Thursday, October 23, 2014

Afternoon/morning in Cairns...

As I shared yesterday, Mr E and I have just spent a few days north in Cairns. 
We arrived on Monday and left on Wednesday. but it was incredibly good to get away for a little while. When you work from home as we both do it can be hard to stop and step away, so neither of us took our laptops and apart from a few Instagrams and Facebook photos we were 'unhooked from the net'. It was fantastic!

God truly blessed us because when we arrived at out motel they had upgraded us to the top floor with views over the Marina and a much larger room that we'd planned on....
Mr E chilled out on the couch while I acquainted myself with the rooms...
 I love the little motel touches of fresh rolled towels, all in white...
...and lemongrass soaps that filled the bathroom with their fragrance.
 After unpacking we headed out for some dinner at our favourite Asian street cafe. Whenever we are visiting Cairns we always have a meal there - this time is was Korean Bulgogi...
After a walk along the Marina we were pretty tuckered out, but before sleep I took some night photos from the balcony...
 I noticed the sky filling with clouds and within twenty minutes the rain came down and we drifted off to sleep to raindrop melodies...
Next morning I woke before dawn and prepared breakfast to have on the balcony while the sun rose...

...and boy, was it worth it.
The sky was still overcast with more rain on the way, but these photos were gorgeous as the sun pushed it's way through to say 'good morning'...
Breakfast over and ready for the day ahead, we stopped by Gloria Jeans for coffee and headed 300 kilometres further north to Cooktown - but that will have to wait until tomorrow's blog post. 



  1. Beautiful,lucky you. Thanks for sharing

  2. What lovely views. I need to get away. But that's not gonna happen anytime soon. So I will live vicariously through your photos.

  3. Beautiful pics. They look a little familiar - did you stay at the mantra trilogy. Cairns has the most amazing sunrises and I've seen most of them when we are there from melb. Invariably one of the kids gets sick and we are always up early. It appears the cane sugar doesn't agree with their respiratory systems however it doesn't stop us going. My relatives live there and one is terminally ill so we booked our trip the other day for next yr. just hope she makes it.

  4. Lovely photos dear. I actually love short few-day get-a-ways. Unplugged and totally immersed in enjoying every moment of your time together is True Bliss...

  5. Lovely photos, Jenny. Your room was lovely.

  6. Beautiful pics Jenny! What a lovely breakaway! You both deserve a little bit of relaxation!

  7. Looks like a wonderful start to your getaway! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. Hi Jenny what a wonderful view from your room.xx

  9. Quite a nice upgrade! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures. I loved seeing all of it, and that sunrisen shot over the hills and marina, just spiritual.

  10. Oh, beautiful!!! Your suite reminds me of one we had in Mandurah, south of Perth. Just spectacular!!! Looking forward to tomorrow's post!


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