Saturday, August 8, 2015

HOPE with your whole heart & friends...

Time out is always good for me.
Even though life still winds it's way through the hours, removing myself from the blog for a few days gives me a little extra breathing space - that spare hour or two each day to let my eyes and heart settle on other things. 

Something else happens when I indulge in a mini blog break; fresh designs flow gently and easily from my thoughts. 

This one was inspired by a painted wooden frame I found the other day...

As soon as I saw it the words "hope with your whole heart" came to mind (thank you Lord) and I could picture the layout of the design immediately. Naturally I bought the frame and started drawing as soon as I arrived home.

The thread colours were chosen to blend with the frame - ochre, sea green and grey/brown...

The fabric background is cut from a recycled pair of linen trousers I found at an op-shop about five years ago. The overall effect will be soothing, beachy, and inspiring when it's complete. Perfect for my sweet Blossom-girl...

I spent yesterday with Blossom and my dearest friends Heather, Barb and Wendy on the verandah of the Tea Rooms at Palmetum enjoying coffee, lunch, sewing and a healthy dose of laughter on the side.
Wendy brought her lovely friend Dianne for us to meet so our little band grew to include an extra smile and a welcome companion.

Beautiful Blossom and I...

I am so blessed to be her mum...
Barb and Heather - another wonderfully close, loving (and crazy) mother and daughter...

Bright and bubbly Wendy with her sweet friend (and now our friend too) Dianne...
Blossom took some fun photos of us!
After counting to three we all almost all  stuck out our tongues. Someone was cheeky and did not want to play...

But we quickly realised and gave her a ribbing!

As you well know, when we lot get together the laughter doesn't exactly ripple - it resonates within a five kilometre radius!

But there's lots of hugs and love too.
Me and Barb...
We do stitch - between the coffee, the food, the stories, the photos and the laughter.

Heather was working on blocks for a new table runner (and they're gorgeous!)...

...whilst Blossom continued with her knitting.

The rest of us stitched away at our individual projects until we all downed tools to take a break at lunchtime.
Blossom had a pizza while Heather and Barb supped on mushroom crepes...

...Dianne had the frittata...

 ...and Wendy and I opted for hot bowls of beef and barley soup to warm us up.
I know for many our winters here in the tropics seem very warm, but a 25C ( 77F) day is cold for us so we rug up in boots and cardigans and seek out hot cuppas and comfort food.
You'd probably want to put on your swimming togs and head to the beach right? 
I should warn you though, this year we've had crocodiles along the beach at the Strand so you may want to rethink those ideas.
After a very 'huggy' goodbye to the girls and my Blossom, I stopped off for fresh flowers on the way home.
Second only to my love of roses...
These are the kind of Fridays that I love most.



  1. It is 11 degrees on my back porch at the moment so 25 sounds wonderful. Looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful day.

  2. Oh looks like so much fun. I love it when we go to Cairns in winter as you can pick the locals out so well! As you said they are the ones all rugged up. Love the tropics in winter.

  3. Lovely to see you having so much fun with your sweet friends. Big hugs to beautiful Blossom too.

  4. Happiness is----- friends, food, stitching:-) A lovely post. IT's 11 deg here where I live. and raining. 25 deg sounds wonderful. Have a great week end Jenny. Shirley

  5. Days spent with friends and your beautiful daughter are just what we need to re-charge ourselves. Your group looks like lots of fun! Thank you dear for sharing real life and not just the "perfect" Creative Bliss...

  6. I loved every single thing about todays post Jenny, so much gorgeousness. And I did laugh so much at your photo where you are all ribbing Heather, your new friend Diane still has her tongue poking out :-) Just priceless.

  7. What a bunch of Lovely ladies. Glad you had a wonderful day, you really are so Blessed.
    Carol O

  8. Such a lovely post. The photo's of you and your daughter and the fact that is is happy to share in your friendships is a true joy. Yummy food and stitching, great photo's of you gals being silly. I am glad our winter is cooler than yours as I am a winter lover! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Liebe Jenny,
    wie schön Ihr alle zusammen sitzt und handarbeitet.
    In der Gemeinschaft macht es noch mehr Spaß !
    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende
    Liebe Grüße

  10. Looks like such a fun time together! Your stitching is always wonderful to see.

  11. Hallo Jenny, das sieht ja nach sehr viel Spaß aus und ihr seid eine lustige Truppe. Ich wünsche noch viel Spaß und schicke liebe Grüße annerose

  12. Wonderful to hear the laughter and love you have for your daughter and friends. Times like these are needed by everyone and I am so glad that you get to have yours. Taking breaks is always a good thing also, it usually does help things fall into place and getting back in rhythm just feels good and exciting after a we take our break. Thank you for sharing your special day and your special ideas. Have a wonderful creative day!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful time! What type of place is this that allows you to bring sewing in for an afternoon and take up a table before eating? I'm curious and wonder if there are any such places around my area. Sounds so relaxing.

  14. So enjoyed the post today~~~as I always do! Would love to be with all you girls. Loved seeing the glimpses of embroidery as well :).

    Take care, Linda

  15. No, 77 was chilly to me after I moved away from the desert, too. Now, because of humidity, it can still be a hot day! But I prefer it to the 90s with the same humidity. =) As always, your food and your stitchery projects look good on those get-togethers. I love seeing pictures of all of you and always love seeing Blossom with you. The love just shines out of both of you. What you're making for Blossom is going to be so beautiful! The sentiment is perfect for Blossom, too.

  16. Were you ears burning today??? Allie came to Texas and we met for lunch and were singing your praises.....grin. We had a fun time.

  17. Un día precioso. Gracias por compartirlo con nosotros. Muchos besos.

  18. They're my favourite days too.... And don't happen often enough. Love you Jen- girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Great Friday! Such fun with friends - bet you were a noisy lot with all your laughter!

  20. Great post, Jenny. My favorite posts on your blog are the ones with photos of your loving family and friends!

  21. What a great day to spend the day! So much fun!! Love the design you are working on! Will it or is it available on your Craftsy page?

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!!

  22. 25 degrees... my goodness! We don't often get that in summer up in the North. It's 15 today raining but doesn't feel cold. I suppose you get used to the climate where you live. That walk along the beach does sound good but the thought of crocs is horrendous.

    What a brilliant way to spend a Friday. Looks like bliss. You stitchery ideas are absolutely beautiful and lovely friends & Blossom to share it all. Bliss!!!

  23. I could use a Friday like that with my mom


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