Friday, April 1, 2016

Block 4 "Postcards from Heaven"...

This month it's Allie's turn to share a block with you and it's beautiful! 

John 14:2 assures us we have a home waiting in heaven, and this truth is something we need to hold dear to our hearts as the struggles we continue to face in this increasingly broken world cause our eyes to focus on what we see with our eyes and not what we know to be true in our hearts.

Allie chose to use the KJV text on her postcards, whilst I write my text as a conversation between father and child. In contrast to my pastels, beads and buttons palette, Allie chose to stitch her postcards as Redwork.
Our hope is that by sharing both examples of our individual style and choice of text you can choose the one which best suits you, or be inspired to create a colour/word flow of your very own.

This is my version of the April block...
For this block I've added tiny golden glass beads to the flower centres...
...and stitched Heaven in green to balance colours across the postcard.
Allie stitches her entire block while I've chosen to leave small sections such as the 'postcard' wording, stamp waves, and verse reference un-stitched. They are simply displayed in the 'raw' using the same brown pigma pen I used to trace the pattern, but with more pressure to give a darker line...

Visit Allie's blog HERE to download the pattern for her April postcard, which includes the KJV text.

If you'd prefer to use my conversation style text you can download it HERE.

Missed the first three blocks?

Download January and March HERE.
Download February HERE.

The blocks will be free all year! Enjoy stitching to His glory...



  1. Thank you, Jenny. Have a Blessed day :) Hugs

  2. Oh my goodness! Both versions are so pretty!

  3. Your post cards are adorable. I want to stitch just like you when I grow up. lol!

  4. Both ways of doing the postcards are so beautiful. I'm very excited about stitching the new one soon! Thanks to you and to Allie for this year of good thoughts.

  5. Muchas gracias por este nuevo bloque

  6. Another lovely post card. I stitched -You are worth more than all the sparrows to me for Hannah and then wrote a message on the back and posted it. She should get it next week - fun!

  7. Both versions are beautiful and a lovely way to showcase the Word of our Lord! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring. Have a fantastic creative day!

  8. I like both options. I'd have to make one of each if I were making them. Too cute

  9. I like the little embellishments you have added. I think both versions are wonderful.


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