Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weona Station...

On Thursday Mr E and I drove 500 klms north west to visit my friend Narelle at her family cattle station, Weona. The last 63 klms were quite an experience, even for us two who are quite used to gutted, bumpy outback tracks...

Across numerous cattle grids and different road/track conditions, passing white soil, red soil...

...our trusty old 4WD, Luigi, brought us safely to Weona.

Now here's the spot where I should have photos of Narelle and her family, and us together, but I had forgotten to put the SD Card inside my camera so I had no space in it's memory for photos, and I have somehow 'lost' the ones I took on my iPhone, but over the next few days I'll see what I can do to recover them.

We arrived around 2pm on Thursday and left at 6.30am Friday - yes, a really quick visit, but worth every moment. Narelle is a genuine and funny and kind woman, and we were welcomed with open arms (and hearts!) by her, hubby Brendan and son Brad.
Work on a cattle station never ends, and whilst Mr E headed out to cut fence posts with Brendan and Brad, Narelle took time out to sit and share a cuppa while we 'caught up' on life, before dinner preparations were begun.
Dinner included lots of laughter as the day closed in, and by 9 the house was dark and quiet with the stillness of peace.

Because the farmer's day begins around 4.30-5am it's early to bed, and let me tell you that the mountain air and sweet song of the night birds outside our window was more restful to the soul than anything I can remember in recent years.

I woke at 4.30am on Friday. Mr E had remembered at bedtime that the SD card in his camera would work in mine, so I set up my camera and headed outside to greet the sunrise.

After a photo shoot, coffee with Narelle, and everyone's chatter about preparing for the day ahead, we hugged, waved goodbye (for now) and drove away home again as the sun was still rising in the sky. 

From here I'm just going to leave you with the photos because no words are needed.
Be blessed, as I was.



  1. How exciting! You and Mr. E sure are adventurous! I did a Christmas fabric exchange with Narelle several years ago. I was thinking about her one day recently. Hi Narelle! ( I may have spelled her name wrong. Sorry about that!)

  2. Beautiful photos jenny - and sometimes a quick visit will revitalise as much as a long one - especially when spent with friends!!

  3. What a wonderful trip and beautiful photos; thanks for taking me along!

  4. What a lovely blessing to be able to travel out to see your friend. I'm sure Narelle was very blessed by your visit..... wonderful photos, looks quite dry, but by looks of the sign they also get a wet season!
    Have a blessed weekend

  5. Beautiful photos! What a great adventure!

  6. Hi Jenny Thankyou for sharing your wonderful pics and how awesome you got to spend time with Rell.xx

  7. I absolutely love your adventure pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    Patricia C

  8. Thank you so much for those wonderful photos, Jenny. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your friends. We all need a break now and then.

  9. This farming life is not an easy one however these photos make it look like a simply wonderful life. Blessings...

  10. Gorgeous pics, Jen, but Awww.... where's a pic of you and Rell??? I also did a swap with Rell a few years back..
    It looks so peaceful there.

  11. Great pictures..Looks very relaxing and off the beaten path...

  12. What a beautiful spot - so glad you had such a wonderful trip, sweetheart!


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