Thursday, February 26, 2015

A recipe and a tea towel...

Most of you know that Mr E and I prefer to eat grain-free and sugar-free as it's helpful to the management of our shared auto-immune disease, Hashimoto's.
Well, since Christmas we I kinda fell off the wagon a bit and indulged in a few too many gluten/sugar laden treats that eventually played havoc with my digestive system and triggered more than the usual number of monthly migraines.
So I've given myself a stern talking to and am back on the clean-for-me menu plan again. Mr E rarely falls off that menu these days - what an inspiration he has become!

Every day I pack him a 100% healthy lunch for work, and that always includes a thick slice of grain-free/sugar-free cake. I don't want to make the same thing over and over so there's been some experimenting in the Elefantz kitchen this month and I have to tell you that this new Beetroot, Banana & Cranberry Cake is a winner...

Before baking I had to take a photo of the glowing pink batter contrasted against the spring green of the pepitas...inspiring a design perhaps??
Once baked and cooled you'll discover it is deliciously moist...

 The only sweetness in this recipe comes from the banana and the grated beetroot, plus those little pops of dried cranberries, but if you like sweeter cakes you could cover it with orange or lemon icing.

The recipe is HERE for you to download and save.

While my cake was baking I was inspired to prepare a tea towel stitchery using my new Simple Alphabet Sampler letters...

I traced BAKING across the bottom edge of a green check kitchen towel and thought the vivid colours of these two Aurifil threads would be perfect for bringing the word to life...

The Simple Alphabet Sampler will come in handy for many projects this year!
But I'd best finish this one first...

The Sampler pattern is featured in the March Stitchery Club (info HERE)

Another migraine is brewing at the moment  (weather related this time)  so if I'm missing from the blog tomorrow you'll know why.

Have a beautiful day,


  1. Praying for that migraine not to come. The colours of the cake look amazing. Loving that alphabet!! Keep well lovely friend.

  2. Your tea towel looks great Jenny. I hope the migraine goes away soon. xx

  3. beet I love beets, I never thought of it in a your stitching baking is beautiful.

  4. Thank you so much Jenny for the recipe. I am definitely going to try this! It looks amazing. I love your gorgeous tea towel also!!!

  5. Yum Jenny, I have just harvested some beetroot from my vege garden, this looks enticing :-) As does the teatowel, just gorgeous. Did you use 2 strands of the thread? Your stitches are so fine & delicate. Hope the headache passes you by my friend x0x

  6. That is the cutest alphabet EVER. It makes me hope that spring can't be far behind!!

  7. Hi Jenny thankyou for sharing your recipe and love your tea towel too.xx

  8. I hooe you are reeling okay and the migraine has not arrived. Do you have any Lavender pure essential oil to put in an oil burner? Good on you getting back to your diet. I am very restricted with food due to a leaky gut and pyrole disorder along with an antiinflamatory diet fir my FMS. Grain free, sugar free, additives free, only quinoa, buckwheat, millet and amarynth moderation, almond milk, goats cheese, fruit an hour away from other foods and non starchy vegies. I was off the wagon too since Christmas and am starting to feel crook so am slowly getting back to it. I shall now be thinking of you for inspiration. Love the tea towel.

  9. Oh this looks soooooo yummy! I WILL try it! What was the one you showed yesterday, that looked yummy too.
    Cute teatowel, too nice for drying dishes :-)

  10. A cake with beetroot?? I never thought of that....hmmmm.....going to have to have a look at the recipe :)
    Hope your migraine has not been too bad and that you're on the mend already x

  11. This book came into our store today Jenny and as I looked through it I thought of you...

    Beautiful photos and writing offers the reader a snapshot into the authors life...

  12. In the USA here and weather changing, fighting migraine for a few days are not alone.

    Feel better soon.

  13. Just love your little stitchery letters. You just have a way of choosing the right flower type and placement of it - to make each project special.
    Thank you also for the recipe - hope to try this soon.

  14. I hope the weather quiets down and so does your migraine! That is a great use of your alphabet, and I can hardly wait to get my hands on those letters. =) I can think of SO many uses for them. I need to find a good source for cute towels. Here I find cheap ones that are too small and the wrong fabric, or more expensive ones that still don't suit what I want. I may have to make my own. That cake looks absolutely yummy! Amazing we can get recipes from the other side of the world thanks to internet!

  15. I hope you feel better soon. I love your tea towel and love the colors in your cake. Hugs,

  16. I'm so sorry about your migraine. I live with them also. Thank you so much for the recipe; I'm anxious to try it! The stitchery is too adorable!

  17. Jenny,

    I'm not a huge cranberry fan, so I don't know about the cake, although it is very colorful and appetizing. The letters are so cute, I can hardly wait to stitch them on to anything and everything!

    Praying for your health...

  18. I love the embroidery it's so sweet. Migraines yuk used to get them as a teen up until my young adult years the pm they went away thank goodness hope yours don't come with love Janice


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