Friday, November 14, 2014

The Princess Sophie photo shoot...

So I thought, "I might get a really nice photo of Princess Sophie and have it framed for Christmas!"
Little did I realise this idea would not  be greeted with excited anticipation by Her Felineship.
It went like this -

Me: Sophie, want me to take a special photo of you that we can frame and keep for always?

Sophie: (flattening her ears and refusing to make eye contact) I'm resting, go away....

Me: Aw, come on sweetie, you'd love to see yourself in a portrait, wouldn't you?

Sophie: I'm not looking at you, go away...

Me: Sophie, you know I'll just take the photos anyhow and they might not look great if you're avoiding the lens...

Sophie: You really don't take a hint, do you?

Sophie: And forget those stand over tactics, they won't work on me...and don't even think about flattery!

Me: So you're okay with an ugly photo of yourself sitting on the bookcase where everyone who walks in the front door can see it and will say, "oo, what a strange looking cat!"...

Sophie: So now you're trying to appeal to my vanity? Jeesh!

Me: Is it working?

Sophie: Here's your one chance, be quick, it will never come again. Got it?

Me: Got it!


  1. Sophie is just too beautiful to take a bad picture and she knows it!

  2. She is so cute. My Daughter has five cats. She told her Daughter no more. HA! HA!

  3. Oh yeah! That's me - all stretched out and chilling!

  4. That is so typical of a've got that dialogue 'spot on'! Princess Sophie is beautiful...and she knows it! Lol.

  5. Love that series!

  6. JENNY the pics of P/ Sophie are true to form for felines! Just loved also your sharing of you & Mr E trip to the cattle station,don't envy the early rising for you all but to see friends and loved ones we do have to put ourselves out there at times. While I am writing to you, can you tell me a good supplier of material to make the Tilda dolls body? Thank you Bet

  7. What a sweetie!!! She's "Sexy and she knows it", LOL. Really great pics Jenny, thanks so much for sharing your sweet Princess with us. We are finally ready for another dear little furry companion, a cat this time, and we have been checking the shelters and rescue organizations regularly. Today a beautiful 3 year old Siamese mix became available for adoption, but we couldn't get to the shelter before they closed, since it is Saturday they closed at noon. We may try on Monday to visit some shelters and see if we can get to know some of the "kids" a little bit. We are hoping for one with shorter coat since they shed a bit less and hubby is somewhat allergic, the shorter coat helps, however we know that the sweetie we are meant to have, will, with God's help find us, so we will be patient and wait for His choice...though we definitely want to adopt or rescue because there are so very many animals that have been abandon or abused that need loving forever homes, and the one that needs us most is out there, just waiting for us, and we know that in God's perfect timing, He will bring us together. Big, big hugzzzzzzz.....Nancy Jo

  8. Oh yes. Been there and done that many time. Trying to get a good shot of my Macushla (sadly left us in January '14) to send to a friend in the States so she could capture Macushla forever on paper/canvas. Lisa (friend) did an amazing job from a lot of not-very-good photos. :~} When I see Princess Sophie (who looks a little similar to our tortiseshell, Macushla) it brings back very happy memories. Thank you for sharing Priness Sophie. Oh and thanks to Jenny too.

  9. The Princess is sew pretty. Love the photo shoot


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