Thursday, August 13, 2015

Owls and a Ghost...

Today I visited Heather for a few hours sewing, plus morning tea and lunch. Our daughters Barb and Blossom were visiting too, and as always, we laughed so hard our sides ached! 

But we also did a great deal of gushing over a parliament of owls and a ghost...

These are cute little owl pincushions that Heather designed and made for us! 
Mine is the pink owl at the front and is a perfect compliment to the table-runner and stitching pillow I showed you HERE.

 I know you'll all want to make one so Heather is going to set her mind to creating a pattern and when it's ready I'll be sure to share the link. 
Or you can visit her blog (here) and visit regularly so you can grab it as soon as it's done!

 Our other gushing was over Heather's new little not-so-little pup, Ghost.
Blossom fell in love with him, and he with her...

Ghost is a Mareema (Italian Sheepdog) and is 12 weeks old...

...and both Blossom and I would love one of our own because Heather will not part with Ghost. Can you blame her?
He's going to be a very large lad so I doubt Blossom will be carrying him like this next time we visit, but I do love this photo.

It's only a few weeks and the final block of My Vintage Kitchen will be shared with you, so now I'm working on a Christmas block-of-the-week to begin mid-September and run till the end of October. Six blocks in six weeks and they're quick to stitch so I'm sure you'll have them made in time for the festive season.

I'm using Yuletime from Lecien Fabrics for my project piecing and some hexies...

...and pretty Cosmo Seasons variegated threads for the embroidery.

Heather is stitching an alternate Redwork version so I'll be able to show you both as we go along.
But this is still about 4 or 5 weeks away...can you wait?

There's only a few days left to join the Stitchery Club in time to receive the August patterns so if you've been meaning to sign up do so HERE by August 16th.


 I think I'll be having a chat to Mr E about dogs (a dog) tonight...and I'll be sticking pins in an owl. 
What do you have planned?


  1. The owls are gorgeous, Abi loves owls so I shall be looking out for the pattern! Ghost is gorgeous, I follow your daughters blog but I had never connected the two of you before today. I loved the little cottage needle case she made recently! Xx

  2. São lindas as suas corujas, como tudo o que você faz, obrigada por compartilhar esses trabalhos maravilhosos!!!!!

  3. I love the picture of your beautiful Blossom with the beautiful dog named Ghost....a very good name for a white fluffy dog.
    I love dogs. My last one, Sarah, died in March 2010 and I still miss her. I am too old for a new one and during the last few years I had several problems with my health, even so that I could not walk.... and then: what about walking the dog?.....
    I am rather pleased with my life as it is and enjoy watching pictures of dogs and living dogs outside when I am shopping etc.
    I hope my English is not too bad, so you understand what I mean.
    Love you. Rya (

  4. The owls are so cute. What an adorable pup, Blossom's pretty cute too. ;)Looking forward to seeing your new Christmas block of the month.

  5. Love the owls! Can't wait for the Christmas block of the week to start...

  6. I love owls and have already made one of those pin cushions. Ghost is just too cute! Looks so much like my late Snowy, whom I still miss very much after almost 10 years. Thanks for all your great patterns and inspiration!

  7. Cute little pincushions. And Ghost? OMG, what a beautiful dog!! So fluffy!!

  8. No, no, I can't wait! LOL I can never wait for your wonderful stitching. I like getting the notification from PayPal, 'cause then I know it won't be long before my stitchery club comes! I LOVE the pincushion. That's a great picture of Blossom with the dog. She is so beautiful. Blossom, not Ghost. =) I did manage to buy a few of those Lecien fabrics somewhere. Now where did I put them?

  9. Those owls are so pretty. I can see why Blossom has fallen in love with Ghost. What a beautiful dog. xxx

  10. Beautiful Owls Jenny - & that pup, gosh I can see why Blossom is so in love with Ghost. Just adorable. Blossom is such a beautiful girl Jenny :-) Look forward to your new stitchery - I have actually been keeping up with the My Vintage Kitchen, yes ... miracles sometimes DO happen !!!! x x x

  11. The photo of Blossom and Ghost is adorable. Imagine when he is no longer a puppy - there'll be no holding him in her arms then! Too cute! Love the owls too. I remember being fascinated by the plurals of groups like parliament, murder of crows etc etc..... Have a great weekend. It is threatening rain here and we are off tomorrow to the rugby Australia and the All Blacks. Should be fun!

  12. The owls are lovely and so is Ghost. Such an adorable dog, don't blame you for wanting one of those. Have a great week end.P.S. loved what you did with your beating heart block and the cushion cover.

  13. Jenny, the owls are so cute! Looking forward to the pattern. Ghost is adorable also, but you are right she will not be holding him like that for long. My almost 90 lb 1/2 boxer 1/2 golden retriever still loves to sit in my lap. LOL. Oh yes, I still let her she is my big baby. LOL. May the Lord bless all of your gatherings with laughter and joy and bless each stitch you all take! Have a wonderful creative day!

  14. I do love those owls and that photo of Blossom & Ghost is really fabulous. They are both so photogenic aren't they.

  15. I am loving those gorgeous fabrics you have chosen for the Christmas projects.YUM. Ghost is absolutely adorable! Those owls are cute and I have seen similar ones at a craft show a couple of years ago. Same idea with a tweek.I shall pop on over to that site. Thanks for another lovely post.


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