Sunday, April 26, 2015

Domestic Reflections ~ Psalm 84:2...

I'm not going to share any deep thoughts this Sunday. Instead, I would like to suggest that we each spend time over the next week pondering the things that give us JOY - because if joy hasn't been filling your heart lately perhaps you've forgotten to do the things that naturally create it?

Why not keep a little notebook close by and when you think of your personal joy-producers write them down.
You know what the next step is, don't you?
Walk in your joy.

Be blessed,

The printable Scripture card  can be downloaded HERE.


Susie said...

So glad you posted this. I have spent this past week doing exactly that. My heart is so sad as my cousin whom lives near you spends her last weeks with us. I wish I could be there to help and be with her and her mum. We are heading to cairns in June but afraid we may be too late. So I decided to live and be happy doing what brings me joy and thinking of her as she keeps on with her battle.

Createology said...

Finding and realizing our Joy is such a simple and doable part of life...yet we forget to focus and revel in our JOY. Thank you Jenny for this lovely reminder.

Jeito Mineiro Bordados said...

This is wisdom! Joy is the driving force!
A hug and a week full of joy for you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jenny! That's a good reminder. I try to remember to count my blessings and the joy Christ gives, but sometimes I get bogged down and forget. I should frame this and put it in the bathroom where I will see it every day. =)

Sherry said...

Your post is a good reminder. Thank you.

Carla said...

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