Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hoop gifts...

I stopped doing swaps a few years back because of the time it took away from making gifts for my family, and also from my designing commitments, but last year a friend and I did a very quick impromptu swap initiated by her desire for a piece of vintage style fabric I'd shown in an Instagram photo. We decided to just do a personal swap between us with a vintage theme and it was truly so much fun.

This year I've hosted two swaps - one for my Stitchery Club, plus an apron swap with Wendy through both our blogs. 
I have to admit that as lovely as it is to be involved in these they are very time consuming from the 'hosting' point of view as well as the actual making and packaging of gifts to send to your partner, so I am very appreciative of the work and care involved by someone when they have me as their swap partner.

This week I decided that I'll opt out of swaps again for the same reasons I had three years ago - a desire to use any free time I have for making gifts for my own family (a daughter turning 21 this year and two granddaughters both having their 1st birthdays is going to require something special don't you think?), and extra close friends. 

However, before I'd made this decision I thoroughly enjoyed playing in a Hoop Swap hosted on Instagram. 
It was a secret swap so I had no idea who would be making a hooped design for me until the day the package arrived in the post.
And truly, I don't think I've ever received gifts so perfectly *me*. My partner was revealed as Logan Hunter, and you can find her on Instagram as @logan.hunter.11 
Not one, but two hoops she made for me...

Aren't these gorgeous?!
I don't think Logan knew at the time she was stitching them that there may be some prophetic messages involved. But I won't say anymore about that for now.

I actually cried when I unwrapped them...I felt loved, and that may sound really odd, but when you receive something that is truly 'you' it goes very deep inside your emotions. Blessed doesn't even come close to what these meant to me.
Thank you, Logan. xx

I've received a few sweet gifts and cards in the post this year, so I spent a day before Easter making thank you cards. There's still some more to do, but as I drew and coloured my mind was focused on the kindness that others show me...

...and I stopped to pray a prayer of thanksgiving over them. 

I meant to sent cards every week this year but the days rush by and other things crowd my must be time to stop for a bit and remind myself once again why I'm having a Year of Gentle Domesticity.

It's all about changing habits, slowing down, embracing each day and every gift the moment brings, doing things I love and trying skills I've never done but always desired to do. 
It's about living a life  and not racing through it.

But I shan't chide myself too much.
Habits do not change overnight, but a desire and motivation to change assists them over the long haul of time.
I am changing, so all is good.

I might be missing: 
I'm having a few issues with my laptop. It's old and likes to go to sleep right in the middle of the day.
Mr E has informed me the time is rapidly approaching for an upgrade, so if I'm 'missing' from the blog in the next week or so you'll know why.
This is one change I do not enjoy...but he knows best, and that's a wonderful thing.


  1. They are lovely swap items you received, Jenny. A few bloggers I know are having trouble with their laptops lately. They must be just worn out from all that blogging.

  2. What a lovely post Jenny.xx

  3. Really lovely swap items. Logan took the time to get to know your tastes!

  4. Lovely hoop gifts there Jenny. I , like you, decided to step out of swaps for a couple of years so that I could finish some projects and make things for my family.Swaps are great fun and a fantastic way of "meeting" people but sometimes we need to step back and focus on ourselves. BUT I am back in swaps this year and enjoying it thoroughly.

  5. Truly special and lovely HooP gifts you received. Yes, we all tend to rush and not take the time we would like to take. I think that is why I am so committed to mailing Random Acts of Mail each and every week. I look forward to sending some mail cheer to others who need it. I am enjoying your year of Gentle Domesticity my dear...

  6. wow. looks like Logan really got to know you, there's quite some thought in those two HooP swaps. yes, they are gorgeous too!
    sounds like you need to sit & have a quiet cup of tea for 5-10mins, take time out to enjoy the gentle domesticity
    indeed a beautiful post
    thanx for sharing

  7. Oh my dear Jenny, those gifts are definitely YOU!!!! How lovely!! I am sorry to hear about your laptop - switching to a new operating system [which you ALWAYS have to do whether you want to or not, lol] is such a pain.

  8. Those are gorgeous swappy gifts. Love the camper the know about computer troubles. This past year mine died and I had to get a new one..What a mess. I still do not like this new one...

  9. I so love reading your posts. (Love the eye candy, too!)

  10. Logan did an outstanding job! No wonder you felt loved. You are, very much, all over the world, and not just because of your bloggy-goodness. It's the inside of you good that shines out and attracts people. I hope your upgrade is quick, simple and inexpensive! Your card looks so Jenny - and that's a very good thing to be. =)

  11. Don't be afraid to upgrade. I have a good friend who takes care of my computer issues. He recently upgraded my computer and knows my needs, so I didn't go all the way to the newest stuff. I told him to just give me what he thinks I should have without going "out of style" too quick. I didn't have any trouble adapting like I thought I would.

  12. What beautiful hoops for a lovely sou!


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