Thursday, November 27, 2014

Continuing to learn...

It's a blessing to be able to teach or share the skills or shortcuts I've learned about embroidery, fabric, sewing, threads and quilting here on the blog!
But did you know that I enjoy learning new things too?
In fact, a couple of weeks ago I purchased a Sue Spargo Embroidery Class on Craftsy. Her style is very different to what I do - she works with textures and layering, and I simply love her eye for colour and detail!

I don't think we ever know it all, and it's easy to fall into a rut as a designer - in fact I see some stitchery and fabric designers whose work has a sameness about it these days and I'm not excited by them anymore.
I pray I don't fall into that description, but it takes more than wanting to stay fresh - it takes looking at new things I can learn and experiment with, then using that knowledge to push the envelope with my own style of design in years to come. Does that make sense?

Anyhow, I'm excited about Sue Spargo's class and will be making an opening in my diary each week for the rest of the year to work through them one by one. There's 7 lessons in this class, so I should be pretty much ready to experiment in the middle of January!

I'm sharing this news today because the Sue Spargo class was $40 when I got it, but over Thursday and Friday this week Craftsy have ALL their classes priced at $19.99!

If you're after a great Christmas gift for a fellow crafter, or would like one for yourself, just go HERE to browse through the classes available:

You can choose from -

Cake Decorating
Jewellery (another I'd love to do!)

You know, until recently I had no idea Craftsy offered so many craft courses and supplies!

Head over HERE and start browsing - your next craft adventure is waiting!



Anonymous said...

I do try to learn something new now and then. I'm not tired of your designs =) My friend, Fran, who died in 2013, left me her Sue Spargo bird BOM, among a thousand other things. She loved Sue, and took several classes from her. Her last project before she died was a table runner which I will finish when her DIL sends it to me. That's a great price for her class, or any of the classes, and one can take all the time one needs. I'll have to think about that.

Createology said...

Craftsy is amazing with all it offers us. I never tire of learning new things as it does keep us fresh and interesting. I am never tired of your wonderful designs and stitcheries dear. Thank you for sharing Craftsy's fabulous class deals.

Thoeria said...

I quite enjoy the craftsy classes and have purchased a few too :) Just to find time to actually do them!

Marina said...

Oh, I just loooove Craftsy - I've purchased at least a dozen courses from them (ranging from spinning and weaving to quilting) - they are just awesome and so great for people who find it difficult to get out to classes because of logistics of health.

Am looking forward to seeing your postings for your Sue Spargo project ... but then my day is always uplifted when I see your postings appear in my inbox!