Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Choosing the right frame to display your needlework...

One thing I love about stitcheries is the varying ways in which we can display them.
Needlework has the knack of bringing to life many projects and gifts, such as quilts, wall hangings,  pomanders, bags, pillows, table runners, dolls clothes, lamp shades, phone cases...the possibilities are too numerous to list!

Personally, though, I have a real penchant for frames.
It's rare that I don't come home with a frame or two when I've spent time window shopping in town or browsing the shelves of local op shops (thrift stores). 
There's no frame too large or small, and I especially love a splash of colour or metalwork.

For today's blog post I want to share with you some of the frames I've used for my designs (and why). You may be inspired to choose a frame more often as your needlework display - after all, they make really lovely gifts.

Some frames dictate my choice of thread colour for a design I'm stitching. 
I'll measure how much space I have for displaying my work then design to fit, choosing either threads that blend with the frame, or threads that contrast.

The projects below were thread co-ordinated with the frame. The first one also featured a fabric border top and bottom, chosen because it blended with the inner section of the frame, while the birth notice highlighted the mauve in the frame by a good spattering of mauve floss in the design itself...

Stay Calm and Stitch was a contrast design, embroidered with black thread to stand out against the salmon frame. The faux rust on the frame added to the effect...

Needlework can also be displayed inside an elegant white frame as this makes the stitchery your most prominent feature...  

 Adding borders to your stitcheries before framing in white allows you to display your work in a larger size frame. In the two projects below I chose my threads from the colours in the fabric...

By accident I found this peachy pink frame to be an exact match for the applique fabric I wanted to use in the bunting of a daughter's wedding memory, so I added more of the fabric as a border to accommodate the larger size of the frame...

Fabric borders look beautiful as a contrast to vintage frames. This tiny frame was just a few dollars at an op-shop and perfect for the sweet stitchery I designed for a friend last year, but the addition of a feature print brought it to life...

Slightly different because it's not needlework, but remember my framed 2015 mission statement I showed you yesterday?

Framing and displaying this on my bedside table has allowed it to become the daily reminder I need to see and recite each day (and in the frame it's much prettier than hiding in my journal)...

What do you think? Are you inspired to look at frames with fresh eyes?
Perhaps you have a few stored away that can be made new with some of your needlework, or even a powerful quote or two?
Is there something you have ready to frame right now - if so, what is it, and how will you frame it? Leave your comment below as I'd love to hear about it!

Some of the stitchery patterns shown in the frames through this post are HERE.

 Have a blessed day!
I have some secret stitching to complete so Mr Poirot will be keeping me company...


  1. I really like the look, I have never thought to frame stitcheries, but your examples look beautiful.

  2. I don't often get to the op shop but when I have been a couple of times lately, I've been looking for the frames. Haven't found anything yet but I'll keep looking. I love your stitcheries in the frames. Have a great day, Jenny. xxx

  3. All the frames used are wonderful Jenny. Great way to display as well. xox

  4. They are all beautiful Jenny - I always love the way you frame your stitcheries & have used your framing tutorial myself a few times. I see you have the book Friendship Bread on your bedside table, I have read this & really enjoyed it :-)

  5. What a lovely post! I too have collected a few frames from Op Shops over the years and it is great to have them on hand when I need one. I used to look for plain wooden ones but I quite like off white and white Provincial style frames now. I suppose I could paint some but I never get around to doing that. Your designs look amazing in the chosen frames. Thanks for sharing.

  6. All the frames are looking so beautiful xx

  7. They look great Jenny. Love the way you frame them differently. Think I will have to swim the ditch and try out Aussie op shops as I can't find any frames as nice here.

  8. I love framing stitchery's too. You have a beautiful collection of frames.

  9. They are all so pretty. They look like antiques. Very nice.

  10. I never seem to find nice frames. They are all block and straight and boring. Your frames are lovely but I am curious about the birth announcement. Are you predicting the future?

  11. Very helpful post Jenny thank you, I love your collection and how you have displayed them.
    best wishes

  12. I have a penchant for collecting thrift store frames - I have about 20 right now with nothing in them. I have framed my projects in the past, but never thought of framing them to give as gifts! Do you mount them on that sticky-board stuff?

  13. I have framed also. I am very low on frames right now. I need to get to the thrift stores sometime. I will stuff and sachet sayings too. Yours are lovely as always.

  14. I so happy you posted about this, as I was going to ask you about this! I have a stitchery I want to make for a friend. She gave me a dish with a cute bird on it. It's done in such a way that made it easy to trace so now all I have to do is transfer it onto the fabric. I want to frame it afterwards and was wondering if you left the glass in the frame but it looks like you don't. Looking at your pictures, it also looks like you pad it slightly? Any advice on that would be helpful. Thank you so much!

  15. Olá Jenny,
    Acho muito bonito e criativo. Gosto das molduras para os bordados. É uma linda maneira de decorar a casa!
    Aqui na minha cidade não tenho opções para comprar as molduras.

  16. Kendra, I have two framing tutorials - check them out. No, I don't mount on sticky anything.

  17. I love your style! Gorgeous work! You've got an eye for detail. Love it!

  18. I've always liked your frames. So far, I haven't been very lucky in finding them at the op shop, but I'm not giving up!

  19. Always loved your framed stitcheries, Jenny-girl. Especially that red one with the rust - *swoon* I'm going to have to look for some myself. Enjoy Poirot!


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