Sunday, August 16, 2015

Being led - Psalm 119-105

"I don't know what to do"
Do you hear that from people around you?
Does that same question flow from your own tongue more often than you'd like?

We're a people who like quick answers these days. Emails, Facebook, Twitter - they set us up to expect an instant, or near instant, response.

I wonder if that's why more and more Christians are taking their cues from the world around them, rather than "waiting patiently on the Lord"? (Psalm 37:7)

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Word of the Living God - with each passing year they are being watered down by the world, diluted to suit the tastebuds of a society gone mad. 

Sadly, many Christians have bought into this - men and women who call  themselves Christian. 

I wonder do they stop to consider that by labeling themselves a 'Christian' they are declaring themselves followers of Jesus Christ? Yet, if they are followers of Jesus Christ they would not be watering down the Gospel or the Word of God to suit their own choices or lifestyle.

The truth is, He never let His people do that without serious repercussions.

I get angry when I hear politicians say, "If God were here today He would say **** is okay, because He is a God of love!" 
Wow - have they read the Bible? Do they believe that He who is the same yesterday, today and forever, suddenly got cold feet and retreated from His precepts just so people wouldn't reject Him and man could do what he liked under the banner of selfish human-style love???
Are they creating God in their own image, forgetting we are created in His?!

His Word is a lamp to my feet.
His Word is a light to my path.

There isn't any other way.

I'm a Christian, what about you?

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Martha Roberts said...

This is so true. Instead of accepting God's word as it is written, people want to mold and change His word to fit their own idea of what is right or wrong. This verse made me start singing the song that comes straight from this verse. We sing it often in children's choir at our church.

Nanna Chel said...

Well said, Jenny. The Gospel has been watered down incredibly and people are more influenced by the media than the Word which never changes as you say.

buffy said...


Anonymous said...

Some of us were just talking about this the other day - that Satan wants us to believe THESE times are different. They aren't, and he's been selling that story to people forever! God has the same rules he's always had. Thanks for being a lamp, Jenny.

Baa. xxx said...

Absolutely. Amen.

Käthe said...

Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Sonntag liebe Jenny,
wenn wir Gott vergessen, Er vergißt uns nicht !!!
Liebe Grüße

Pam said...

God gave us His word to lead us to His Son and then to mold us in His likeness not for us to mold Him into our image of who we think He is.
That was a good word Jenny!

Brenda said...

Jenny, you hit it right on the nose today! Hubby and I have been discussing this very issue, quite a few people we know who claim to be Christians yet think that the Lord won't mind if such and such is followed. Our society continues to walk farther away from God and his teachings everyday. I worried for awhile that because of my memory loss and not being able to memorize very well that God would judge me in a negative way. I love to share Gods messages and teachings, but so often can not give a verse or even the book in which to refer them to. But with the help of my husband, I have come to understand more about our Lord than ever before. I hope that you never stop spreading our Lords messages and teachings. It really brightens my day and I am sure it does many others. Thank you, and yes I have been baptized and have given my life to the Lord. I will never be perfect, but I do try and grow and take steps closer to the Lord everyday. Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny~~~wonderful post again! You have spoken real truth & my pastor was saying the same to us at church this morning! I love your blog & the Sunday Scripture & of course the beautiful, sweet projects that you share. What a blessing to have found you!!

Love, Linda Petersen

beefi8 said...

Thank you! It is refreshing to hear your words!

Buttonchief7 said...

What with planned parenthood atrocities, worse than Nazis, faux marriages and the gender confusion, really mental illness, the devil is truly the prince of this world. But we know who wins in the end. And we are called to stand fast and be faithful. This world is not our home, we are just passing through.

Larissa said...

Absolutely agree! Thank you for 'speaking' these words of wisdom Jenny!! I don't always follow it as closely as I would like to claim, but I am continually trying to follow His word - as it is written. Sadly I've recently had several discussions with people who also claim to be followers of Christ, but also spout the same idea that because Jesus was about love, that is to include all love irrespective of what is written in the Word. Yes, there are parts of Scripture you have to take in context (ie. some of the laws given to Moses in Leviticus for instance - but in there, the context is given and explained. If you don't just take one verse out by itself but rather take it as part of the whole, it is very clear), but the message of Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Love reading your words sweet sister xxx

Sharon - creativity and family said...

What a true post Jenny and beautifully said. There will never be perfection where sin is and God is just and holy and cannot look upon any sinner with anything but abhorrence only as they are viewed through the saving blood of Christ. We live in a very sad world but what a blessing if we can say that this is not our home. Sharon xx

Winifred said...

Very true Jennifer.

In the world but not of it springs to mind!

Marie Atkinson said...

Very well said Jenny, and YES I am a Christian, trying always to bring honor to HIS name not mine.

Maureen said...

Jenny, once again the Lord has given you a powerful, thought-provoking message. I recently completed an online study of Psalm 119 with Love God Greatly. The psalmist continually talks about not just obeying God's law, but delighting in it! In the U.S., too often being a "Christian" means going to church, but there is no personal relationship with Jesus. Bless you!