Saturday, June 6, 2015

Just be yourself...

The postman arrived with something rather lovely yesterday.
It was a magazine.
But not just any magazine.
It was the June issue of Australian Homespun.

And guess who has a pattern featured inside??
I sent it away to Homespun late last year so it was wonderful to have it home again.

When I sketched this design it was with my darling daughters in mind...
 ...but with each stitch I realised how important this message was for all women.

The pressure from society, media, and even friends and family, to be something other than who we truly are is increasing... I think we need to remind ourselves every day to stop fitting into a mold we don't belong in.
Sweet lady, you're beautiful just as you are.

So honey, trust me, and be yourself.

The pattern is inside this issue...
...which you'll find in your favourite newsagents now if you're in Australia or New Zealand.
For those in other countries you may still be able to find a copy, or go to Zinio (here) where it's available as a digital download.

There's even a chat with me inside...
Let's encourage each other:

Stitch one for yourself, and one for a friend. 
Gather together your sewing friends and stitch it together, or maybe you can host a swap? 
Stitch this for your precious daughters or granddaughters.
Get the word out.


That's the best person you can be.

Lotsa love,


  1. How exciting!! I have just received my digital version but haven't read it yet.... I'll enjoy 'getting to know you' over the weekend! :) x

  2. Congratulations Jenny. So exciting for you.

  3. Congratulations on being published once again. This is a very important message for each of us. Thank you for bringing it "home". June JOY...Summer or Winter!

  4. Encantador, Jenny! Parabéns pela publicação do seu trabalho, que é sempre maravilhoso e uma inspiração para nós.
    A mensagem é sábia. Como deixamos de sermos nós mesmas muitas vezes, para sermos o que esperam de nós!
    Gostei muito!
    Feliz fim de semana.

  5. Ooh that is so pretty!!! I really must contemplate a move to Australia - for Jenny and for Homespun, lol!

  6. I love this Jenny, I will have to look out for this copy. I used to tell my kids: "be yourself everyone else is taken". happy weekend to you.

  7. Congratulations Jenny. Another beautiful design. xxx

  8. Yay! Be yourself - you are the best self you can be! Very cool!

  9. More lovely work, Jenny. 'Just be yourself' is something we all need to remind ourselves to do...especially these days. Thanks heaps.

  10. Congratulations my dear❤️
    Lovely design x

  11. Loving your latest patterns...the one in Homespun and the Stitchery club. I can hardly wait until the 17th of the month!! They are precious!! Thank you for all your hard work and all your are wonderful Jenny....


  12. You are right, dear Jenny!!
    In Dutch I say very often to friends: Wees jezelf, er zijn genoeg anderen!

    translation: Be yourself, there are enough others.

    Hug, Rya

  13. Congrat's on being published. I can't think of a more deserving person.

  14. That brilliant Jenny. What a pretty design and such a great saying too. Have a lovely weekend. x

  15. Beautiful design Jenny and I love the message behind it. xx

  16. Perfect message for all of us! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  17. Congratulations! Such a special thing to happen to a special lady. I want to stitch this for both my daughters and my granddaughters!

  18. Wonderful every time you are published! I love that more and more people get to know you a little, and see your terrific spirit shining through your needlework. What a testimony you leave for all of us.

  19. Congrats! That is a pertty design and a great message.

  20. Congrats on another project in another magazine...You are getting to be quiet the celebrity....When I got my digital download last week...Soon as I saw it I knew it had to be your project.....


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