Sunday, February 8, 2015

Domestic Reflections ~ Matthew 5:14...

I've read this passage of Scripture many, many times over my 23 years in the Lord's service, but recently I understood something in Jesus' words that I haven't grasped before...

From Matthew 5:13-16

You are the salt of the earth; 
You are the light of the world. A city on a hill that cannot be hidden...

I suppose in the past I've read this and seen the church as a whole expected to be salt and light to a lost world; understood that we are to try and show Jesus in our everyday lives; striving to live up to His standards because others are watching.

But in January the word ARE jumped off the page at me, not once, but over and over again until I underlined it with red pen.

I wrote the passage in my journal, and for many weeks I've pondered it, prayed about it, and allowed it to take hold of my heart.

You see Jesus does not say that I am to try and be salty, or that I should seek to be light in this He says that I already AM salty, that I AM light of the world. 

I AM. You ARE. 

But...yes, there is a but.

"But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?" (v 13)

So it's not about being salty, because we ARE. It's about losing the saltiness. 
It's not about being light, because we ARE. It's about hiding that light. (v 15)

My question today is this - "are we losing our saltiness, and is our light hidden away?"

You see, I've received many emails over the past few years from believers who describe themselves as 'closet Christians', and that just breaks my heart. But it would break Jesus' heart even more. Hiding Christ in us will rob the salt of it's saltiness and extinguish His removes any hope of sharing Jesus with those who walk in darkness. 
Now I know that for some people it's very difficult to share the gospel, fear of rejection and humiliation is real. Essentially it cripples them and voids their testimony. But rather than running away from the fears, is it not better to run TO Jesus? 
The fear may take many years to disappear, but handing it to Him and allowing Him to work in your life is the only prescription that will cure you. It is the only way to save the saltiness still within you and to reveal the light that you are.
Don't be afraid.
Jesus is not going to put you out on the corner with a Bible and box to stand on tomorrow. He's gentle, kind, and knows you better than you know yourself.
He wants permission to heal your fears, and to flood your life with more of Himself.
He will never let you go...don't you let Him go, either, ok?

I think this passage is going to be one I return to again and again this year in my private devotions and prayers. The underlined ARE word cannot be ignored and He still has a work to do in me because it's not easy for me to share Him face to face with an unbeliever, but I'm willing, and He's a good teacher...


Download the printable Scripture and devotion HERE.


Ana Carla said...

Hello Jenny!

I am Brazilian, I love your designs, and I am a believer in Jesus Christ too!
What a beautiful thought you did, these days I heard a pastor talking about how lack Brazilian evangelical church to be a reference to the Brazilian people suffering so much injustice, what difference are we doing?
These last few days I've been thinking about it a lot and looked and thought, "that I am a Christian?"
I am looking a lot to me, but in the name of Jesus, this is going to change ...

Thanks for the message!


Ana Carla

Mariel said...

A very good reminder of what we as Christians are to be to a lost world. Thanks!

Snoodles said...

Hi Jenny, Thank you so much for this thoughtful post. It made me re-think these verses, and has inspired me.

Jessica said...

Beautiful and humble post Jenny!

In the Baptist church we went to, the senior students were "graduating on" from Sunday School and one of the points that completely stuck with me was when the youth pastor explained why he was giving the students salt shakers! We ARE the salt of the earth! And to help them remember, they got salt shakers. (of course, the pastor's speech was better than my summary.)

Blessings, Jessica

Deborah Jennings said...

Jenny, thank you so much for this scripture. I am proud to be a Christian! Without God, I am Nothing! With Him, I am everything and can do all things, with His help!

Farm Quilter said...

Excellent post today! When Christians hide in the closet, they are really saying that they are ashamed of Christ Jesus. Really, they are denying Him. I don't want that to be me! I don't think one of my gifts is to lead others to the Lord, but when I lean on Him and He puts me in a position to talk about my faith, I have to have enough faith to believe that He will give me the words He wants spoken. I don't have an elegant testimony, just one that comes from my heart. We ARE!!!

Anonymous said...

Really good, thought-provoking words, Jenny. I like your ideas about the word are.

Clucking said...

Hi jenny .i have been hovering for so long watching your wonderful work reading your amazing word( oh so relevant ALL the time) I recive your page via email ..with no where to respond ....But today it was so poignant I just had to find a way ..a few clicks here and there and I find myself on your blog ! Not just the copy page ( if that makes sense !) I have been sick and not church attending since before Christmas ( I'm already chronically ill,this is just a bonus whammy!) we have had amazing attacks at our church since our recent 24hr prayer weekend . a friend called in after service ..we talked ..prayed ..waiting on the Lord for direction..purpose , we wait
.,and then you you explained we ARE already , we are and have been for ages! During trials on that long road we chose to walk, that did not ever come with a warming of "trouble ahead" if you follow this road! We ARE even when we're still waiting ...THANK YOU xxx

Donna said...

Sorry to go on! So not having much joy trying to get a name to my post! I live in London , I'm donna I also read the art of domestic domesticity and was inspired to embroider ...I would love to send you a parcel of bits! How do I go about this! I'm not a wired stalker!!!just have some bits you might like! Xxx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Donna, you made me giggle... :-)

My email - jennyofelefantz AT bigpond DOT com


StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm told that "be not afraid" is the most often command given in the Bible. And that means be not afraid in anything, at any time. Talking about Him might bring rejection, I know that's true. But not talking about Him is so much worse. It breaks the heart and soul. blessings, marlene