Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My biggest UFO....

 You know what today is don't you?
Jenny's UFO Finish Tuesday
And this week it's my biggest UFO of all.

Those of you who have been reading and following Elefantz for a few years will have seen my Daisy Days quilt before...

 It was stitched almost two years ago, and through early 2013 was released as a pdf Block of the Month, and a paper pattern as well. A Daisy Days blog page and Flickr group were also set up and it was exciting to have all the feedback and photos being shared back and forth by the hundreds of women who were making it!

The photo above shows the quilt hanging from our fence at the time, still a flimsy. And you know, almost two years later it was still a flimsy.

(Definition of a flimsy: a quilt top that is complete but has never gotten to the quilting stage)

When I was stitching the blocks for Daisy Days I envisioned how the finished quilt would all come together bound in this red spot fabric...

But envisioning is as far as I ever got.
Until last month.
Last month I decided it was time to let this lovely quilt flimsy see the light of day once more and finally 'dress her up', so I chose the backing fabric, folded her gently, packed her securely, and sent her winging across the country to my friend Dawn who was eager to work her magic with the machine quilting.
Two weeks later Daisy Days arrived home again, all stippled and sweet, anxious for the final step of her transformation to begin - the binding.
At this point I was right in the middle of Stitchery Club designs, some commissions for magazines, and life in general, so I kissed her softly and promised 'soon'.
She's a really patient gal you know - two years and still no complaining?!
Yesterday I found that red spot fabric and made the binding...

In case you've not seen this quilt before, let me take you through it.
There are 8 stitchery blocks and 10 patchwork blocks...

If you love stitcheries this will keep your happy fingers busy for a while!

So today the binding has been sewn on and all I need do it hand stitch it down at the back...

I'm in love with Daisy all over again, and very sorry she was neglected for so long. 

UPDATE: The binding is on and she look amazing!!

Until December 31st I have reduced the pattern price for Daisy Days from $39.95 to only $19.95.
That's a little Christmas gift for those who have had Daisy Days on their wishlist for a while.
50% off is a great saving which won't be repeated. 
I'm sure you  won't take as long as me to finish her, will you?

Give yourself a little gift - Daisy Days is HERE as an instant pdf download in my shop now.

I'm off to sew down some spotty red binding...


  1. Oh ich liebe ihn liebe Jenny. Einfach traumhaft. Ein ganz tolles Werk.
    Grüße Annerose

  2. Great to see it finished - that red spot fabric really sets it off.

  3. What a cheery quilt. Love the colors and designs.

  4. Oh, it looks so beautiful - can't believe we have had that pattern for 2 years and the fabric and still haven't started! We are so bad!

  5. It is beautiful,love the colors. Have the patterns, this will encourage me to start it but after the holidays.


  6. It is beautiful,love the colors. Have the patterns, this will encourage me to start it but after the holidays.


  7. That was two years ago!!!???
    It was a big finish & of course so well done.
    So, we are going to call each one a flimsy...okay I have 11 of them.
    Want one?

  8. Good morning Jenny
    I know it has taken me a little while to send this email - life has been busy. The picture of the blue bunting with the navy flowered fabric that I sent thru to you looks just great. I am continually amazed how creative you are and what beautiful things you make. I know you will look after my Aunties hankie. Jo

  9. wow gorgeous Jenny.xx

  10. Jenny,
    I have a very hard time saying no to anything you design, but I have to say this is my absolute favorite. She is planned as one of my projects for 2015 :) This is a design that ust makes you happy and smile :)

  11. It's really been that long? Oh my. I have all the patterns and haven't stitched a one! I thought it was just last spring. LOL

  12. Lovely Jenny - so glad you got it finished. xx

  13. Your Rosedaisy quilt is beautiful. So many hours of stitching in those embroidery blocks. Well done xx.



  15. Your quilt is beautiful, Jenny. I love the church. xx

  16. Lovely, Jenny!!! The binding is absolutely perfect to frame this beauty!! I am always in awe of your hand work!!!

  17. Congratulations on your long awaited finish. Daisy Days is fabulous and the red polka dot binding is perfect! Creative Daisy Bliss...

  18. Es una preciosidad, me lo voy a pensar de aquí al mes que vienes. Pero que sepas que me encanta. Besos

  19. Such pretty blocks! I especially like Saturdaisy!


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