Friday, June 5, 2015

Two new birds...

I thought you might like to see two more of the designs that will feature in the June Stitchery Club? 

Judging by the response on Instagram and Facebook this week after showing the photo below, I get the idea that "Sleep-Tight Owl" might be rather popular. 
My Blossom-girl is already eye-ing this off so it may have to hide away when she visits today...

"Everything's Ducky" is still a work in progress, but a cutie in the making nonetheless...

These two birds join "Dove Garden"...

...and "Quilt Barn"... the June set of 'feathered friends' patterns for the Stitchery Club.

If you're already a member then you're in for a treat!
If you're not yet a member but would like some information about joining (it's very simple), then head over HERE.

I have the girls coming for lunch today - Wendy, Barb, Heather, and my own sweet Blossom. 
We're celebrating Wendy's 50th birthday with laughter, stitching, and of course - CAKE!

I hope your Friday is filled with joy and laughter too.



  1. Adoráveis, Jenny!
    Mal posso esperar para receber meus padrões!!
    Deus te abençoe.

  2. Oh Jenny, I love it when you have your delightful get togethers! Your pictures of the events never fail to bring a smile to my face and my heart. Have a wonderful time and please wish Wendy a happy and most blessed birthday for me. Also I love the new Everything's Ducky" design, and of course the owl and well, anything with birds is always special to me. I keep hoping to see a little Hummingbird one of these days...I'm just sayin', you know, like, in your spare time, hehehe *wink*. You know of course that I'm fully aware that you barely have a moment to call your own these days dear friend, and I am so grateful and feel so completely blessed that you share so very much with all of us who love you, your designs and your writings. But do please remember to take time to "BREATH". As for the Hummingbird, it will always be one of my all time favorites as you know. They started arriving at my feeders last week and I'm so happy to have them for the short time they are here. God has blessed us all with so many beautiful treasures in our surrounding, we need only to look and listen, or go for a drive to see how He loves us.
    Well, I've kept you long enough so I'll close now and send you big cyber hugs and as always will hold you and yours in my heart and in my prayers. Nancy Jo
    PS ... enjoy the birthday cake :o)

  3. Oh the owl is very pretty. I can see why Blossom wants it. Have a wonderful time with the gang and enjoy that birthday cake!

  4. Beautiful stitcheries Jenny. Looking forward to the next stitchery club. Hugs.....

  5. Yay! What a fun day ahead - happy birthday to Wendy!

  6. Eeeek! I'm in love with the ducky! :) So cute!

  7. The owl is gorgeous Jenny. Abi would love it :-)

  8. Oh, there's going to be a girls' day out post! I look forward to those. Every single design in the new month is wonderful! I'm excited about more birds for my upcoming project. I found one fabric that isn't really birds, but sort of looks like birds, and if I don't find one I like better, that will do for the pieced blocks. I'll take a leaf from your book and use the colors that are in it, too.

  9. Your birds, just like all your other patterns, are adorable!!

  10. You just do the BEST birds - love them all, dear heart! Hope you enjoyed your day!!!

  11. I adore the owl! I love all of the glorious embellishments.


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