Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I'm a thinker and a ponderer; contemplating life, relationships, decisions, and consequences daily.
My first morning coffee triggers a mental page turning in the journal of life, my thoughts like a pen running slowly across my mind. 
When the final evidence of coffee has been sipped from my favourite mug I will have created a mental diary for that day and for the next day, the next month and on into the next year...so far go my ponderings in the space of one dawn coffee.

 There are days I'd like to toss all my ideas and dreams in the too hard basket...

...and other days I can't let go of things that must be gotten rid of.

 But mostly, I think grateful thoughts and look for ways to be a blessing - and that often means laying down my 'wants' to carry 'needs'.

This hangs in our home as a reminder that...

...and not everything is meant to last forever...

...so I must embrace each and every day, being me, truly me, where I am right now and in the moment God has given me. No doubts, no feeling sorry for myself when the going gets tough, no crying over the spilled milk, and no pity parties with a fridge full of chocolate guests ( well...maybe once in a  while??)

Life isn't often smooth sailing, and I may have some storms to face sooner rather than later, but this is my life and it's a precious gift. 
I'm honestly blessed and I know it.

Over the next few days I have some things to tackle - a kind of life-de-clutter. 
A clearing away of what's not important, and working on things that need priority. 
I suppose you could call it life, business and mental housekeeping.
My Year of Gentle Domesticity has stirred up more than I could have imagined, and with that as the core catalyst of my need to 'sort' and 'sift' right now, I think it's right that new progress be made.

So if I'm missing for a few sunrises and sunsets just know that I'm in one of my many sweet aprons, writing long lists, drinking fresh coffee or veggie juice, and quite probably sitting out on the back deck watching the mangoes ripen...and pondering a bit more.

Have a wonderful week.



  1. Have a happy time pondering dear girl. Don't be too hard on yourself when some of that pondering hits you hard, just shake its hand gently and say "Thank you for what you have taught me".
    Much love & hugs.x

  2. Hoping your ponderings lead you to wonderful things.

  3. Thank you for the lovely post! May your days be filled with joy....

  4. Jenny, How blessed you are. Take the time needed and find time to examine and evaluate some of life's lessons/trials/and duties. I hope that on your quest you keep the Lord at hand and use his guidance and wisdom! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

  5. You are delightful, Jenny!! I'm so thankful that I found your blog, & you! You have encouraged me, taught me, & I always smile when I see that you have posted something! You are talented, & you give of that talent so freely to all of "us". Thank you. "Charm is deceitful & beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her the product of her hands & let her works praise her in the gates." Proverbs 31: 30,31 You are a treasure ♥

  6. Your post is such a blessing!

  7. I know that Abba will be with you in your pondering. I will be keeping you especially close in prayer until we hear from you again. Isn't it wonderful that even though you are half a world away from me we are brought together by Abba and that my prayers here to Him reach down to you there. Our God is an Awesome God.

  8. You do what you need to do, Jenny. You are on a wonderful path, and doing hard things, but you will continue to grow and blossom in God's garden. You will never look like those roses! =)

  9. Olá Jenny,
    Nem sempre deixo um comentário, mas sempre visito seu blog. Já disse que encontrar você através do seu blog foi uma bênção em minha vida. Quando estamos com Deus, sinceramente, Ele permite que encontremos pessoas boas como você. Ele permite que caminhos se encontrem. Você é uma inspiração para mim. Aprendo muito. Sou grata por seus ensinamentos, por compartilhar tantas coisas boas, inclusive suas reflexões, que me inspiram igualmente. O pensar a vida a cada dia é importante; passar pelas tempestades, com a certeza de que Deus está conosco, torna os caminhos difíceis menos árduos.
    Desejo tudo de bom para você!

  10. Jenny you take some time and enjoy.
    Carol O

  11. ...Un tiempo para rasgar
    y un tiempo para coser;
    un tiempo para CALLAR... Eclesiastes 3:9.

    Este es tu tiempo para callar el blog.Este es tu tiempo para pensar.
    Tarda todo el tiempo que necesites.
    Si quieres volver, estaré esperando.
    Gracias por tus palabras. Gracias por anunciar tus silencios.
    Besos y abrazos con el corazón.

  12. Hello Jenny, life has been rather busy at this end too & I have not stopped by to comment but I wanted to pop in now just to say "you ponder as long as you wish dear girl" - you are SO generous & kind with all that you give to us readers & friends out here in blogland & all the free patterns & tutorials that you share. Take this time & do what you need to do. And enjoy those coffees & vege juices. I too have those "chocolate temptations" in my fridge quite often :-)

  13. I really enjoyed this post. If I could only read one blog, YOURS would be it. Thank you so much.

  14. Oh bless your heart--I totally understand and your post put into words my own ponderings. Thank you!

  15. Take your time out Jenny, your generosity is amazing. Enjoy yourself. Hugs Shirley N.Z.

  16. Another lovely post, provoking words. You are a blessing!Take carexx

  17. How fitting that today, this moment in time I took time to read your wonderful blog and I find it so appropriate to my days. This past week we had company...husband's 54 year old son who is nothing more than a big kid and demands a lot of time and patience. We are still putting the downstairs rooms back together. I have been dismissed from husbands office and my huge desk is in the driveway awaiting a new home. My computer is being dismantled and rebuilt onto husbands laptop that I can "borrow" when he doesn't need it constantly. Am I complaining...I hope not for I know how fortunate I am and that my life is very good. What I really want is to sit and watch the sun and the moon shine above, listen to the birds sing, watch the fish swim in the pond and the dragonflies dance all about. I want to put needle and thread to fabric and embroider in your wonderful design style. Alas...this too shall pass and I shall hopefully be back to a calmer life that I desire. Summer is waning and I am determined to enjoy what is left of it. Smiles and may you find your peace and renew your inner soul my friend...Hugs!

  18. Hi Jenny, I'm getting ready to make roasted tomato soup using your wonderful recipe...mmm...can you just smell it? My question....do you measure your ingredients or just put it in by guess and by golly? Have a great rest of the week. Thanks for everything! Claire

  19. Looking forward to hearing from you again whenever you are ready!

    Take good care!

  20. Hi Jenny,
    wie immer wunderbar deine wunderschönen Sachen!!!
    Gods bless you


  21. Take care of your sweet self. I hope all works out for you and as you ponder you see things more clearly. Hugs to you

  22. Jenny...your lovely post makes me ponder too ... xoxo


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