Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The rains came...

Drought is an odd thing for the tropics.
No wet season.
The ground dries hard, the dam empties.
Brown replaces green.
Weed stubble is coarse and uncomfortable under your feet.

But then, over the past week, the rains came...

Merri is 6 months old now, and loves roaming our yard in the rain.
Hope it comes back again soon.


  1. ¡Bendita lluvia!Aquí nos hace falta la lluvia, pero se está haciendo de esperar. Unas fotos preciosas, Jenny. Y Merry ha crecido mucho. Se le ve contento olfateando. Gracias por compartir estos momentos. Besos.

  2. I hope it does, too. We always talk about the desert blossoming like a rose, but I guess the tropics do, too! A little water makes such a difference!

  3. Rain really does refresh the land and all its many plants and trees. We are having glorious rain since late last night and so far have about 3 inches. From our four year exceptional drought we will need every drop El Niño can supply to us. After all...water is the savior of life.

  4. I bet you were so relieved to see some rain. WE have only had very high winds with a drop or 2 of rain. Summers are always fairly dry here and our driveway usually cracks open. A crack in the wall happened the other night with the house settling. Hope you get to hear the wonderful sound of rain on your roof again soon. Your doggy looks rather happy too.

  5. So beautiful ..I love rainy days so much
    They are blessings xx

  6. Good Morning Jenny! The rain is such a marvelous and spectacular part of our world! I have always loved the rain and the beauty that goes along with the rain. Your photos are excellent proof of that! I have never been into taking pictures and never really into studying them either. Yet, recently it seems that so many people are taking such breathtaking photos (like yours with the is so gorgeous) it just amazes me. So when I see these beauties, I have to stop and per say study them and discover as much as I possibly can before moving onto the next one. I especially do this with rain and flower scenes. Thank you for sharing this beautiful part of life. Have a wonderful creative day!

  7. Thank you for sharing! Merri is adorable!! <3

  8. Lovely pictures! Rain is so refreshing after being without it for so long.
    Your dog is so cute!

  9. What happened to that little pup? She is still adorable. We are getting some much needed rain as well. Being three years in a drought is no fun.


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