Saturday, May 2, 2015

The road to gentle domesticity and where it is leading me...

Are you following along the path this Year of Gentle Domesticity has been taking me?

I'm discovering many new thoughts to ponder and write about, as well as old thoughts that were sadly neglected for the longest time... but each of them is bringing out a better Jenny from within. 

Expanding my heart more fully to embrace home-making in 2015, and allowing myself to enjoy it,  has already been life-giving and I've only just begun. 

Naturally, homemaking and nurturing a heart of gentle domesticity requires a little added inspiration some days, so I began a new Pinterest board to capture ideas, photos and plans I come across which will help me gain a wider vision of my destination goal than the one I first had when this year began.

Over the course of this year I'll continue to pin photos on the board that give my heart a flutter of delight, inspire my purpose, teach me a new skill, habit or task, or encourage me to polish up on the skills I already have.

If you'd like to follow along, it's over HERE.
(photo found on Pinterest and I added 'home' because she looks wonderfully domestic in her kitchen)

I've also been gathering together photos and tutorials of decorating and crafting ideas with a shabby chic, or vintage theme on THIS board because of a decision I came to recently.
I'll share more about that in another blog post.
I found the photo below on Pinterest and added 'home' to it as well because that fridge and the radio, the curtained cabinets and the wooden cutting board, are just like Nana had in her tiny kitchen! Naturally it made my heart beat a little faster...

If you'd like to stitch my Year of Gentle Domesticity design, the pattern is on sale through May for $2.95 here  in my shop  as an instant pdf download...

I embroidered this on a pretty vintage doily, but have decided I love it so much I'm going to stitch it again on a white background for framing.
What will you stitch it on?

May you have a wonderfully satisfying weekend, dear friend.
I'll be off with my beloved Mr E traveling the countryside, notebook in hand to record my domestic ponderings...


  1. Ooh love that kitchen! Enjoy your travels, dear one - praying for a safe journey!

  2. What a dreamy looking kitchen.

  3. The kitchen reminds me of the third kitchen Jim and I had. It had exactly 15 inches of counter space. I still managed to can produce and bake all of our bread along with getting out the three meals a day. The one thing I did not like was de-frosting the freezer, just like you would have to in the kitchen pictured. That was the first thing I thought of when I looked at the picture. Thanks be for the wonder of self de-frosting freezers! The kitchen also didn't have even one drawer and only had one cabinet. Rent was cheap, we were young, and I still have so many fond, fond memories.

  4. I could be comfortable in a kitchen like that. I especially love the full length curtain over what appears to be an exterior door. Very cozy.

  5. I know you are having a wonderful time with Mr. E. How could you not, no matter what you do? I LOVE the picture of the kitchen. It is the personification of the word comfort and of cozy, too. I think it's going to take more than a year for a journey for me. I'm still feeling a little more frenetic and a little less domestic. It's a work in progress. =)

  6. Ooooh... Pinterest! - yeah, will be following those boards. Have a wonderful time with Mr E travelling hither and thither.....

  7. Beautiful Kitchen..I would love it in a kitchen like that....It reminds me of my step Grandmothers kitchen growing up. Great memories.

  8. Hello,
    a quick note to tell you I love your blog, so I do not deprive myself!


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