Tuesday, October 6, 2015

For you to take a look at...

Remember when I shared this free design and tutorial last month?

The "Hexie Flower Show" became the cover of a shabby chic/vintage style needlebook.

As I'd used pretty Lecien fabrics from their 'Petite Fleur' and 'Quilters Basics' lines for the hexie and the inside pockets, Lecien USA asked if they could use my project photo in their Fall Market Catalogue. Naturally I said 'yes'! How cool...

If you'd like to see all the gorgeous new Fall (Autumn) fabrics being released from Lecien you can view this free catalogue HERE on Issuu. There are also many photos of projects from other designers, which really helps you see just how beautiful these fabrics are when made up.  Very inspiring indeed! 
Why don't you brew a cuppa and sit down for a little bit of eye candy today?

In case you missed my free "Hexie Flower Show" pattern and tutorial, the link to download the design is HERE.

When I was browsing through the Lecien Fall Catalogue it occured to me that 'seeing' a preview of fabric is great for planning future projects, but previews can be for many things.

Like the Stitchery Club.

Have you wondered what the Club pdf is actually like each month?

In case you have, I decided to upload most of Month 4 (January 2015) for you to see.
There's no pattern sheets of course as they are only for members, but you can read through the rest of the January Stitchery Club issue.

Read the January 2015 issue of The Stitchery Club HERE

I'd love to know what you think! Does it help to see an example before committing to a monthly Club?

I'd best get back to work as we had a wonderfully relaxing public holiday yesterday but now I need to play catch-up. I hope your week is calm yet joyful, overflowing with goodness and love, and brings out the best in your sweet self.



  1. How sweet is that fabric! Love your needlebook. You always come up with such clever things. I love the Lecien catalogue, so many gorgeous fabrics to look forward to. I think a preview of the stitchery club projects and format is a good idea. I am a bit wary about signing up for the entire year and would rather select the months I want but you already provide that service anyway which is fantastic. Thanks for another gorgeous post. ( It is 35 degrees here in Vic today and yesterday!)

  2. Jenny it reads as if you are feeling much better and that is very thankful.
    Congratulations on Lecien publishing your sweet needlebook. My blog post today is honoring your Stitchery Club and adorable stitching designs. Thank you once again for sharing so generously. Creative Stitchery Bliss...

  3. How exciting to be in the catalog. Thanks for the link. I love the fabrics but find so few here. I hope you are feeling much better today, and find some energy for the things you need to do.

  4. Congratulations Jenny, I love the needlebook. Thank you for the link, the fabrics are to die for.

  5. Wow now I see where you get such pretty fabric. So many pretty prints. I love the needlework that is featured in the catalogue. Will have to look at the catalogue more closely.

  6. those fabrics are too adorable! so many choices! i especially loved ALL the roses!
    congratulations too on the catalogue
    thanx for sharing

  7. Querida Jenny: Te felicito por haber sido elegida por Lecien. Y felicito a Lecien por saber elegir :) Muchos besos.

  8. Applause, Applause....yeah for Jenny! I think it is fabulous that your project was shown in their catalogue! I would love to join the Stitchers Club, will discuss it with hubby and let you know one way or the other. In answer to your question, yes I do like to see what to expect when joining something. But with your stitching club, no preview is necessary; I know from reading your blog, seeing all of your delightful projects and a few of your published projects that you will provide a spectacular year of stitching. I have not heard or with my memory have just forgotten, but it sounds as if you are feeling much better and are going strong full force once again! I sure hope so. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

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  10. (Sorry about deleting my first comment, but I sounded like such a dork!!) All of your projects are so gorgeous that it wouldn't be necessary to give us a preview. Besides, you usually give us sneak peeks while you're working on the stitcheries. Congratulations on being featured in the Lecien catalogue.


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