Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sampler quilt blocks...

Recently I decided to spend my 'free' time in the sewing room making small sampler blocks, and by small I mean 6 inch blocks which invariably have many little pieces to cut up and put back together again. 
You see, my mathematical, logical and orderly mind loves things like this! Does yours?

First block to kick off my playtime is a pretty "Rosebud" which was shared by Rose Johnston of Threadbare Creations as part of her free Chatelaine BOW Sampler Quilt.
This is Rose's block with a solid white background - pretty isn't it!?

I'll be making the "Rosebud" block with some of my Tilda scraps...

 The tiny rosebuds on white print will replace Rose's solid background...
 I have an idea of how I shall display the block once it's finished, but you never know do you? I constantly waver when I'm deciding on a project finish so I guess I'll be as interested as you to see what this actually becomes...
I sorted out all my Tilda scraps earlier in the week and it's quite possible that there is enough to make a pretty sampler table topper. Mmm. Maybe after I use this first block in a single project I'll consider that?

If you'd like to join Rose and sew one pretty 6 inch block each week you can visit her blog HERE and begin immediately.
She has already shared 46 free blocks (what a generous gal!) which are listed HERE so you can make them all or pick and choose your favourites.

I have saved them all to play with as I have time because as well as being lovely to work on, they will also help to hone my patchwork skills. 

If you are going to visit Rose at her blog and download all or some of her generously shared blocks, please leave a comment and thank her. 
I'm saying this because it's funny, but the blog posts which receive the least comments are usually the ones where I have given a free design - not sure why that is, so I'd like Rose to know you appreciate her gift. Okay?
'Thank you' is such an easy sentiment, usually accompanied by warm fuzzies in the heart.

 Here's another project I'm about to embark on ( a very LONG term project to be sure)...
...and there's a reason behind it.
But more about that another day.

May your weekend we refreshing, bubbling over with laughter and goodness!
I shall continue to heal from my head cold, sew 6 inch blocks, and quietly 'shout' for my team at the football tonight...



  1. Thank you for the link Jenny! I did stop by and left a note and bookmarked her page to check the lovely blocks out! Right now I am working on the Cozy Afternoon BOM with Jacquelynne Steves! Enjoy your stitching!! Hugs

  2. Such a sweet block and you used great fabrics to make it.. Enjoy ! I think I have enough WIP and UFO s sew best not to start another...

    LOL I have had the Dear Jane book for many years and not started any blocks?

    Have a lovely weekend.....

  3. Lovely little blocks you are creating. Fabrics have an amazing ability to enhance designs and bring them to life. Creative Bliss...

  4. Had to e-mail Rose as the comment section wouldn't open on her blog :( So hopefully it won't go in her spam folder.

  5. Thanks So much Jenny, such a lovely post :) My first ever sampler was a free sampler (it's no longer available free) and it sparked my love of 6" blocks. It's nice to give back, so I'm sharing my favorites to help build a reference library for others to use, either for my sampler quilt or for smaller projects. I hope your readers enjoy them too �� take care xx

  6. Lovely Jenny....enjoy the football, hope they win :)

  7. Gracias a ti Jenny porque siempre compartes tus bellos trabajos, y gracias también por compartir buenos enlaces. besos.

  8. Just lovely Jenny! I love Tilda & traditional quilt blocks - a perfect combination xxx

  9. Such lovely blocks, especially the rosebud one, the 'white' space in it is unusual but really works. It sounds as though you are still struggling with that cold Jenny, take care of yourself and I do hope you soon feel much better. Hugs. S x

  10. Enjoy making your blocks and thanks for the link - I'll go take a look now - enjoy your weekend :)

  11. PS - I just tried to leave a comment on 'threadbare'but it wouldn't let me :(

  12. Oh these look like fun!! Next stop, Rose's blog, and yes, I will be sure to thank her :)
    And thank you for sharing!

  13. How odd that the posts with the giveaway designs are the least commented upon! I would have thought the opposite. People are strange, aren't they? I'm doing the 1930s sampler, too, with two groups. I love Rose's designs. I did one of her blocks of the month quite a few years ago, and her directions are easy to follow. Thanks for the heads up on that, since I'd gotten away from her blog somehow. I made that block you are doing in 8" for my Civil War 2011 Block of the Week with Barbara Brackman. I like the look of it. All blocks done, zero blocks put together. =)

  14. I love that quilters/bloggers are so like minded without even knowing it. Rose has a beautiful blog and yes, she's very generous.
    I've had the Farmer's wife for several years. Because so many other projects needed attention I've not begun it, but have started collecting fabrics. It's a great book just to read all those lovely letters. I'm thinking about beginning it in January, but that's not even certain yet.
    As always, thank you for your generosity, not just with free designs but also linking up to other beautiful, like-mindd people.
    God bless, hope you feel better soon.

  15. Jenny, have fun with your new projects! I went and visited the other blog and tried to leave a comment but it would not let me. I will try again later, but I did begin following on Pinterest! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  16. I like the fabrics you chose. Looking forward to seeing your blocks. Enjoy your free time.

  17. Thanks for sharing the link to your friend. I will be checking it out soon. I have a great longing to purchase some Tilda fabrics.{LOVE them!} The tiny roses on the white background has been my all time favorite but, {sigh} her fabrics are not sold anywhere in the states. Thanks for your inspiration and Godly insight. It is always uplifting to read your posts. Blessings to you!

  18. I love all those cute blocks you have made. I have the Farmer's Wife book and have put the blocks I made away then forgotten all about it! I was going to make the small version and have handpieced most of them using 1800s repro fabrics. Hmmm, must get back and finish it. I can't quite fathom how people don't comment much with your freebies. I am certainly always very grateful for the time and effort you put into each post as well as your generosity sharing some of your work for free. I hope this does not discourage you or make you feel that people are taking your work for granted. Take care. Angel hugs.

  19. These are just lovely. So small and intricate! Can't wait to see more.


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