Saturday, April 25, 2015

Reading, a peek, and other things...

I think I've watched the movie Julie & Julia about 27 times now.
It could be more because I can lip sync the dialogue. 
Yesterday, while sketching a new design, I watched it again. 
There's something familiar and comforting about having a much loved movie playing in the background while you're pottering around the house, playing in the kitchen, or doodling on a sketch pad.
In fact, I'm so familiar with the story now that as I watched the credits roll and sang along with Margaret Whiting to "Time After Time" (take a few minutes, close your eyes, and slow down while you listen)...

...I felt compelled to borrow Julia's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" from the library down the road to indulge myself in a little 'cordon bleu' education.
Dashing in just before closing the two volumes were on the shelf, waiting for me. I'm sure they were.
So I scooped them up and brought them home...

...along with a few other items that caught my attention.
It's amazing how many books can fill a library bag in just eight minutes.

Now that I've returned to my long-forgotten love of classic fiction after an eight year sabbatical, there was one book in particular which I'm looking forward to getting lost in - "Dumb Witness" by Agatha Christie. It's my favourite David Suchet film episode of Poirot, but I know the book will be even better.
The copy I found was an older one, and nothing says good classic like an old pre-loved edition. It gave me thrilled goosebumps...

So this weekend I'll be wandering through the pages of Julia's books, imagining her bending down to my ear (she was 6 foot 2 and I'm 5 foot 1),  laughing as she attempts to teach this French novice; preparing an applique block for the centre of my first medallion quilt design; and relaxing with a good dose of vintage Agatha.
I can feel my shoulders falling softly already, my mind excited but strangely calm, and a satisfaction in my heart of doing what I've too often planned to do, but not commenced.

And that new design?
I like it.
Lecien sent me some of their new  "Retro 30's Child Smile" fabrics to play with and they're so sweet that it's been no effort at all to create a design with them...

In a few days we'll be a third of the way through this Year of Gentle Domesticity.
I do believe I'm finally  getting the hang of it.
If you missed what my Year of Gentle Domesticity is all about visit HERE...



  1. Jenny, your weekend sounds divine. Thoroughly enjoy yourself, my dear! Btw, I LOVE your choices. I'm a big Julia Child fan, too. And I need to read some Agatha Christie. I love Poirot!

  2. I did like that movie, but when I want background noise that I can sew with and putter, I put on any Star Trek series or movie. =) Or Star Wars. Or Firefly. They are all soothing to me, so I understand about the Marigold one and this one for you. I love those fabrics, and I know you are making something fabulous. I'm reading a good mystery.

  3. I go to the library about 3x a week. This year for some reason I have read such wonderful books. I read "The German Bride" and "All the light we see" which just won the Pulitzer Prize. Love your blog.

  4. You have a wonderful weekend planned with the balance of reading and relaxing and enjoying. And I am reminded that I meant to go to my local library but forgot and now must wait until next week. Sweet little fabrics and design peek. Lovely weekend dear...

  5. sounds like you will have a wonderful, relaxing week! love those new fabrics you got & can't wait to see what you design & make.
    thanx for sharing

  6. Enjoy your books and your weekend Jenny! :) x

  7. I love Agatha Christie! Enjoy your reading. I usually read every day. Hugs,

  8. I have never seen Julie/Julia. It is on my list, I think it is going to have to be nudged closer to the top now. Time After Time is one of my all time favorite songs. Thank you so much for the copy. It was nice to play it while sitting in the hotel room. Very nice rendition.

  9. Never saw that movie - but there are movies I've watched that many times, lol! Oh Jenny I miss the library. Our book bags were on wheels - we were allowed 50 books and we took full advantage. I've let my library card lapse, but have had the urge to read Agatha again - going to have to renew it straight away. I used to own ALL of her books, but moved too much to keep them all. Just seeing her book on your blog has me drooling again, lol.

  10. Enjoy those new reads...That's how I used to be at the library...Just fill that library bag up every single trip and read like a maniac...

  11. What fun! I watch that movie pretty often too. Because of it, I just checked out the first volumne of Julia's cookbook too. I read more now than I have since I was a teen. Mostly on kindle and my library loans many books on kindle now. But I still check out books too. I much prefer kindle! Hope you had a great weekend. Some fun books there!


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