Friday, July 24, 2015

Knitting with Blossom...

My sweet Blossom-girl had a rostered day off from work yesterday so she invited me to spend the day at her house for some sewing and a Jane Austen movie. 
She's been working very hard and I could tell last week that she was very much in need of 'time-out' and some mama-love-TLC so on my way to her place I had an idea for something beautiful, something fun, and something yummy.

Blossom is like me, she loves fresh flowers on the table, so I brought carnations to brighten her smile and her home (one of Nana's favourite blooms)...

She used to enjoy knitting as a young teen so I bought us both a $2.99 starter pack of The Art of Knitting...

...which contained two balls of wool, knitting needles, and numerous simple patterns.

The main project and purpose of this series is to knit squares in a large variety of plain and gradually more difficult stitches over a series of time to make yourself a throw rug. Blossom was thrilled!

When my girl is tired and worn I know she needs healthy sustenance so I brought a bounty of healthy fare which she prepared for our lunch in front of the telly...

We watched "Death Comes to Pemberley", a movie adaptation of the PD James novel which follows on from Jane Austen's "Pride and Predjudice".
We very much recommend it - favourite English actors, good storyline, and stunning cinematography! 

The first square of our throws are simple garter stitch so we progressed well through the afternoon even amidst our Pemberley distractions....

Blossom intends continuing with The Art of Knitting course as she's needed a gentle hobby to occupy her hands at night. After this first issue, which included wool and patterns for two blocks, the future weekly issues contain supplies and patterns for increasingly challenging blocks until your knitted throw is complete. 

I know some may think it much less costly if Blossom were to purchase her own wool at Spotlight and google different knitting square patterns, but sometimes when life is wearisome and you're already run off your feet, this sort of endeavour - the kind where it's all supplied for you - is wise.
This gives her a creative 'unwind' at the end of a mentally draining working day and evening home duties of cooking, washing and ironing for the love of her life.
It brings the day to a gentle close.
 The course is $7.99 per week after the initial $2.99 starter pack, and a second $4.99 double pack.

Just for a little perspective, in Australia a fat quarter sells for $6-7 and a skein of Cottage Garden threads will cost anywhere between $7 and $9 depending on the store.

I wasn't sure if I'd continue with The Art of Knitting but it was definitely enjoyable doing this with Blossom as a fun girlie project yesterday. I used to be an excellent knitter until an operation on my right hand restricted its movement with a knitting needle. After so much pain and swelling in my hands if knitting continued for too long, or with small needles, in the end I simply stopped. (in comparison hand stitching is wonderful for my hands!) 
But Blossom would love for us to have matching throw rugs in our homes, so you never know...a small square knitted once a week might be doable. I shall give it a try.

Do you have daughters?
Is there a hobby you both share?

Have a blessed day,


  1. I haven't commented before, but this one I can't let pass. First, I so enjoy your writing and your beautiful stitching. Thank you for sharing! I, too, have a precious daughter, and we, now that she's grown and married, share a love of quilting and knitting. In her growing up years we did counted cross stitch, but it's too time-consuming for her as a mom of three (and for my older eyes!). What a wonderful day you had with Blossom and I smile, just thinking of it. Enjoy!

  2. What a lovely idea.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello-
    Love your stuff!Beautiful!
    I have two grown daughters. Both can cook, sew by hand, and knit. They wanted Harry Potter House (Gryffindor/Slytherin) scarves back in the day of new books/movies. I said I will not make them but I will teach you how to make your own!I ended up teaching more than just my girls, but they learned. The younger one has started coming by with projects and advice for buying a sewing machine so she can make outfits for CosPlay. The older one has given me two grandgirls, one of which I am teaching to sew on her own machine!
    Lovin It!!

    Also, my crafting was seriously derailed by an injury seven years ago. It took 2-3 yrs to knit, 4 to crochet without pain, and 5 to sew. Keep trying.

  4. How wonderful! My daughters are now seven and ten. My 10 yr old loves to sew cross stitch and scrapbook. I also scrap with my seven year old. Lots of fun.

  5. What a lovely way to spend time together, some day I would love to do craft with my daughters. Your daughters are blessed to have you in their lives.

  6. Great fun to do the knitting week by week. Hannah and I started the fat quarter shop designer Mystery block of the Month ( 2012 ) Amazingly there was enough material in each month to make 2 blocks - such fun - tho' confession time - we seem to have done 6 months and then stopped - maybe it's time to start again when she gets back and finish it.

  7. What a lovely day of mother-daughter time. Little things like the flowers can mean so much if you are struggling a bit. Abi and I enjoy creating together, especially sewing and felting. Have a lovely weekend. x

  8. beautiful post
    have 2 daughters eldest is very good with sewing & crochet, the youngest is just relearning crochet, did teach them both when they were at home a long time ago (they are both in their 20s now) i'm not all that good with crochet but the eldest has learned new stitches.
    i think you should keep up the knitting together week by week, just make it your little special project, just for the 2 of you, will be interesting to see if you end up with the same coloured throws
    am tempted to go out & get it myself, just for an easy distraction from my other knits :)) (love collecting patterns, no matter how simple they are)

    beautiful flowers too, i think you should have a special day every week or a month, life is too short & too precious not to

    thanx for sharing

  9. Здравствуйте, Дженни! Всегда с удовольствием читаю ваши посты. У меня тоже две замечательные дочери Марта и Мария. Я люблю шить, вязать и вышивать. Мне очень нравятся ваши работы!!!

  10. Brilliant movie and great gifts for Blossom. A good knitting project for her to work on while relaxing. No daughter me but I have a step grandaughter and am very much looking forward to sewing with her when the time comes. Her other grannie is a knitter so she can teach her to knit. xx

  11. You are such a sweet lady and good mom! It sounds like a lovely day. I loved Death comes to Pemberly. My daughters do cross stitch as do I and some sewing. They don't live close but we always plan something for when we can get together. Hugs,

  12. Such a wonderful way to spend the day! Carnations are my favorite flower, so seeing your beautiful bouquet from the high point really is beautiful. It was nice of you to buy her the starter kit. Like you said sometimes it is the best way to choose. Have a wonderful creative day!

  13. What a gift you are to Blossom! Days like this create such special memories. My daughter lives across town, so we have a pretty regular Friday lunch date at a favorite restaurant/book store. She is a wonderful poet and has been published several times. I am a quilter and she has done a few quilting/sewing projects for gifts. I think I need to watch Death Comes to Pemberly this weekend!

  14. I always wanted a daughter but wasn't blessed with one. Instead, I have two young friends who love to come quilt with me, so that's God's blessing on me. =) I love everything you did for Blossom and for your day together. The food looks yummy and the flowers are gorgeous. I love carnations because they last and last, especially the mini ones. I don't knit, but I found myself thinking that if such a thing existed here, I'd buy it and try one more time. =) Best of luck with your hands - maybe just a little at a time won't be so bad.

  15. I wish my mom thought like you. :)

  16. my daughters have both done lesssons in sewing and enjoyed crafting. they dont quilt (yet!) but I didnt either when I was younger, so who knows!! they do physical hobbies with me :)

  17. Sounds like you had an enjoyable day. So lovely sharing with your dear daughter. I have 2 daughters now aged 26 and 31 who I taught to knit and do crosstitch. However, neither seem to do any of these things . My eldest did try some crochet recently but never continued. They both played musical instruments too but only my eldest plays occassionally on her piano now. They both work hard and lead busy lives enjoying other endeavours especially my eldest who has her own home and garden. Alas, no time to create together but maybe oneday that will change. Enjoy the precious time you share with your daughter.

  18. I love the time and thoughtfullness you put into spending the day with Blossom. You are a very special Mom. Blessings Dear...

  19. What a great post about sharing a hobby with your my youngest is in university halfway across the country we crochet together on skype. We both have tried knitting, but crochet is what we know best. That said we may try something like both of you and see how that works out. I think it is so wonderful when as mothers we can share our love of crafting with our daughters.

  20. How lovely to spend time with your daughter this way! I agree, when you are busy working, the easy option is to have everything handy. I used to cross stitch and awhile ago I got my daughter started on a project. She lives far away from me right now but know that when/if we are ever closer in location that might be something we would enjoy together. When we are together, we do love to get out for a lovely brunch with a great cup of coffee.

  21. Your day with Blossom and all you did to prepare has truly touched my heart. Taking a starter kit, flowers and treats was sheer perfection. I must admit - I have tears in my eyes! ((Hugs) for you!

    I have a delightful daughter who is busy with 4 children and I've struggled with what to do for just Kris. On occasion if I'm out and about I buy a little something for her home - she gets really excited. That makes me so happy!

    No one has ever done something like that for me.

    Blessings to you!


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