Friday, June 12, 2015

And the rains came...

In the tropics we have a wet season and a dry season.
This summer's wet season did not arrive, in fact it was the driest wet season on record.
In winter it is warm and dry, always.

But not this year.
This second week of winter the rains came...

...and all morning I've been taking photos from my front verandah of the birds around our home because there haven't been this many out in the open for months.

They've missed the cool freshness of rain too...

It's so good to see water droplets falling from the parched palm fronds and leaves on struggling trees...


Bob-the-dog decided he'd rather not come outside with me while I photograph our unusual winter rains. 
Instead, tucked under his quilt on the couch is where he intends staying for the rest of the day apparently, or for as long as the rain is around...

This is perfect weather for stitching, and a few hot cups of tea with fresh cranberry and orange loaf (grain free)...

...while the slow cooker works it's magic on a shoulder of lamb in red wine, rosemary, lemon, garlic and tomatoes. I think we'll eat well tonight.

 I love rainy days.

Hope your Friday brings an unexpected delight too.


  1. Wonderful bird photos, thank you for sharing!

  2. We are having warm sunny. Days but oh we NEED rain...
    Love the photos of the birds and Bob-the Dog is sew cute.

  3. It was raining here just a few minutes ago. I love rain. Bob is just the cutest and thanks for the bird photos. It's always nice to see birds from different countries. Do you have a recipe to share for the cake? I need some gluten free recipes for my sweet tooth.

  4. What is that amazing bird with the long curved black beak? I've never seen a bird like that before!

  5. Great pictures Jenny. Wet here too and stormy. xx

  6. People think I'm strange because I love a rainy day. But I really do love the look of rain falling, the earthy smell it creates and the wonders that the rain brings. I also love to jump in all the puddles!! Maybe that's it? that's why people think I'm strange.

  7. Merci Jenny de ces photos, c'est toujours avec plaisir que je me rends sur votre blog où je découvres un autre horizon avec plaisir.

  8. Wonderful pictures of the rain....I love a rainy day....
    Here at the coast of the Northsea now the sun is shining..... but not for a long time....

  9. It's been a pretty dry spring for us in the northern hemisphere, as well - at least my corner. We have finally gotten rain this week of varying amounts and intensity. The humidity has been very high as well. But as you are grateful for yours, we are also. Hoping to plant the vegetable garden next week - it's almost a month late.
    Love "Bob's" quilt. How special is that little pup? :)


  10. What a lovely rain! You never know if it's really coming, even if its forecast. The birds look like happy folk, even if Bob is not. =) That cranberry bread looks so completely yummy! As I looked at your picture, I wished we were neighbors. I just cut off 5 long stems of rosemary and could have given you plenty for fresh! And basil, too.

  11. Love the pics of the birds. Did you post the recipe for the cranberry and orange loaf? I love cranberry anything and this looks absolutely scrumptious. I look forward to your posts everyday. You are such a ray of sunshine. You inspire me to get my tasks done so I can get to my stitching.

  12. Martha, I'll post some recipes next week. :-)

  13. Looks like one big party in the rain. Bob looks so cute all snuggled in. Enjoy the rain.

  14. Great photos. It has been rather dry here lately too...We could definitely use some rain.

  15. Love your post as usual. Bob looks so comfortable. He is adorable. If it doesn't cause you too much more work, could you identify the birds in your pictures? I'm from "across the pond" in the United States so I don't recognize your wonderful birds. But even though I don't know what they are, I still enjoy seeing your pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share them with us. Cynthia


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