Wednesday, November 4, 2015

More 'Homemade Stitched With Heartstrings' ideas...

I was thinking how hard it is to choose suitable gifts for teenagers these days and that motivated me to go hunting for ideas we might find useful in our "Homemade Stitched With Heartstrings" goal for Christmas 2015.

Recently Sassy sent me a link to download THIS beautiful free print from the "All Things Heart and Home" blog. I have it printed and hanging over my desk, but wouldn't it be lovely displayed in a beautiful frame and given as a gift to a young lady?

 An new ID Wallet/phone purse will always come in handy! Check out THIS tutorial from Thimbleanna...

I love the Phoebe bag and it's a free pattern download by Beki Lambert HERE on Craftsy.
Made in modern fabrics like those in the picture below I think most teen girls would love one - maybe even let them choose the fabric themselves?
Photo from this blog...

What about yarn wrapped monogram letters? 
Now you could make this for boys too, just use bold guy colours, and maybe make their whole name?
For girls, well, be girly!
Tutorial is HERE at Catch My Party... 

A few cord keepers in appropriate fabrics would suit teens of both gender.
HERE is an easy tutorial from "Leafy Treetops"...

A hanging phone charger pocket is a great gift! In fact I made one recently for Mr E.
HERE is a really good tutorial from "Positively Splendid"...

And how about digging into your stash for something bigger?
Sew a couple of big floor cushions for your teens! One for them and one for their friend 'cause teens love to get together and watch movies or just talk.
The tutorial is HERE at "Oven Lovin"...

And last of all today, don't you love this little Minion?! 
You can make one or a hundred by following THIS tutorial from Lady Joyceley...

Hope you find something 'just right' from these projects for that special teen in your life.

Don't forget to visit the girls who are also sharing ideas for Handmade Stitched With Heartstrings. The links to visit their blogs can be found in my sidebar under this button...

Have a wonderfully creative day!


  1. All lovely projects Jenny....thanks for sharing xx

  2. Thank you Jenny Dear for taking your precious time to find these great gift ideas and sharing them with us. I feel quite behind already! I need to focus and use time management wisely. Precious Time Blessings...

  3. Great links Jenny. I've made some of those cord holders before. They are very handy.

  4. thankyou Jenny,lots of great ideas.xx

  5. Great ideas, not even for teens alone. I posted my second heartstrings this week, too. Isn't it fun? I keep seeing things and thinking, "Oh, I need to include that one in a post. LOL

  6. Thank you Jenny - think I need a cord keeper or two! xx

  7. Jenny - If you have the time, hop over to Throughout the month of November (every Monday), she'll be giving a tutorial and tips for making pouches and bags. Thank you for all the links! Lots of cool projects....Jackie

  8. Me encanta la cantidad de ideas. Hay para todos los gustos y edades. Muchas gracias. Besos.

  9. Jenny, These are spectacular ideas for teens! I do not have anyone in that age group to make items for, but the bag and the wrapped letters are gifts that I know a couple of my over 20's to 30 would absolutely love! Plus, the items you showed for phones and cords are also great ideas. Thank you for researching and sharing each of these gift ideas. Have a wonderful creative day!

  10. Great Ideas! Love the initial one the best. Might have to make one of those. :-)

  11. Great link to Elm Street, Jackie, thank you!

  12. Lovely ideas! and gosh that minion is cute!


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