Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Am I bird-brained?

This last couple of months I've had a veritable smorgasbord of birds visiting our palm trees or resting in their shade atop the front fence, many arriving just before dawn for a date with my camera. I wonder if they are telling their friends?

Here's a few recent avian friends who dropped by to say hello!

Torresion Imperial Pigeon...
Long Tailed Cuckoo (also known as the Common Koel)...
Metallic Starling...
Rainbow Lorikeets...
It's no wonder I draw so many birds in my designs - they are always at my door, inspiring me with their beauty!

If you like stitching pretty birds there's a number of designs available in my shop as instant pdf patterns.
"Sparrow" is a free design you can download, and the others are in the shop ready to purchase...


...and don't forget the 26 pattern set of the Rosedaisy Alphabet...

...or for a larger project, my "Under The Apple Tree" quilt!

Now, what do you think I'm stitching at the moment???
Birds, did you say 'birds'??

ha ha....well, yeh, of course...



  1. The pigeon and the cuckoo are pretty cool looking. We laughed the other day at the pet shop to see one of the lorikeets sleeping in a total face plant position - apparently it does it all the time and sometimes on its back with its legs up freaking out the customers! ha!

  2. And you do it so well - more Jenny-birds please!!!!!

  3. We have lots of wild birds around here too. Plus we have 2 budgies, a cockatiel and a poor galah that was rescued after being hit by a car. Just recently we were given 2 canaries. It is so lovely listening to them singing through the day.

  4. You are an expert photographer! Love seeing these birds. The Kookaburra always reminds me of the children's ditty..."Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree. Merry, merry king of the bush is he...." Thank you; it makes me smile.

  5. Oh that cuckoo is anything but common :) You are a very talented photographer too!

  6. To see such beautiful birds here in Germany we have to go to the zoo! :) You are so blessed to see them in their natural life.
    Thanks for this great pictures!
    Greetings, Rike

  7. Such sweet birds and I love birds so much xx

  8. Fine feathered friends you have there Jenny - no wonder they're such a source of inspiration... keep them coming xx

  9. You certainly do have some interesting and beautiful birds in your little corner of the world. Just loving your projects and patterns.

  10. Always love to see your native birds and plants...

  11. Love the birds, thanks for sharing!
    Patricia C

  12. You receive such lovely visitors.

  13. I enjoy your bird posts. No wonder you go out every morning to photograph them - they are just beautiful! Way prettier than the birds outside my door. And the tree foliage, for lack of a better term, is amazing. The prettiest bird I ever get to see is a cardinal and maybe a yellow finch.

  14. All beautiful designs Jenny. Hugs.....

  15. More birds, I say! Love your birds. Elegant and pretty every time.


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