Monday, August 17, 2015

An interesting weekend...

I love unplanned weekends.
Things just unfold and I follow their paths with a skip in my step and a light heart.
One ritual that never changes is an early morning Saturday and Sunday drive with Mr E in the Jeep to get coffee and sit by the beach with fresh baked muffins before he heads off to work for the rest of the morning.

But after that, both days flow into varied activities.

Saturday afternoon Mr E and I went off in search of land sales as we have a hope in our hearts to build a home of our own one day.
Also on Saturday I finished a quilt...

 ...and pieced an older stitchery into the centre of a churn dash block to make a *don't know what you'll eventually be* project.

 I sank back in my easy chair late that afternoon with a nice cup of tea and browsed through two new books...
 ...and thought about making this quilt for a modern-minded daughter.

Sunday began relaxed as usual with coffee at the beach, then just a block from our home the Label Traders Vintage Market was being held so I left Mr E to his bonsai and set off for a wander in search of treasure. I was not disappointed...
Sunday is also baking day so after a lovely lamb roast lunch with all the trimmings I made a healthy banana, carrot, sultana and apricot loaf...

Back in the sewing room that afternoon I cleaned out my bobbin drawer...
...and made the first tentative cuts into some old clothes with the idea of altering them before spring arrives.

Last week's big vase of flowers were waning so I chose the blooms that still showed vigour, trimmed their ends, and displayed them in an old tea pot on my desk...
...which set me onto another task - tidying my work desk.
I have two desks. One is in the sewing room and I sit there to plan my day and sketch new designs.
The other desk is in the office, where I do all my business via email and also where I write my blog posts and patterns.
Dear Blossom handed her comfy swivel chair over to me the other day and now it's a much nicer place to sit and work...
The day was drawing to a close by now, so before the sun dipped below the horizon I watered my herbs and brought the washing in off the line for ironing later that evening...

Here on Monday morning I can honestly say I am feeling quite rested and refreshed, which is good because my diary has plenty of entries for this week.
But I have next weekend always to look forward to. 

How do you achieve rest and refreshment?



  1. I have just had a lovely relaxing restful bit of time reading your blog and seeing all you are doing. Life is good my friend...

  2. A great positive time Jenny. Wish we could say it was warm enough to wear summer clothes here where we live, although today has been a real beauty. Spring flowers bursting open and the sun.Have a lovely week Shirley

  3. It sounds lovely Jenny. We headed for the west coast farm of the uncle and sat perched on the hill enjoying the view of the sea and black sand after a walk down the beach with the dogs. Super!
    Those aqua buttons rock!

  4. Tu fin de semana trasmite mucha paz y dulzura. Gracias por compartirlo. Besos.

  5. It sounds lovely Jenny, especially the vintage market! Saturdays are sometimes family outing days here if Hubby isn't working or a time to catch up with friends and family. Sunday is our day to be together and for rest and worship and I have my little Sunday School class in the afternoon, so our weekends are a mixture of busy and relaxed :-) x

  6. What a lovely weekend you had! I got to relax and recharge Sunday afternoon by spending some quality time in the sewing room and the evening was spent reading.

  7. It sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm in love with the little mat you have under your laptop! So clever!

  8. It sounds like you a had a relaxing, yet busy weekend. Your stitching is beautiful. That is one of the ways that I relax, just find an embroidery pattern and with no absolute project purpose, I sit and stitch while watching a movie. Taking care of my flower garden is always a joy also. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  9. What a lovely weekend and some great finds. I like your spots and dots. =) I relax on Sundays, doing genealogy, and often a nap after church. It's something different to my hurry of the rest of the week, so it always renews me.

  10. Such days are good for the soul! Calm and refreshing the mind is best done with the one you love! Hugs

  11. I love your treasures from the Traders Vintage Markets.

  12. What a lovely day you had. Well deserved. I love your new quilt and your other stitching is beautiful as always. I usually spend cold Sundays indoors stitching watching DVDs. When Spring arrives I shall be outside planting pots of colour for our back verandah and , with a bit of luck, shall be able to sit and stitch in the sunshine . Stitching is my relaxation time. I hope your week is as wonderful as your weekend.

  13. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. xx

  14. Sounds to me like a perfect weekend. Who could ask for more....Fresh air, fresh food, great finds and family and yet time to clean and spruce up as well.

  15. My you get through so much I don't know how you do it. Love that quilt Jenny it's beautiful.

    Hope you find your plot soon!

  16. What a nice weekend you had! That would be so amazing if you built your own house because you could actually put things on the walls.


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