Friday, December 12, 2014

Changes afoot...

As I shared the other day, I have a very clear direction for the blog in 2015.
"A Year of Gentle Domesticity"...

A few quiet afternoons were spent this week stitching a pretty new banner to feature on my blog next year.
I showed some peeks of my progress last Tuesday, and now here it is all complete...

I love it...

...and the response the other day by my readers to those small glimpses encouraged me to offer it to you as a pattern that you can stitch for yourself.

It's HERE right now as an instant pdf download.

Mine is stitched on a vintage doily purchased at a small town market stall, which really adds to my 2015 theme. If you don't have a doily with a large usable area in the centre you could stitch it onto a piece of solid fabric, or perhaps a faded piece of gingham? 
I adore old cotton gingham - mmm, may have to do something with that idea in 2015...

It's only 5 more sleeps until Month 3 of the Stitchery Club is emailed to all subscribers...

 This month the theme is "Stitchy Things" and you may see a lot of these designs popping up across blogs next year as in January my Club members will be invited to participate in our very first international swap!
I'm so excited about this that I'll be one of the swappers too.
I wonder who may partner will be? May have to ask Mr E to randomly choose for us so it's a surprise!

Here are the designs in this month's set of six patterns...

 Remember, you can unsubscribe at any time, so why not sign up today and try it out?

Go HERE to subscribe and I will email you this sweet freebie as a a gift you can stitch while you wait for your first set of Club patterns to arrive!

The Stitchery Club sets will not be available to purchase outside of the Club in 2015.
They will however be sold as six individual stitchery patterns instead.
Another great reason to join. :-)

Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend my friends.
I'm finishing a country style remake of my free "Sparrow" design (available here) for a friend...

It looks very different to my original pastel version, doesn't it?
Have you stitched this yet?



  1. Truly so beautiful
    I love scissor love so much
    Big hugs x

  2. Oh oh oh!!! Jenny you have outdone yourself!! Didn't think it was possible....but you have! I can't wait for this stitchery club!
    Your new banner is lovely! That doily is beautiful. Do you use these or are they packed way for special occassions? My mum used to embroider as a young lady...she still has aprons that she'd done as part of her wedding trousseau..and they've been packed away for these past 48 years!

  3. I love all the colours you used in the new stitchery. And especially using old doilies and linen. I remade an old cushion yesterday into a cover for my tablet. Great fun! Was inspired by your make do and mend ideas.

  4. What a lovely array of goodies Jenny! :)

  5. Jenny I think I may have a doiley very similar to the one you have stitched your verse on ... if I can lay my itchy hands on it, I think I might just stitch your verse over christmas. I look forward to this months stitchery club patterns & feel VERY excited about joining you in a "year of gentle domesticity" xoxox

  6. Oh, I'm so glad you offered the domesticity design! I have to wait a few days, but I'll be getting that soon. I'm just getting over being sick, so I can't stitch it for a while, anyway. Love the bird in the new colors! Can't wait for the new stitchery club. One of those is going on that needlebook I want to make, but which one? Or should I stick with my original choice? Or the tulip book from this week's newsletter? You are so generous! I hope this week has brought you much peace, too, about the way things are going.

  7. I'm so looking forward to seeing what your fingers bring to life in the coming year - I love looking around my sewing room and seeing so many Jenny designs, it makes me feel like we're not so far apart. I love your style sweetie, right from the start I could see a picture and know it was your design. God has surely brought you on a marvelous journey. Love your new banner so much!!! And OH those club designs....*swoon*...

  8. Hi Jennygorgeous new stitchery,i love your plans for next year,hope you have a wonderful weekend Jenny.xx

  9. Jenny, I loved this post! Especially the buttonstitiching. What a good idea! Question: when you are embroidering on a handkerchief, what do you do for backing/stabilizer? I love the idea of stitching on handkerchiefs, and I'm sure I could find some at garage sales, etc. I even have some of my own grandmother's hankies. Maybe I should do some stitching on them.

  10. I love your work. What a wonderful soul I see shining through it. You are a blessing to me. You live your faith and its a beautiful thing to behold.


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