Friday, May 1, 2015

Block 5 of "My Vintage Kitchen"...

Happy 1st of May!

I love May - it's one of those months that always makes my heart sing. Mostly because here in the tropics the weather finally takes a cooler turn and though we don't have a true winter, we do enjoy a lovely long autumn-y season between now and the start of September.
May is the beginning of my most productive time of the year. With windows wide open to catch the breeze and the hum of air-conditioning just a memory, my energy levels are invigorated and I shall put my hand to things I enjoy like gardening, painting, baking, slow cooking, room re-organising, hot chocolate, reading, planning, quilting, and adventurous Sundays along uncharted tracks with Mr E and our new-to-us-second-hand 4WD.
(more about that soon)

The 1st day of the month also heralds the next free block in our Vintage Kitchen BOM!

This month we shall be stitching the centre block of our mini quilt...

This free block, plus blocks 1, 2, 3 & 4 can be downloaded HERE.


If you haven't begun stitching "My Vintage Kitchen" yet, or maybe you're planning to make a second one as a gift, have a look at the different colour schemes two of my friends have chosen.
They make me want to stitch another one myself!

I gave Fiona (from Designs by Fee) the full pattern when I first launched the BOM because I knew she'd choose a softer fabric palette to contrast with my Redwork original, and the Tilda striped prints she chose were just perfect...

Teresa (from All Things Vintage) chose these pretty French inspired coffee and blue fabric for her version. Isn't this gorgeous?  Can't wait to see it finished...

If you've been stitching along with these Vintage Kitchen blocks and have photos of them up on your blog, why don't you leave a comment below with a link to your blog so my readers and I can visit?
We can all pretend we're having a show & tell coffee morning!

 Another 'new' thing for the 1st of the month is this free pattern for all my Friday newsletter subscribers...

The Friday newsletter is free and arrives directly to your email mailbox each week so if you haven't signed up for it you can do so over here.
It's that simple! Plus there's a new free pattern shared each month, which is only available from a link inside the newsletter.

What do you love about May in your part of the world?



  1. Thank you, Jenny. I have been keeping up with the BOM and will show pics soon.

  2. I love May in Ballarat because it's part of my favourite season, autumn. We stll get some lovely sunny days, as well as a taste of the winter to come, the air is crisp and fresh and the falling leaves are such beautiful colours. It's our 39th wedding anniversary today - last year we celebrated in a restaurant on the Strand in Townsville, a few days before my niece's wedding -and my birthday at the end of the month. What's not to love about May? Enjoy your cooler weather, Jenny.

  3. Thank you sew very much dear. I am reminded how quickly the months are flying by and I am behind in my stitching. Weekend Joy and Creative Bliss...

  4. Ooh I love Fiona's version!!! Thanks darlin', love the new block, so sweet! I too love May - it means things are thawing out, warming up, and budding in my part of the world!

  5. Thank you Jenny, however I cannot see where to download Block 5 of My Vintage Kitchen. I have sewn some of the blocks. Here is a link to the post on my BLOG.

  6. Thank you Jenny, another lovely block. Hugs....

  7. Thankyou for the next block. I love these stitcheries because they are so quick to do and I can keep up with each month. I have put the last ones up on my blog but I shall group them together and post again soon.

  8. What delightful free stitchery patterns! I shall have to find time to fit them all in among my other sewing!! Happy 1st May! :) x

  9. The weather here is starting to warm up (though today is rainy and a tad chilly), so I get to play in the dirt
    again. Thank you for the beautiful block.

  10. Thank you Jenny for the beautiful block. I always love to read your blog and the comments on it. They cause me to pause and reflect on just how big this world is that our Abba has made for us. On the other side of the world it is warming up and we are in Spring, though traveling to Minnesota last week delayed it a bit more than usual for us Texans. Our son-in-law's dad is an Aussie and all of his family is still in Australia. All of the children have been to Australia many times and have an affinity for many foods Aussie such as Vegemite and Cadbury's chocolate.
    My favorite season is Autumn, so I have a while to wait for it here. Spring comes in at a close second though. I hope you have a wonderful time exploring with Mr. E. I am wondering if he is doing better since you are going off? I pray he is. Have a wonderful weekend dear Jenny!

  11. Your Vintage Kitchen pattern is wonderful and thank you for sharing it. I like seeing it done with the different colorways and fabrics. I have not decided yet what fabrics I am using. Creative May Bliss...

  12. Thank you Jenny for this next block in the vintage Kitchen series. Also thank you for the new Newsletter freebie as well. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. they are all adorable!
    love the different colour schemes.
    one day i hope to do mine too but 1st i have to learn to embroider properly! since discovering your blog i have taken a liking to all things vintage :))
    thanx for sharing

  14. Thank you for all work involved and all the pleasure I find


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