Thursday, January 22, 2015

Quick tasks that reflect who you are...

Have you printed out my free "Walk The Room" sheet yet?
I'm so happy to have my lists because when I am feeling a little overwhelmed by work, I go have a look at the ideas I've written for each room and choose one that I know I can accomplish in my given time frame.
On Tuesday morning, whilst another baked rice custard (pudding) was in the oven, I decided there was time to clean the top of my DVD shelving - which is actually a $10 bookcase we bought years ago at a garage sale  - and refresh the display.

Removing the ornaments and runner that had been there for too long, I polished the wood...

...before dusting off my ornaments and trinkets.
I'll need to make a simple 'made-to-fit' runner for the top of this bookcase another day, but for now I used a smaller one that was made a couple of years ago for a magazine and filled the empty space with a pretty cream doily....

Rather than displaying more pears (which I seem to have everywhere) I brought some of my birds together with a sweet message Blossom gifted me a while back...

...and added my "Year of Gentle Domesticity" framed stitchery and the Dream inspiration that Vikki sent me for one of my birthdays.

I didn't stress over whether the colours all co-ordinated, but allowed this little vignette to represent things that hold a place in my life...

When it was done my heart smiled.
15 minutes of my time and a small but nourishing-to-the-soul  task was completed.

Are there some little projects like this on your "Walk The Room" sheets too?
If you don't have them yet, they are still a free gift download over here. and you can read how I use them on this blog post.



  1. I love rearranging the bits and pieces I treasure

  2. I love your shelf display, Jenny. It all looks so lovely together.

  3. Hawesome Jenny. Love your display I am going to make a list as well,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  4. I think they all coordinate beautifully! What a lovely little spot to look at when you need a lift.

  5. Fantastic job...& one off the list too!

  6. Lovely and such a gift to your self to see this everyday and smile. So little time yet such a big impact...

  7. that looks amazing! it all seemed to fit together quite nicely too
    love the wood shelf.

  8. Fabulous post. Love your new fresh vignette

  9. I have printed up some lists and labelled them for each room... I love making lists! The froglets room (my eldest dd) will be a work in progress for a few weeks, sorting out stuff etc. I shall continue to be inspired by your blog :)

  10. Great display....Very domesticated and homely looking...I would feel so comfortable in your home....It oozes charm, creativity and warm welcomes.

  11. How sweet is that top now :) Love the fabric in the runner, I think I have a stash of it in my sewing room. I will be printing off your list today, so much sweeter than the pad I always work from

  12. Yes, I have downloaded "Walk the room".
    We live in an apartment, so we can't do to much, but I can do small things. Love your new display, love the birds.

  13. I loved what you said about "a small but nourishing-to-the-soul task". That's exactly what it feels like when we create with things we love. I also have these moments when I read the Word and the Lord speaks His Truth through it. God is good!
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  14. A beautiful display!! ... I've always been one of those people who, if I can't get the WHOLE job done (especially when it comes to cleaning and reorganising), that I just won't start the job at all. The last few weeks, I've taken inspiration from you and just allowed myself to focus on just a small segment of an area (ie. a couple of drawers in the desk, a shelf or two on a bookshelf, or a box of items that have been collected from the loungeroom to distribute in the bedroom), and it has really allowed a heck of a lot more to actually be achieved in regards to cleaning and reorganising my room!! By this afternoon, I will have had three bookshelves, a set of shelving (4) above the desk, and my desk completely cleaned and reorganised (with items moved around and shifted to fit together better and hopefully help reorganise my head). Some of those haven't been touched - apart from having more things added to the piles in them - for several years!! It is starting to come together much easier this time!! Thank you for the inspiration sweetie!! ... I may even start laying out some of my doilies or make some shelf runners too - we'll see ;) Hugs, xx


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