Monday, June 29, 2015

Doves and Cockatoos...

Last Thursday I escaped from the home office for a few hours to visit with my dear friend Heather (Mr E's long lost second-cousin-twice-removed)  and catch up on life over a cuppa and some of her freshly baked pumpkin fruitcake (which was delicious).

We were also quite excited to see what each other had been making!
I took my completed hussif to show her, and she had on display a gorgeous table runner for me to drool over...

Heather was inspired by this runner she found on Pinterest and after stitching the blocks (I'm so chuffed she used my 'Dove Garden" pattern).... was put together with only a few small patchwork hiccups...

 ....using some of her pretty Tilda stash.
Seriously, this girl is amazing at just seeing a photo of a project and being able to make it herself that day!

 While we were chatting a couple of visitors dropped by her front porch...

I had to sneak near the window to snap these photos as Cockatoos scare away quite easily.
This fellow thought he'd check from the eaves that the coast was clear before swooping back to his sunflower seed lunch....

I was so relaxed on arriving back home that I even forgot what day it was for a while.
It felt like a slow Sunday.

Here's a few show & tell photos that were emailed to me by lovely gals who've beautifully stitched some Elefantz designs...

"Ellie" and "M'Lady"



"Quilt Barn" - "Pincushion Bird" - "A Stitch in Time"

I seriously swooned over this wall hanging by Gabriele! She has stitched three designs from my Stitchery Club patterns and displayed them together. Her pebble quilting added that extra 'pop' of style - yes, very very nice indeed.

The patterns for each of the stitcheries above are available HERE in my shop as pdf downloads.

If you have been sewing my designs I'd love to see them! Email me with a photo or two and your work will feature in my next show & tell.

It's Monday and I have a friend from Charters Towers dropping in for a cuppa this morning so I'd best go bake something yummy and get away from the computer.  

Should have gotten Heather's pumpkin fruit cake recipe last week....or smuggled a few pieces out in my bag....yes, smuggling. Next time. Don't tell Heather (please)...



  1. Wow that table runner is gorgeous - it sets off your designs so nicely!!! Love seeing what everyone's stitched from your designs, that little wallhanging by Gabrielle is fantastic. The cockatoos are so pretty - my aunt and uncle had a few, they put chicken wire over their whole backyard so the birds could fly around, and come and go as they pleased.

  2. Unos trabajos bellĂ­simos , me ha encantado el camino de mesa .
    Te invito a pasar por mi blog

    Besos y feliz semana.

  3. Heather's table runner is beautiful. And what a great show and tell, Jenny. Have a lovely day. xx

  4. Wow! Such fantastic eye candy there.

  5. First off, LOVE the table runner! Great post and much to see. How wonderful to live in an area where the cockatoos come to your feeder. I would be glued to the window waiting for them to come. I love your patterns and just ordered a couple of them. After I finish working on ornaments for new additions to the extended family, I'm anxious to start on your patterns. I love the Lucien Flower Sugar fabrics and finally found some here in the States. I'm thrilled!

  6. What a beautiful table runner and I love all the show and tell projects! :) x

  7. The table runner is simply lovely and showcase your designs perfectly. I can't imagine living where cockatoos fly around freely; here they are in the pet stores to buy and keep in cages in your house. I loved seeing them so thank you for including them in this post. I too put sunflower seeds in my bird feeders but attract nothing as exotic; just our Canadian bird fare...chickadees, bluejays, finches, grosbeaks, etc. which I also love. :)

  8. Yay! Pretty show and tell - how lovely all your designs look when people have made them! Love Heather's table runner - how neat all those mitred corners are. How nice you had such a relaxed catch up with Heather too. As for pumpkin fruit cake - never heard of that - you must definitely mean sneak..... some out of the house or at least the recipe! It sound yummo!

  9. I love seeing how others make up your lovely designs. Gives me lots of ideas.

  10. I did admire Heather's table runner and I just knew they were your stitchery designs!!! Love the Cockies.....they are funny birds! A few years back we used to have 20+ visit our yard morning and afternoon for a feed....people thought we were mad to encourage them but I loved their visits.

  11. Heather's table runner is amazing and beautiful. She is very talented. That binding can't have been easy! What fun to have a day with a friend and the birds. Are you planning a cockatoo design now? =) Loved the one peering over the roof.

  12. Heather's table runner is gorgeous! I loved seeing all of the projects. It's always fun to see how others finish a pattern. Thank you for a wonderful post....

  13. Cockatoos in the wild? Amazing and beautiful! I enjoy reading blogs and seeing new words. Chuffed is one....googled it and smiled because I figured it was a sweet word even though it sounds gruff. Beautiful table runner too!

  14. The Table Runner is gorgeous. Heather did an excellent job on it. I enjoyed seeing everyone else's work also. I especially liked to see the Cockatoos. I love birds. We have six living in the house with us. Today I saw two Red-Headed Woodpeckers in our backyard. We have had woodpeckers before but never Red-Headed ones. Their heads were such a bright red they were dazzling. Your picture of the Cockatoo peeking over the eave is adorable. Thank you for the brief respite of the day.

  15. Wow I'm impressed. Your friend is good but then so are you.
    That's cool that y'all have cockatoo's flying free. They're fun to watch I think
    but then the ones I see are always in a cage.


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