Tuesday, November 3, 2015

All you need is love and flower sugar...

Being named a Flower Sugar World Ambassador by Lecien Fabrics definitely has some perks - like playing with fabrics that won't hit your quilt shop shelves till next May. 
Sorry you have to wait that long while I'm here already cutting and sewing and having a thoroughly good time!

When I was planning how I'd use the 28 totally sweet fat quarters that Yoko from Lecien had sent me there were a lot of ideas rolling like tumbleweeds through my mind.
But one stood out.
Remake and update  some of my older patterns.

I've been designing since 2009 and over the course of these last six years there have been over 300 original Jenny of Elefantz patterns published either in craft magazines, my own e-zine (which ran from June 2011 till early 2014), as PDFs in my online shop, freebies here on the blog, or through The Stitchery Club - so I have plenty to choose from. 

And I guess that would be the hardest part, but then I decided to omit the quilts and single stitchery patterns and only choose remakes from what remained.

So here's my first Elefantz/Flower Sugar remake.

Original inspiration was the "all you need is love" mini quilt from July 2011...

....and freshly inspired as a "Love" pillow (in the making).
I've omitted the wording, redrawn the hearts and flowers, turned the 'e' right side around, and put the word LOVE inside a square instead of as a line across. 

These fabrics are sublime...

Thread choice wasn't as easy to make, especially the right blue...
...so I gathered three and will probably use them all.
When it's made I'll show you the finished result. 
I'm seriously going to enjoy remaking my old designs!



  1. This sounds exciting. Looking forward to your 're-make' projects. Beautiful fabric choices!!

  2. Wonderful idea and I love those blues. Have fun.

  3. That's cute! Enjoy playing with the new fabric.

  4. Gosh you look like you are having a fabulous time with that bundle of yummy fabrics!

  5. You have made the fabrics up beautifully, lovely designs again Jenny. x

  6. Beautiful fabrics! Have fun playing....

  7. Love those cute little birds in the corner! I wish more American stores carried the Lecien fabrics. I find a few online, but mostly I find them down under, and sometimes I wind up ordering a little. I will love seeing what you do all year with these wonderful fabrics.

  8. Naturally, you are off to a great start!!

  9. Adorable - love watching you "play", girl!

  10. Looks so pretty - love that blue gingham!

  11. What a great idea to "refresh" your wonderful designs with beautiful current fabrics. Lecien fabrics look amazing.

  12. it's looking amazing so far, can't wait to see what you refresh with all your designs
    ooo i love roses & am getting a teensy bit excited!

    thanx for sharing

  13. You have such a great eye for what *works*!

  14. You have such a great eye for what *works*!

  15. I must have missed this post first time round, so thanks for re-sharing the link again. I was wondering what font you used for the 'love' word?


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