Saturday, July 18, 2015

Some finishes and a work in progress...

I had a tidy up of my sewing room yesterday.
My cutting table had been piled high with 'goodies' that needed to be out of little Frankie's reach, so I spent most of the afternoon sorting through and re-housing them all. 
That's when I remembered I'd not yet shown you two recent finishes. Back HERE you saw the bluework version of the Gentle Domesticity embroidery, but since then I have framed it for display in my home office, right near the fabric shelves...
The little crochet heart was a gift from my friend Heather, and the blue button was a present from my adopted little sis, Vikki. Those additions make this design even more precious because they both have beautiful homemaker hearts.

My second finish was the "Living & Powerful" design which will become the feature for a new cover on my old blue Bible...

I stitched this on a large piece of cream hanky linen (a cotton/linen blend) because I intend adding appliqued leaves and a vine over the rest of the cover before it's ready for my Bible.

My 'works in progress' are kind of a secret as they are the first Elefantz Christmas designs for 2015, but I will show you a peek at one...

It's the first of five I have ready to stitch over coming weeks. I chose a beautiful Tilda print to border this one and a handful of Cosmo threads to blend the design perfectly with the fabric.

I think you'll like the Elefantz Christmas Series this year, especially the Snow-Pear Man. 
Yes, you read that right - you see, I don't like snowmen so I needed to design something I did like, and if you're a long time reader you know I collect pears, so in my head a Snow-Pear Man made perfect sense!
But I'll wait another week to show him off and leave you guessing about his identity for now. Cheeky? Yes.


We have just two more blocks left before this years free BOM, "Vintage Kitchen" is finished, so I was thinking of closing the year with a simple Christmas stitch-a-long in October and November.
Lecien Fabrics sent me a charm square pack of Yuletime and I was in love as soon as I let those 5 inch squares flutter across my work table...
Aren't they beautiful?!

My idea is to share 8 mini embroidery blocks that only take an hour to sew, offered via the blog each Wednesday during October and November. They would make a sweet mini quilt if I display them simply amongst 5 inch squares!
So, if you think this would be a fun project to play along with, leave a comment and let me know.
I haven't drawn the designs yet, but I'll share them as freebies during those eight weeks.
You would need one charm square pack and some yardage for quilt backing and binding. 
Sounds simple enough, yeh?


A sweet fat quarter of 'unknown' fabric arrived in the mail this week from Kristyne at Pretty By Hand

I'd seen it on her blog and enquired about it's designer but it was without the informative side of the selvedge so bless her heart, she posted it to me! 
Do you know the name of this print?
I've put it aside for a very special Christmas project because I'm a firm believer that any fabric will work for the festive season when you used wisely.
If you've not visited Kristyne's blog yet you'll find it over here


The full set of July Stitchery Club patterns were emailed to all my Club members yesterday, but I've also listed them as three individual sets HERE in my shop today for non-member purchases.

The Hussif Designs 
(I'll share a 5 day detailed tutorial on the blog for making my Hussif design between July 27th and 31st - these are the stitcheries featured throughout the Hussif)

Our Sewing Essentials
(three designs which can also be stitched as one project)

Double pattern set of DREAM
One large and one small version of the same pattern. Perfect as stand alone patterns, or used in the BOM "at the heart of it all"...

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
Mr E and I will be packing lunch and heading out with our cameras on Sunday. As there's been a true 'cool' change the last few days we may even include a flask of home-made minestrone soup...yum.

Bless you heaps,


  1. Thank you Jenny! Sounds great, I already can't wait for Oct and Nov.
    Carol O

  2. Oh Jenny,
    I love everything you do!
    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  3. Love the idea of Christmas goodies this fall.

  4. Would love a new project for October and November.

  5. Hi Jenny, just catching up on some posts ... so glad to read you had such a wonderful time this week = your daughters are just beautiful you know & as for that wee girl ... Ooohh I could easily sneak her away. I did think of you lots throughout the week & hoped it was all going perfectly for you all as it looks like it did by your photos. Looking forward to your new projects. Have a lovely restful weekend x0x0

  6. Yes I would love an Xmas project. Hugs, xx

  7. beautiful embroidery....Congratulacions!!!!

  8. Love the blue fabric on your stitchery..

    Would be great to do the Christmas sal.. Will be home from our road trip then...something to look forward to. Thank you Jenny.

  9. Wonderful! Super post! Would love Christmas projects.

  10. I am always intrigued by your patterns and tuts. You are very generous to us out here in blog land.

    Your work, as always, is impeccable. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This post highlights how busy your stitching fingers have been. I love your idea of that special sew-a- long and I am pretty sure others will too. Mmmm, yummy fabrics there.

  12. Your stitchery is always so lovely.. with love janice

  13. I'd love to join the Christmas sew-along, Jenny. Love the modern Christmas fabrics from Lecien too.

  14. Muy inspirador, como de costumbre Jenny. TambiƩn me toca ordenar mi cuarto de costura y ese bordado que muestras es un primor. Recibe un abrazo y que tengas un excelente fin de semana.

  15. Your work is lovely as always. Sounds like you have some fun plans for the days ahead. The Christmas stitch a long sounds like a fun way to prepare for the holidays. So nice of Kristyne to share her lovely fabric. I have been following her for awhile and love her work too. I'm so glad we have the Internet to get to know such nice folks like you and Kristyne that we otherwise wouldn't ever get to know.

  16. lindos todos tus trabajos. un abrazo desde Guatemala

  17. I think your idea for the mini designs sew along sounds great! Just enough stitchery for something cute and new for Christmas. Count me in.

  18. Your mini designs sound wonderful and make me look forward to autumn. :)

  19. I'm so glad to have found you and your inspiring designs. I would so enjoy a mini design sew along! Thanks for all you do and share.

  20. Wonderful projects you have completed. I think it is brilliant to frame them with fabric and then put them in a frame. Your choices just "fit" one another with such charm and grace! I would be thrilled to join your mini quilt project. It sounds like fun. Have a great day!

  21. Would love to play with the Christmas designs. A mini quilt is perfect. I'll join in.

  22. I love the Christmas design already! This was a great post, just filled with eye candy, but also with a sense of calm accomplishment and plans for the future. I loved it, and I love your plan for a Christmas stitchery. I NEED to do that during those months. Thank you! That's a great mystery fabric and I easily see it in Christmas designs. And that Lecien charm pack? I have to find that somewhere!

  23. Love that blue. My favourite colour, always looks fresh.

  24. I'm always up for Christmas stitching, so yes, I'd love quick little designs that can be stitched during the evening hours perhaps. Thanks for the sneak peek at your Christmas design. I have no doubt that I will love them as much as I do all your other designs.

  25. I would love a Christmas stitch-a-long!! Am so enjoying the vintage kitchen one!! I am wishing you would have "a year of gentle domesticity, part 2", as I will be sad to see it end. It has helped me to look at my home in such a new way! Thanks so much for your wisdom and beauty that you always share with us!

  26. This all looks so beautiful. I snatched a look at my copy of the club designs yesterday. So gorgeous. I also adore kristines work. I've almost finished all the blocks from her stitchery book. Beautiful fabric.

  27. A Christmas stitch along sounds great!

  28. Each and every share of yours brings a big smile to my face and I want nothing more than to sit idle with needle and thread running through fabric. Sweet Gentle Domesticity...

  29. I love the idea of the little stitcheries and charm squares. I love the peek you gave of your project too.i can't wait to see the snow pear man. I bet he will be cute too.

  30. Thank you for the sweet designs. Looking forward to the "little stitcheries"

  31. The Elefantz Christmas Series sounds like it would be a great deal of fun!

  32. I would love to do the 8 mini embroidery designs in October and November. I may have to find the Lecien charm squares. Gorgeous!!

  33. Yes, please for Christmas stitch along! Love the fabric.

  34. A Christmas Stitch-A-Long sounds like fun. I can't guarantee I would do it this Christmas though. Things are not going to well here. Example...I haven't ironed anything in three weeks. I have enough handkerchiefs to get by but Jim doesn't, so he has been using wrinkled ones. I am having to wear un-ironed aprons. Being very choosy about what I wear at home and saving my dresses for doctor appointments. I have a very fragile spine and caught myself from falling three weeks ago and then threw myself off balance and then caught myself from falling immediately again. My back was completely wrenched. After an MRI they found that the places in my spine that still have any padding are bulging. Most of my discs are just bone on bone. Tuesday I will be going in to get steroid injections in the few bulging discs to see if that will relieve some of the pain. The MRI also showed a tumor on my spine which appears to be benign but will have to be tested to make sure. I'm not sure when that will be happening. Meanwhile if I can get the meals on the table and the kitchen clean at night so it is clean in the morning to greet me, I feel like I have done all I am able at this time. Plus watching both grandchildren now that Rowen is out of school for the summer. I have been getting a little more handwork done since my de-cluttering and deep housecleaning has been put on hold.

  35. A Christmas sew a long sound's a good idea. I have just completed a Christmas lap quilt using a charm pack that I won in a magazine giveaway, so am in the mood for some more Christmas stitching.

  36. Goodness, you have been busy !!!! Love the idea of a mini Christmas for October and November. Thank you.



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