Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why I wait for February...

I wait all year for a new February.
In February I find myself better able to plan sensibly for the week, month or year ahead because I'm finally rested in spirit, thought, heart and body after the close of last year and a busy start to this new one.

In February I breathe deeply, despite the intense heat and humidity of a tropical summer, and set my thoughts to what truly matters and whether there are changes I can make to simplify life a little more.

I choose to stroll around the house and not rush from room to room or task to task.

I'm more intentional about what I do each day so I can enjoy the fullness of a chore or project rather than trying to juggle too many things at once, and I even allow the inner delight of satisfaction a moment to boast within my heart because it reminds me how good it feels when I stay on track and see something through to completion.

Another joy for February is the return of the birds just outside the dining room window.
Kookaburras are my favourite of all God's feathered sky fliers and usually they signal rain is on the way, which proved correct after this fellow's visit yesterday...

Last night it rained like it hasn't rained in three years and we were able to open wide the windows, turn off the air conditioning, and slumber in cool breezes that rushed through our home from one side to the other with the constant pelt of water from the sky as our lullaby. 

February is also my most contemplative month of the year.

Perhaps because it's my birthday soon and there's a sense of looking back in order to see forward?
 Even though sorrows and trials have left a wrecking yard of evidence behind me, a deep well of gratefulness nourishes the soil of my soul because there has also been so much good, so much life, and so much love stamped over the story of my life - and climbing the mountain of gratefulness is far more wonderful and mood-enhancing than dwelling in the valley of sorrows.

In February I tend to watch movies that stir my contemplative thoughts.
In 'How to Make an American Quilt' I'm deeply moved by the stories of each character, of the life choices they made and the ramifications over the course of their lives and how they reflect those emotions into a quilt.
I've watched this movie about twenty times and always come away learning something new about myself, or discovering an attitude that needs to change in my own character...

Sophia resonates with me more than any other, and it's from her story I first discovered that discontent can rob you of joy, and of the need to delight in what you have right 'now'.

After all this time I finally decided to purchase the book and read the author's version, and you know what I discovered? After each chapter of the story there is a small 'instructions' chapter on quilting...

I think I'll enjoy this novel as my February read - after I watch the movie one more time...

Do you have a month that you look forward to?
What does it bring to your life?

There's a good deal of food preparation going on in our home this month, and yesterday I shared the recipe for these on my other blog...

 The recipe is in the blog post HERE and there's also a link for you to download and print it up for your own recipe folder.

May you enjoy a fine and fruitful February,


  1. I hope February is everything it promises to be. Love that movie and now after reading a little of the snippets you showed I am just bursting to read the book as well. Thank you.

  2. I too will check out that book. Those 'instructions' were intriguing. I was amazed by the photos of the kookaburra. Never, ever saw one before but have heard their name. What unlikely sized heads and beaks they have. Happy February to you!

  3. Lovely post...February is "my" month (birthday on the 3rd) and it is also for me a settling month after all the holiday and new year start.

  4. Another beautiful post Jenny! I too love "How to make an American Quilt".........I have watched the movie many times and find myself totally absorbed like it is the first time I am watching it! BTW.......my mouth was watering looking at your baking! P.S The "Life of Bees" is another fabulous movie.

  5. I enjoyed reading your post about February. It was a nice bit of contemplative essay which made me think about some of the same things. I guess I like whatever month brings spring back into my life. In the desert, that might be February. Phoenix is already having lovely, dry 28 C days! Here in Tennessee, it could be anywhere from early March to May, as there seem to be no weather patterns.

    I look for days around 20, sunshine, flowers popping out on bushes and bulbs coming up. There's a smell to the air that's different, and I find a little extra energy. The robins cover my front lawn - I couldn't count them all last year! Whatever it is they want, I have a lot of it. The windows are open and a little breeze goes through. The house doesn't cross ventilate well, but if I have the door and the windows open, one end of the house does alright.

    I'm so glad you had that cooling, healing rain last night. It sounds lovely!

  6. I had no idea that movie was actually from a book. I think that is going onto my reading list this year. Thanks for that recipe. Woohoo, I can actually eat everything in it except the sugar which I shall substitute with light agave nectar. Thankyou so much. ( nearly finished an "April" mini).

  7. Oh Jenny, thank you for reminding me that I need to watch this movie - I am ashamed to admit I have never seen it but have been recommended it many times. Your Mr Fox is looking very gorgeous I must say. Thank you for this inspiring post today just when I needed it x x x

  8. That picture of the bird in flight is truly wonderful.

  9. Yes, i have a month that i look forward to: November. The 10 is my birthday. I feel this month a new beginning for my, an new opportunity for to do better :)
    (Not Long now for the February 21) :)))

  10. Enjoyed reading this post - it made me think more about what there is to look forward to year round.

  11. I don't really have a favorite month, but I do have a favorite season which is fall with the changing colors all around, leaves to kick, and a cooling down from summer. I love the fall colors, reds, browns, oranges, yellows, and a few greens thrown in.

    The book and movie are now on my "have to watch and read" list as I've not heard of them and they look and sound wonderful.

    The kookaburra is beautiful. I've not ever seen one, but he/she is a real cutie.

    Thank you,

  12. That pear and cranberry bread looks amazing! Would you share the recipe?

  13. I love and look forward to the month of May. I love saying the word and like you in February, holds my birthday. Spring is in full swing which is my favorite season with hints of summer which is my #2 favorite season. I don't know how I have missed seeing that movie, I have heard of it, but I'm going to correct that very soon...maybe even read the book also. Thank you for another beautiful post.

  14. Good Morning Jenny! I had no idea this book or movie existed...so bless you for informing me. I will be on the look out for both. I do not have a favorite month, I do always look forward to spring with the onset of warmer weather, the bright cheerful colors our Lord created and the blooming of flowers. Also, like you I try hard not to ponder to much about the past and live for today and all of the wonderful people in my life now and how thankful I am that I continue to walk with the Lord and learn more and grow stronger in my faith. Thank you for sharing a special post! Have a fantastic day!

  15. Jenny, Your post brought back a pleasant memory of a special time with my oldest daughter. Years ago when she was a Girl Scout, some of we moms took our girls on an overnighter to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. We "camped out" in their education building where some of the smaller night creatures were housed. In our sleeping bags on the floor, the last whispers from the girls died down. Suddenly, with a loud and unexpected jolt, everyone was awakened by the call of the kookaburras! We didn't get much sleep, but spending that time with my daughter and her friends was precious. Thanks for the memory jolt!

  16. Usually do not reply to blogs I read basically because I am usually confused about how to respond. I have loved reading your blog especially your Sunday comments as I have tried to be more spiritually in tune on the Sabbath day. Your thoughts are very enlightening and I feel the peace in your life. I am as well trying to move through life more deliberately and slowly down to enjoy everything around me whether life and others dictate that or not. I just ordered the book and DVD for my enjoyment as quilting has become my first love--right after family! Thank you for taking the time to share your life and story. No need for a reply! ❤️

  17. Thank you for your post today which I found inspiring. I'm so pleased to read that you enjoy February. Here, it is just a reminder that we still have the same dark damp, cold & windy days of winter, so it's not a month I enjoy. But towards the end of the month perhaps the snowdrops & crocuses may start to push through the sodden earth, which gives us a hint that perhaps spring is not too far away. So until then I will put another log on the fire (figuratively speaking!) and watch the movie one more time, pick up my sewing & dream of sunny, warmer days.

  18. I always enjoy March...a hint of coolness coming and craziness of Christmas over. Love the book and movie too. Enjoy your fav month x

  19. I too enjoyed the movie, but never got around to reading the book. I feel like I live in a fairly small unknown (?) town so whenever I hear it's name in a movie or see it in a book it gives me a tingle. And there it was in this book . . . Bakersfield. I feel so almost famous.

    Your Sew Sister,

  20. Happy February Birthday Dear. My favorite month is August. I love the Summer and Sunshine and warmer weather. My daughter is an August gift I got when she was born. Embracing Creative Bliss Each and Every Day...

  21. I love every month - they each have something special to recommend them, from soil-nourishing rains, aquifer-enhancing snow, warming sun for the crops to grow or be reaped by, cleansing winds that bring or remove smoke from fires...without the drought, would we appreciate the rain as much? The balance in nature, the seasons is so perfect and I appreciate them all.

  22. My, a kookaburra is a funny little bird, isn't he? Now I have the kookaburra song stuck in my head, lol!
    That's right missy, someone has a birthday coming up - woohoo!

    I don't think I'll ever look at February the same way again after reading your post. Here in Michigan, it's the coldest month of the year, and short, and gray, and gloomy - I read once that it's the most depressing month of the year, the time when most suicides occur. I've always believed it [it really IS gloomy] but I'm going to choose to ignore it, and take a fresh breath for the year. I love this post. And Mr. Fox is looking so good!!!!

  23. Happy little kookaburra! I love February too - the weather is more settled and you get such lovely days. But my favourite month is April as both my children are born then. One at the beginning of the month and one at the end 2 years apart. I love April.


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