Monday, March 23, 2015

Making a vintage style tea cosy...

I decided to take time off work over the weekend and just 'play' with my sewing instead of designing with it.
I gathered some pretties...
 ...because I had a specific project in mind.

This would be a project which would require my current favourite Tilda fabric, vintage lace and trims, and one of my 1950's buttons....

You see last Friday I shared a tutorial to make a tea cosy and even though I loved the red, blue and white colour scheme I'd made it in, there was this little voice inside tickling my creative impulses to make a second version - shabby chic style.

So I began by gathering fabrics and trims that blended beautifully...

...then I printed up my Tea Cosy template and drew a pencil line about 1" inside the pattern line before cutting away the excess shape.


I have a number of tea pots that require new Cosies and this one was being made for a smaller pot than the first...

 Once I had my four shapes cut out and the Pellon fused behind the two main pieces, I began hand quilting the front and back of the Tea Cosy.

 The spots on the fabric gave me a perfect line to follow with the Perle #12 thread...

Before sewing the two main (outer) panels of the Tea Cosy together I hand stitched a flower just to the right of the centre line using the lace, a small doily, and mother-of-pearl button.
Then I made the new Tea Cosy using the same process as the one featured in my tutorial.

After sewing the binding in place I hand stitched a row of vintage Ric Rac braid under the flower and added the 1950's pink button to the top.
My pretty new tea-pot dress was complete!

Much nicer than a plain white tea pot don't you agree?

I have a feeling a nice pile of new and varied Tea Cosies are about to fill a shelf in my linen cupboard.
Have you made one yet?

The previous tutorial is here.

This week I'll also be sharing Tea Etiquette advice from Maxwell & Williams - after all if we're going to do tea let's do it proper...

See you tomorrow!


  1. Your tea cosy is so pretty, Jenny.

  2. Your teapot dress is indeed, beautiful.

  3. Beautiful! How pretty is your vintage tea pot cover. Love it!

  4. Oh how I love this Shabby Chic Tea Cozy. Your hand stitching really makes it extra beautiful. Warm Tea Bliss...

  5. Love!!! So very pretty and feminine. I only own one tea pot my grandmothers, it is so pretty, but it is terrible at pouring............we use tea bags in our mug............please don't tell anyone, I feel ashamed seeing your lovely tea setting!

  6. Loving your tea etiquette! So nice, and the tea cozy...well that is just as cute as it gets. I really love the way the dots are raised when quilting it the way you did. Perfect.

  7. Your vintage cosy is gorgeous - I love your fabric and lace choices. :)

  8. Beautiful! I may have to make one with one of your embroidery designs sewn on.

  9. absolutely gorgeous & it looks like it came straight out from the 1940s too!
    your stitching always amazes me, so beautifully perfect
    thanx for sharing!

  10. Liebe Jenny,
    ich habe mir im letzten Jahr auch einen Teekannenwärmer genäht und war so zufrieden mit meinem Nähergebnis.
    Aber Dein Teekannenwärmer ist ja viel viel schöner !!!
    Ich finde es wunderschön, wie Du ihn verziert hast.
    Da muß ich mir noch einen zweiten nähen, damit ich auch so einen schönen Teekannenwärmer habe.
    Dann denke ich beim Tee trinken an Dich !
    Liebe Grüße

  11. Very pretty and makes for a nice presentation.
    xx Beca

  12. I love the way you quilted it. And the vintage button on top---too cute!

  13. ....not forgetting to hold out your little finger of course! I love it Jenny, so pretty and using the spots to guide your quilting works really well - must have been quick to quilt too. xx

  14. This is so pretty I love your choice of fabric and embellishments.

  15. Love your choice of fabric and embellishments, Jenny! The way you "quilted" it gives a beautiful touch as well. Have to pin this, for future reference. :D

  16. This one is simply lovely. You have such a wonderful eye for design. I think having a cozy for each teapot is a good idea. I think having matching napkins would be nice also. My friends might take offence though. I have always used paper napkins for guests. Jim's mother used to buy me special paper napkins as gifts. Since we don't use paper products they just accumulated. I get them out for "special". It would be nice to have a matching runner and napkins to lay out on the coffee table when friends came for tea.

  17. I just found your blog a few days ago and enjoyed spending some time over the weekend reading through some of your posts. What a lovely blog!

    You've not only encouraged my faith but have inspired me to dig out my sewing machine. I love your Year Of Gentle Domesticity. I've realized I need to rekindle my love for home and making things. Thanks for your inspiration! I'll definitely be back again and again to read your posts.

  18. Absolutely lovely, Jenny :-)

  19. You make the cutest things. Love the teacosy. My mother and I went to a little tea room in Victoria last week and they had little cosey's on all the tea pots. So cute.

  20. It's beautiful! It's so pretty. Thank you. Hugs,

  21. It's gorgeous honey, just like you! Must be nearly time to share a cuppa. xoxoxoxo love n hugs Wendy :o)

  22. Qué hermoso y que sencillo!
    Siempre inspirándonos Jenny.
    Gracias también por la regla de etiqueta para tomar el té. A mi me gusta más el café, pero de vez en cuando me gusta tomar un té, así que no me viene mal conocer un poco las normas que dicta la etiqueta.
    Un abrazo!!!

  23. Lovely tea cozy! I keep meaning to make one, but haven't even gotten around to using my new teapot yet. I still make my tea directly in my cup.

  24. Jenny, just love your blog posts.
    May I share the pictures of tea eq pictures?

  25. You are so feminine, Jenny. =) I love your latest tea cozy.

  26. Hi Jenny,
    I love reading your posts! You are truly an inspiration to we sewists out there.
    I have a question about tea cozies. What is your thoughts on a wrap style cozy? Have you ever made one?

  27. Hi Pat :-)
    No, I've not made a wrap style before, and to be honest I don't like them - but many do. If you google them you'll find plenty of ideas I'm sure. :-)


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