Sunday, January 3, 2016

Our own matters...

Last week I wrote a blog post about the issue we have with dust in this house after months of Trade Winds blowing through, and how I'd spent a day removing as much as I could from the bedroom.

The comments readers left for me were really interesting because they highlight how very differently we all think about dust invasions within our various domestic surroundings.
Some people approach dust the same as me, others find it rather nice and comforting to have around, and a few more consider it a non-important issue on their cleaning radar.
I loved hearing all the different views because it reminded me that there is no right or wrong way to handle dust in a home. My approach is okay with me because it's uniquely mine, just as yours is okay with you because it is uniquely you. Simple, huh?

Today's Scripture is a reminder to myself, and perhaps you too, that when it comes to keeping house I am to attend to my own matters and not be looking up or down at how others keep their homes.
It's like the plank in my eye. (Luke 6:42) 
I can squint over it to see the splinter in my friend's eye, but I won't see much because that thick plank is blocking out most of my view. What I should be doing is identifying the plank and removing it completely so my view is no longer distorted. And of course, once I do that, you can guarantee my heart will have changed and the problem I thought existed with my friend has now evaporated. 

"Attend to your own affairs"...look with your eyes at your home, at your life, at your situation. 
Are you happy with your dust bunnies? Good on you. Don't feel guilty about enjoying their company. 
Does a pile of magazines on the coffee table make you happy? Brew the kettle and kick back with a cuppa and slowly read through the one on top.  
Do you see no reason to keep the ironing basket empty on a daily/weekly basis? Hon, if that works for your family you don't have a problem at all!

These are simple examples of how we can each think differently about what is important or un-important in our day to day homemaking. Neither extreme is right or wrong. They're just different.

I'm glad my friends are different to me. No matter who's home I visit, the loving fragrance of 'welcome' is what greets me at the door and stays in my thoughts after I leave. If I cast eyes of judgement or envy  over their home and it's appearance then I've totally lost the gift of spending time with those precious women who invited me inside.

Be yourself and true friends will love you; love your friends for being true to themselves.
Look at the heart, not the house.
Offer your friendship and not your criticism.

"...aspire to live quietly, to attend to your own matters, and to work with your own hands..."

I may have to stitch this and keep it in a prominent place because it's a verse to hold close and be reminded of often.




  1. I think I could dust three times a day and still have dust. Tried all sorts of products, some are better than others. Always looking for recommendations. I may try an herpa air filter this year. - Great post, packed with inspiration.


    PS - I'm finding it really easy to follow you via, although I still follow you via a variety of tools

  2. We are each unique and special and that is why we are interesting. I enjoy reading your thoughts and many words of wisdom. 2016 will be an amazing year dear...

  3. This meant a lot to me....I believe I may stitch that verse, too, and put in on my fridge, via a magnet! I need to see it often!

  4. A wonderful verse and great principle to live by.

  5. "Offer your friendship and not your criticism." I find myself hesitating inviting people over because of a few whose criticism is so hurtful. What I need to remember is that not everyone thinks or behaves like those few, and especially, I am a Child of God. It is His opinion that matters. Thanks for this post!

  6. "Offer your friendship and not your criticism." I find myself hesitating inviting people over because of a few whose criticism is so hurtful. What I need to remember is that not everyone thinks or behaves like those few, and especially, I am a Child of God. It is His opinion that matters. Thanks for this post!

  7. Though sometimes it takes a lot of tape on my mouth, I determined a long time ago not to apologize for anything when guests appear at my door. I may wish my home was always spic and span but it is not so. Apologizing only draws attention to the less than perfect and that is really not my desire. We are what we are. I am amazed by the "cleanies" in the world but I live with the happy medium most of the time. My Motto: Work to welcome not crazy for clean. Thanks for the scripture today Janita

  8. My husband and I were just having this same splinter/plank discussion last night over some very uncharitable thoughts he was having. How funny that we were on the same wave length and it all began with dust bunnies.

  9. Good Morning Jenny! You, Dear Friend, have written a brilliant message today that I hope that every one of your readers understands and follows. My Mother has an absolute love of house cleaning, her house sparkles...but she also does not judge anyone else on the way they keep their home. Thankfully, I learned that lesson from her early on and like you enjoy the time spent with friends and family and leave with those treasured memories of laughter and togetherness! It is hard to get past that obstacle that blocks a view for whatever reason, but when we do find our way around it and open the view it is a glorious view. Thank you for sharing this special message; it is always a necessary step to be reminded of and keep the view full. Have a blessed wonderful creative day!

  10. Thank you so much for your reminder that we each need take care of our own. I struggle with feeling I don't measure up to what I think others think of me. Your blog is always a joy to read!

  11. Living on a farm, I have had to come to the conclusion that dust is a country accent! If I needed to keep everything dust-free, I would be dusting twice a day and I just don't care enough to do that. Now, if I'm needing a pencil to write a number down and can just use my finger on the table, well, then I'm not OK with that! You are so right, what is right or works for me isn't necessarily right for anyone else! I find with women that when we compare ourselves to others, one of two things happen: (1) we don't feel like we measure up and that lowers how we feel about ourselves or (2) we feel superior to that person and our nose goes in the air. Neither one is a road I want to take!

  12. It's a great verse, Jenny, in anyone's version of the Bible. =) Thanks for posting this one. Of course, I say that every time, don't I?

  13. I always tell my friends, if I was coming to see your house I would have made an appointment - I came to see YOU!!! And they are kind enough to do the same for me. We all live the way we live - if you don't like cat hair, don't come, cuz my cat lives here and you don't. *G*

  14. So true Jenny! A beautiful reminder for a new year. It reminds of the verse on our calender today 'let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:' I think we need much grace to be slow to think sometimes too, especially if those thoughts are judgmental! x

  15. Loved this post Jenny - as a former counselor of teens I applaud these sentiments because of the terrible damage we do to our girls when we place expectations on them that are ours, not theirs. blessings, marlene


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