Sunday, February 15, 2015

Domestic Reflections Sunday - Jeremiah 17:9...

I don't believe I've ever heard a sermon on this Scripture, but then again, it's not an easy one to take on - especially the day after Valentines when we've all been bombarded with love hearts and emotionally charged advertising.
Valentine's Day has never been a big deal for my husband and I. In fact, as we drove to our favourite coffee shop just after dawn on Saturday (a regular weekend ritual) we affirmed to each other by a squeeze of intertwined hands that for us every day is a celebration of our love and commitment toward each other, our relationship, and our marriage.
Good or bad, trial and triumph, sorrow and joy - love carries us along a life journey that relies more often on a choice to commit, trust and persevere than it does on the emotional pull of heartstrings. 
So  why am I sharing this Scripture today?
Well, I wanted to balance out the over-emphasized 'follow your heart' advertising that floods the media. 
It's not just on February 14th, but through the year, more and more 'posters' appear on social media encouraging us to cast concerns aside and follow our heart, to do what we love, to live out our passions.
On the surface that sounds great - even personally empowering to the downtrodden.

Following your heart can lead to dangerous places...

Affairs, large credit debts that cause financial struggle or loss, bitterness, un-forgiveness, revenge, desertion of responsibility, gossip, justifying bad behaviour and decisions, accepting unhealthy relationships, impulsive purchases we can't afford, disrespect, emotional blackmail...the list goes on. 

While the fluffy marshmallow cloud of Valentine's passes by, take time to ponder your heart, and whether it is leading you along the right path. I know that's what I need to do.


Download the printable Scripture card and devotion HERE.


  1. Hi jenny,happy sunday,hmm i found this post to be very interesting,thankyou xx

  2. Amen amen AMEN. I made a pic of this - I think on facebook but can't remember - saying don't follow your heart [with that verse under it], follow your bible instead. Emotions can change - what you eat, whether or not it's sunny, only God's word stands firm!

  3. You quoted a good one today. I don't think I've ever heard a sermon on it, either, but you just did it nicely. So many things that are good can be turned around to become evil. When everything becomes "open to interpretation", someone is going to get a wrong idea.

  4. Well said Jenny although sometimes I think these things are more about thinking with the head rather than the heart. It is difficult sometimes for people to know the difference.Gut feelings are closer to the heart. Loooove that appliqued heart.

  5. Valentine's Day is another one of those "consumerism".This is such a good verse, plus the rest which says " desperately wicked" . Shows us that it is not what our heart wants but what the Lord wants for us. Our hearts, ( husband and wife are intertwined with His.).

  6. A lovely and wise post, Jenny. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  7. EEK, I think I LOVE you!!! This is PERFECT for today, the post sticky, melted chocolate, dead flowers, words said & possibly NOT meant, kind of day. Oh sure, dinner, roses & candy are nice but if you ONLY think of these niceties once a year, what good are they & where IS your heart? I'm w/ you on the daily affirmation 'tween you & hub regarding where you BOTH stand in your marriage. Honestly, the ONLY place to stand on any GOOD marriage is w/ your hands clasped together w/ a Bible in them, hearts belonging not just to each other but to God, standing FIRM in your beliefs & all FOUR eyes on HIM!!! Thank you for this today. I really do love it & need to be reminded as well, "is MY Heart in the right place?"

  8. Thank you for sharing. Sage advise.

  9. Beautiful i love it Marie-Claire

  10. I so love to read your devotions, they truly bless me and thank you so much for sharing with us!


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