Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The making of a sewing planner...

Remember a couple of weeks back when I sorted through all my craft and decorating magazines?
 My idea was to create a Sewing Planner by keeping only the pages or patterns that I could use or gain inspiration from, and filing them in categories for easier access.

Over the weekend I did just that!

First I needed to create my divider pages. This was loads of fun as I got to use some vintage doily pieces and other collected scraps of ribbon, lace, buttons and carding.
Little by little the idea came to life...

Once the dividers were complete I began work on the cover for an Arch Lever binder which would become my Sewing Planner.

I traced off a mannequin template and two small cotton reel shapes from Teresa's Sewing Binder pattern as I loved them the first time I saw her design. Teresa's project is like a Hussif inside a binder, whereas my Sewing Planner is a file of paper ideas - but that's the joy of any pattern isn't it?! You can use as much or as little as you want to create something unique...

The fabric was a gift from my wonderful buddy Heather, and I used a little for the fussy cutting of the mannequin...
The mannequin is appliqued with blanket stitch before adding a decorative trim of chain stitch...

Once my Sewing Planner cover was complete I inserted the dividers and began organising all my saved magazine pages...

...and now I have all that inspiration at my fingertips in one beautiful Sewing Planner instead of inside 80 magazines that were gathering dust.

Next task is to create a Homemaker's Planner, but that will take a lot more time than this as I have all my recipes and menu plans to sort through before I even think about spring cleaning, emergency and medical pages.
But I love this kind of thing, so I shall indulge myself and be a very happy Jenny as I sort and create. 
I did tell you I'm a tad OCD right? 

What sort of planner would you make for yourself?



  1. Oh Jenny, you are insanely clever.....that is beautiful!

  2. Wow!! It's beautiful... And such a wonderful idea too :)
    awesome :)
    Smiles :)

  3. I use 3-ring binders for lots of projects to keep them organized...however mine are plain and non-decorated. I adore your perfectly beautiful designer cover. Creative Binder Bliss...

  4. What a clever way to keep everything together. Not only is it clever it is also beautiful.

  5. Oh my girl you make organizing so beautiful!!!! I love this!

  6. Hello Jenny! Just love your binder.... I have lots of sewing related articles sorted into binders but they are just boring white... you have given me some inspiration to cover them now! Love the fabric you used! Christine x

  7. How gorgeous is that! Very clever.

  8. That is so beautiful Jenny, I love the mannequin on the front :-) x

  9. That is just gorgeous, my daughter (who is also Jennifer) wants you to adopt her, so she can get all her folders done by you. I don't blame her, can you please adopt both of us?.
    Great artistic talent you have Jenny.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. you are so clever!
    that is just beautiful!
    i never think to recover binders, will have to change that i think, as i've just started one with all my knitting patterns i get online
    thanx for sharing

  11. This is a great idea and has given me the inspiration I needed to get going with my long planned 'cross stitch patterns' folder. So I can finally clear a box of old magazines away!

  12. Great idea, well executed! That looks like a planner I could use, but it would probably have a little different categories, since I don't really decorate my home with things. I know, very bad Susan. =) It would be a nice way to scrap book printed pictures of quilts I've donated to a particular cause, too. Genealogy would be another good planner. I'll have to see what kind of notebooks are available at the stationery stores here. Thanks for the ideas.

  13. Absolutely love this planner! I so admire all your talent. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  14. I love the fabric with the roses on the mannequin! Any idea where I can get it in the States?
    Always enjoy, actually relish your posts and designs...even if I don't have time to stitch them

  15. Thanks for proving such a binder can be completed. I love the divider pages. I will start mine soon, for sure!

  16. Jenny, such a wonderful idea and brilliant designs! I should do something like this myself, but doubt that I ever do. I have been trying to decide on a way to store my ribbons lately. A couple of ideas but nothing permanent yet. Have a wonderful creative day!

  17. Yo soy incapaz de ordenar mis revistas, porque mis preferencias cambian continuamente. El patrón que ayer dije que nunca haría porque me pareció horrible...¡es el que hoy coso porque me parece encantador!. Y viceversa. Yo quisiera hacer un índice donde buscar la labor concreta , que sé que tengo en alguna revista, y que me cuesta horas encontrar :) Que pases buen día. Besos.

  18. Love it!!!! Love it!!!! Love it!!!

  19. I have quite a few 3 ring binders for my cross stitch and embroidery patterns. Never thought to decorate them. Now I shall. Since winter is my time to do that sort of thing I had best start collecting up items to use. Thank you SO MUCH for your continued inspiration.

    As to "slowing down I just read a wonderful piece on RESTING. To keep healthy and sane we should have a day of rest EVERY WEEK! Hard to do when there are so many things we WANT to do but perhaps we would have more energy to do those things if we did REST regularly..... hmmmmmm I should definitely listen to my own advice!


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