Monday, February 16, 2015

The Great 2015 Apron Swap!

Back HERE when I showed you the magic apron I had made there was such a huge positive response to 'apron-love'...
  ....that I had a chat with my buddy Wendy and asked if she'd be interested in co-hosting a swap  through our blogs. She's always up for some fun, so we've partnered as co-hostesses for the 2015 Apron Swap!

Four years ago in 2011, I shared a tutorial for making an apron from an old skirt - in fact the apron became a gift for Wendy! 
You can see the tutorial HERE...

...and I've shared a tutorial HERE to make simple half aprons from tea towels!


 I also have loads of ideas, patterns and free designs for apron making HERE on my Pinterest Apron Board too!


Here's the rules:

This will be a straight swap. That means you and your assigned partner will swap with each other, and you will both keep in contact via email during the course of the swap.
By staying in contact you get to make a new friend, plus you'll find out what style, colours, and fabrics your partner likes, and whether she prefers a full apron or a half apron.
HERE is the complete 2015 Apron Swap PDF file which lists all the rules and requirements you must follow before you sign up to participate.
Download it, read through it carefully, and if you agree to play by the rules just email your details (name, email address, postal address, blog address) to either myself or Wendy by February 26th.
This is a simple swap, so all we want you to post to your partner is:
* One apron that you have made just for her.
* One written recipe for your favourite baked item.

That's it. Nothing else, ok?
Your swap parcel is to be posted on March 30th.

Wendy has designed a cute recipe card you can use if you like!
It's HERE as a free download from Wendy's Craftsy Shop, in two sizes...

This swap is open worldwide.

I think this will be heaps of fun!
I wonder if you will be my partner? Or maybe Wendy's?!



  1. That one I have to think about. I wouldn't mind making a half apron, but I wouldn't want anyone to try to wear a full apron I made. LOL

  2. Count me in Jenny! I'd love to make an apron - I love them myself and have several though I confess that most of the time I forget to put one on. I don't mind shipping internationally if you need me to do that. blessings, marlene

  3. what a fun swap Jenny but the time frame is not good for me,March finds me jet setting all over the place,lol,but i will look forward to all the lovely aprons made.xx

  4. Oh that looks so fun - my favorite apron is the one YOU made for me!!!

  5. This sounds delightful! I found your beautiful blog through Wendy and would love to participate :) Thank you so much for hosting, my dear. Hugs to you!

  6. I am wondering if this swap is open to folks that live in the US?

    :) Linda

  7. I am wondering if this swap is open to folks that live in the US?

    :) Linda

  8. Worldwide, Linda. Download the PDF file for the rules. :-)

  9. I am in the US and would love to do this so count me in.

  10. I'd love to participate in this swap, Jenny. However my husband and I will be gallivanting along the Great Ocean Rd from mid-March till early April. Would anyone like to do a swap with me for the end of April?

  11. In catching up with your blog I have just read this Apron swap. Normally I would love to participate...however we are in the midst of too many obligations and also doing a home renovation of the downstairs. I am not able to join in this time however I will enjoy following all those who do. Creative Apron Bliss...

  12. Oh How I wish I could play, Jenny :( But our mail service *still* hasn't fully recovered from last year's strike.....I just received a package from Perth this week that was mailed here in September!! I'd rather not disappoint a partner! I guess I'll have to make one for myself then!

  13. I just sent my email to join. Yay

  14. Hi Jenny,
    I left a comment at Wendy's blog today telling I'd love to participate in the swap.
    Thanks for hosting!


  15. So sad I missed this by a day! But look forward to the next one and to seeing all the lovely aprons.


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