Monday, November 3, 2014

Block 22 - free Lord's Prayer Quilt...

We're so close to the end our 26 week Lord's Prayer Quilt stitchalong!

This week I have block 22 for you...

All the blocks are free to download HERE in my shop.

I have the first 20 blocks divided between four downloads with five patterns each. 
Today I uploaded the pattern set for blocks 15-20...

How are you going with this quilt?
Are you planning on having it made before Christmas?

 Yesterday Mr E and I drove south for our weekly adventure and along the way we stopped to browse a small town Sunday market. It was an unexpected blessing because I came home with a bag of these lovelies...

I have plans for them...



  1. Ooohhh Jenny I am sure my heart skipped at least two beats when I saw those beautiful doilies :-) And they look to be in such immaculate condition too. Look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  2. Those doilies are very pretty Jenny.

  3. Your lovlies are...spectacular. I love the way you rescue & treasure these pieces.

  4. I just love old embroidered linen.. And it is nice to see them given another life...Although I must admit I would have trouble cutting into them... Have fun x x

  5. Oh now look at me, drooling all over your new pretties - sorry 'bout that, dear heart! They are so lovely. I WISH I would have the Lord's Prayer quilt finished for Christmas, but now I'm hoping for NEXT Christmas....

  6. the doilies are so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    hugs x

  7. Oh those are pretty indeed! I'm wondering what you're planning :)

  8. Can't wait to see what you do w the doiles, and table runners. I'm inherited quite a few and have no idea what I should do w them. Even a child apron!

  9. Thank you for that last grouping of the Lord's Prayer patterns. And I have a pretty good guess what you might do with those lovely doilies :)


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