Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sophie and the bird...

A saga.
Well, sort of.

I am an early riser. These days 'early' means before sunrise. Almost every day my feet absorb the cool breeze on the steps as I watch the sun make it's first appearance over the mango tree next door...

When the light fills the morning I begin the daily film roll...

These guys visit often, howling with laughter on the power poles near the gate, their sound heralding the dawn...

I've said it before, kookaburras are my favourite birds...

My companion these recent mornings is Princess Sophie, but she's not outside to keep me company.
She is watching...

We have a new permanent resident perched atop the large red chandelier of a palm, and she is fascinated with him...

Every day he guards his chandelier, fighting off all avian travellers who dare to try and perch with him!

After a hundred photos and a breakfast spent pouring over every page of my bird identification book, his identity is no longer a mystery.
Meet "Mr Metallic Starling"...

Sophie would like to hitch a ride on my zoom lense I think...

Try as she might from every vantage point, this bird ain't coming any closer to her...

So every morning we follow the same routine.
Wake up, grab camera, head outside, greet the kookaburras (which Sophie is not at all interested in), see the sun rise, and watch the Starling. 
Every day. 

I wonder if she realises he's never going to come down?

So you do understand why birds feature a lot in my designs, right?
I honest to goodness love them!

A couple of years ago I gave my friend Fee this mini-quilt for her birthday, and she has it displayed on the sweetest mini hanger...

I was inspired to design "All Things Bright" by the hymn of the same name...

 Fee adored it...

 I love hanging mini-quilts on stands, don't you? Sadly, they are very hard to find in Australia. 
The other day when I spoke to Fee she said she'd finally been able to source some for her online shop!
 In fact, she has them on sale today in her Shabby Shack store with free postage throughout Australia.

 I had to buy mine from the USA last year, so I appreciate her bringing them to us locally and wanted to be sure my Aussie readers didn't miss out.

If you're after one of these small quilt stands you can visit Fee's store HERE,
and you can purchase the pattern for my "All Things Bright" mini quilt HERE.
 I think the two go together peachy perfect.

Have a lovely Thursday!
I got my dates wrong yesterday, so I'm out to celebrate with Michelle and the girls today.
Honestly, if my head wasn't screwed on...



  1. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! I am an early riser; tomorrow morning, I'll think of you and tuck your in prayer.

  2. 'Come down Mr Starling, come down and play' says Darling Sophie softly as she licks her lips!!! ha!

  3. What a lovely bird you and Sophie are intrigued with. I do not know of Kookaburras or Mr. Metallic Starling but I do know your little quilt is as precious as the living birds who entertain you and Sophie. Creative Sunrise Bliss...

  4. What wonderful photos, Jenny. I love Mr Starling amongst all those berries. I love the photo of Miss Sophie sitting on the verandah just looking up. Your mini quilt is just gorgeous too.

  5. Wonderful photos, Jenny. Sophie's unflagging interest in the starling is cute.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous pics Jenny! What a magnificent bird!! Those piercing eyes! No wonder Miss Sophie is intrigued :) My Buttons, Boo and Scruffy would have been sitting out there with her too...trying to devise a way up there :D

  7. I love this design for "All things Bright ..." Thank you for sharing it with us. I like the idea of stitching hymns or scripture and displaying them around the house or using them as gifts.

  8. Princess Sophie and her starling - what a great story!! Our starlings here are definitely not loved! I love hearing the meadowlark sing his song and watching the hawks hunt or just soar on the thermals. On the early summer mornings I love to go out on my front porch and watch the sun rise...the only thing I can hear are the birds calling to one another...pure bliss!

  9. Jenny you can get the mini stands at Marci's too. If you can't see them in the shop just ask as she does have some. Have a great day and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories and inspiring me to keep on sewing.


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