Thursday, June 11, 2015

...and two sweet pillows made!

Yesterday I showed you two quilts I'd completed this week, but today you can see two cushion covers I've finished. Productive, right?!

If only life was this productive more often - but then again, I do rather like quieter weeks where life just ambles along so I think I shan't wish more busyness into my life after all. New found wisdom comes to light. ;-)

The Tulip block you saw HERE is now a rectangular bed cushion...

...and the Dresden block also adorns my bed, but as a cushion of the square variety.

Until I make a matching bed runner with my leftover Flower Sugar fabrics my Wishes quilt will do rather nicely as another smattering of cheery colour!

There's a good deal of time being spent in the kitchen this week too. So far I've baked grain free cakes, a superfood breakfast slice, butter chicken in the slow cooker, roasted pumpkin & garlic for soups and salads, and a tasty treat to serve alongside coconut yoghurt was last night's stewed rhubarb & strawberries...

This afternoon I need to make more protein balls for Mr E, and an orange & cranberry grain free loaf - but I also need to clear my desk so I can sit down and write the patterns for this month's Stitchery Club designs.

I've been dragging my feet on that task because it's the least exciting bit about designing, and also because yesterday I started on three new patterns for July and my fingers just want to play with thread and avoid the keyboard.

But one must do what is needed first, so I shall make a long cool cherry & banana smoothie, roll up my sleeves and get to work.

If you'd like to join the Club and receive six really cute embroidery patterns on June 17th you'll need to do so before June 16th. Go HERE and you'll be able to see what's involved (very easy, truly)...

May the tail end of your week be very blessed and overflow with good things!
Enough said...hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go....



  1. Your cushions are just soooo very beautiful Jenny ... I wonder, does Princess Sophie ever reside on that lovely white bedcover & leave you with fur & muddy footprints?? Or does that just happen in my corner of the world ??? :-) Your cooking photos look so delectable. Wish I was coming to dinner . . .

  2. Happy pattern writing! Your cushions look delightful sitting all pretty on your bed!

  3. Your cushions are looking so pretty
    Well done x

  4. Beautiful cushions and they look lovely on your bed! :) x

  5. Great job on your pillows. Your bed looks so cute with your new creations.

  6. Dear Jenny,
    Wow! ... you sure have been very busy! Everything is so lovely. I love your bed all white and then your colorful quilt and pillow ~ perfect!
    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  7. Your life seems so perfect, Jenny. I'm sure it's not, but it sure looks that way. Can I come live with you? lol Your creations, both cloth and edible, look amazing!

  8. Your bed looks so clean and bright with that added color. Love your descriptions of food. I'm not much of a cook, and your food always sounds so interesting. =) Looking forward to the June patterns, but I look forward to every single month they come!

  9. Your bedroom is so crisp and lovely with the new pillows on the white bedspread. I love that fresh look. Oh....and you have tempted me with your photos of the blueberry bars. Can you share the recipe? Have you ever thought about doing a recipe/sewing blog???? You are so creative and inspiring. I also eat grain free so your recipes are a help. Do you want a grain free banana bread recipe made with oat flour???? I will send it if you do.

  10. Jenny,
    Almofadas maravilhosas e delícias na cozinha! Amei!
    Mal posso esperar para receber meus padrões de Junho! Estão simplesmente lindos.
    Jenny, conte para nós o seu segredo para tanta produtividade!

  11. Your bed looks lovely with the new cushions and quilt, Jenny. xxx

  12. Love the tulips...both cushions look beautiful on your bed.
    Delicious dinner there too.

  13. The pillow are so pretty and they look very nice with your quilt. Such a happy room to wake up in and end the day in.

  14. Susan, I'll share some recipes next week on the blog. :-)
    A recipe book? Maybe a free download of my faves, but the real book will be of day. ;-)

  15. Oh those pillows and the quilt - so beautiful hon!!! Makes me so happy just to look at them!


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