" square of fusible fabric stabiliser (such as Whisperweft or Weaveline)
16" x 24" piece of quilt wadding
16" x 24" piece of backing fabric
90" length of quilt binding (3 strips of 2 1/2" wide fabric)

Can't wait to stitch this with you!



  1. Awww so much fun and I really love the French knots piece :)
    Sweet hugs x

  2. Awesome tree! Awesome store, I want to go :( from way over here in the US.

    Patricia C

  3. Glad you all had a great time together. Wow, amazing French knots.

  4. gorgeous gorgeous gifts.....for gorgeous gorgeous girls. So sad I missed out this time....darn tv repairmen....but in a way I'm glad I wasn't put in the face of temptation....aaaaah Spoooooootliiiiiiight!

    xoxoxo biggest sugary sweet ones :o)

  5. Looks like a wonderful time with beautiful gifts..I wish we had that store in the states...

  6. What a great time you ladies must have had! Beautiful beautiful gifts :)
    I'll be going through my limited fabric stash this weekend to decide on what I'll be using for your table top quilt! So excited!!! Have a great weekend Jenny :) xx

  7. I'll be joining you on Monday night after a day at work!

  8. OMG all those french knots - it looks absolutely stunning. Hhmm not sure you have enough wadding there Jenny.... You certainly had fun in Spotlight x

  9. Como me gusta todo lo que enseñáis y contáis y hacéis. Felicidades por esos diseños, esas telas y una felicitación especial por ese árbol bordado con punto de nudo. Menudo trabajo y ha quedado espectacular.
    Si tenéis algo de tiempo os invito a pasar por mi blog y que me deis vuestra opinión. Gracias.

  10. I head you all laughing from here! What a great day.
    Can't wait to join in your 5 day tutorial jenny x

  11. This is a great work. This is a wonderfull day whit friens. I love your blog, Jenny. Thanks.

  12. Such a fun day with friends. Love all the smiles and giggles.

  13. What a fun day with quilty friends!! Both of the gifts were fabulous!!! You are both very talented with the needle!!! About the wadding - that seriously cannot be enough!! I have 10 rolls of queen and king sized batting - that may be enough for a few years! Maybe.....

  14. Do you by chance know the name and designer of the fabric you have pictured with 50's love written on it. I love it. Never seen anything like it before. Would love to find some.

  15. Love the little red fabric you plan to use. Your day with your friends looks like so much fun. I was so excited to see the pictures because you've talked about that shop before, and now I know what it's like.

  16. Love Michelle's stitchery! Really beautiful!

  17. I am going to try this 5 day tutorial with you. I so admire your stitchery and know I could never be so neat. However, I will give it my best shot. Materials gathered...ready to go.

  18. What lovely gifts and looks like y'all had a great shopping trip. So envious of your fabric store. Cute new Christmas tree hostess stich along .


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