Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My new Block of the Month ~ starts April!

Maybe I should tell you why I'm incredibly busy right now? There's a lot of stitching happening at my place, you see...
...because I'm working on my new Block/s of the Month!

"At The Heart Of It All" is a double block of the month. There is a larger block with applique, and a smaller block just sweetly stitched - and when all the blocks are sewn they make two very easy quilts. 
Perhaps you just want to use the blocks in your own projects? They each have a word from the heart, so will also be perfect as stand-alone designs.

The patterns for both monthly blocks will be inside the Stitchery Club sets for the next 6 months, beginning on April 17th.

I'll also have the blocks as a separate purchase for those who are not Club members.

The applique version will be surrounded by 1930's fabrics and nine-patch blocks, whilst the cute red and aqua stitchery style will be simply sashed. My hope is that this will allow newbies to quilting some confidence to complete one or both projects over the next six months.
There will be piecing tutorials here on the blog as they are required.

I'll share more photos in the weeks ahead, but for now, enjoy that little teaser, ok?

Bless you heaps!


  1. This looks like a lot of fun. Your fabrics are gorgeous. Looking forward to it.

  2. How pretty. Love your fabrics....

  3. Jenny, had to hop over to see what you are up to. Your BOM is just as cute as it can be. Love the dual version...can't decide which one I like more.

  4. Jenny querida,
    Já ansiosa para ver!!!

  5. Always a bunch of eye candy over at your blog! Happy creating.

  6. Did someone around here say red and aqua!

  7. OH how gorgeously lovely and sweet - I can't decide, so I'll have to make both!!!

  8. I am so happy and very lucky to have seen these beautiful blocks as you stitched them. Can't wait to start stitching them myself.

  9. Jenny,
    I just love the new BOM. Really adorable! I saw in my email today something that I wanted to share with you - have you gone to allfreesewing yet? They have links to free sewing patterns/tutorials from all over, and there are hundreds of clothing patterns in there. It made me think of you and your desire to make some clothes this year. Although with all your designs I don't know where you find the time :)

  10. Aww so lovely and so cute..
    Big hugs xx

  11. Jenny! I can't believe you've added another thing to your plate, AND given the stitchery club even more goodness. Wow. I'm going to have to stop everything else I work on and spend 24-hours a day stitching your designs to ever catch up! I love this, and think they would go so nicely with some other blocks I've been doing ... slowly. Thanks!

  12. Jenny,
    You sure are a busy girl!! How are you going to find time to sew clothes for you and your Blossom-girl at this rate? I just love the Stitchery club designs you are giving much room for creativity...


  13. This is a beautiful design, love more than one option. Fabrics gorgeous.


  14. Oh how happy I am that I am a Stitchery Club member (even if I am not able to stitch much of anything at this time...remodel is engulfing my life and time). Not complaining...merely missing the "Gentle Domesticity" of needle and thread. Oh Where Is My Creative Bliss???


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