Friday, May 27, 2016

Changing a pattern to suit your needs...

I've spoken to many people over the years who feel quite overwhelmed at the thought of changing an original design with their own tweaks. 
Whether the change is different coloured thread, a fresh block layout in a quilt, alternate fabric, or moving portions of a stitchery around - the lack of confidence to jump in and make those changes can be rather daunting to them so they never attempt it.

In the June issue of The Stitchery Club I'm using portions of my stitchery designs to create entirely new pieces, and I thought you may like to see how I've done that. 

Firstly, look at a few of the patterns for June and take note of the sections which are inside a dotted circle...

There's a hand, a bee, a large flower, small daisies, a bird, a hanging heart, a large heart outline and small footprints.
All the designs above are destined for a newborn baby quilt, but as not all of you need to make a baby project how can you use these designs to create something unique that suits another purpose?

Let me show you.

In the design below I've used the circle outline from the original round patterns, added a large and small flower, scattered daisies, and a hanging heart. To give more depth to the new layout I chose to applique the heart before finishing the stitchery with a new message - "breathe deep and let go"...

In the blue pattern below I have used the heart design from 'our little princess', kept the large flowers, added a hand either side, and replaced the two little hearts with a small daisy. 
Using my alphabet sheet I've traced "made from the heart" to replace the 'princess' wording and now the design can be used as a label on a hand made gift!

When designing "love the life you live" (below) I drew a rectangle and filled it out with words, a bee, the bird (reversed from the 'cherished' design), a hanging heart which has a pop of applique in the centre, scattered daisies and French knots...

 I have ideas for using the footprints too, like on the cover of a passport with 'enjoy the journey' stitched underneath. I also like the idea of stitching the "Footprints" poem and framing it. 

When you let your mind wander you'll imagine all different ways of using these little motifs, and by tracing letters from the alphabet sheet (included with the June patterns) words, saying, quotes and messages can be personalised.

Take what you want from these designs and simply move things around to create a 'new' stitchery!

All eleven designs I've shown you today will be included in the June issue of The Stitchery Club, plus an alphabet for creating your own words.

If you join the Club before June 16th you'll receive all these patterns on the 17th via email in PDF format, and as I give a joining gift to all new subscribers you'll also receive this pattern within 12 hours of signing up.

JOIN HERE. It's that simple!

I'd love to hear how you'd use the motifs from my designs to create something new, and also what words would you use?
Leave a comment below and share your ideas, ok?
We can inspire each other.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Julie said...

Gosh I am soooo in love with your stitchery designs Jenny. You make me try to think outside the square a little more :-)

JES said...

Great ideas Jenny! My daughter took some artistic license on your first pattern too as she wanted "Home is where the heart is" though I kept to the original. We are really enjoying them! I also love your bright and cheerful new header! :)

Jacqueline said...

Right now I am too busy quilting and hooking to do much stitchery but I will definitely keep this post in mind for all my future adventures, not just stitching.

Thank you for all you share with us.

Hope Blossom is doing well.

Nelly said...

Liebe Jenny,
du machst wundervolle Stickereien.
Ich lieb es deinen Blog zu besuchen und mich inspirieren zu lassen.
God bless you

aus Germany

Ondrea said...

Fortunately, I have never shied away from altering designs to suit my needs. I have even used 2 or 3 small portions from different designs to make one new project. With stitcheries I try different things depending on my mood. Sometimes I prefer using one variegated thread for the whole thing, other times I use different coloured threads. I have even used many different variegated threads in one project which ended up looking quite beautiful. Your June designs are very sweet and I love your apple tree quilt. As you can probably guess, I would like to include the words Angel Blessings and Angel Hugs. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration you give.

Brenda said...

Good Morning Jenny! I seldom think about changing patterns, any kind from hand embroidery to quilt patterns especially with not always understanding the "laws" of copy rights and patents. Therefor, I just try and choose patterns that will fit what I am doing. After reading your post today though, I believe I will try and reuse some patterns to fit me. I really appreciate your thoughts and ideas that you choose to write about. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

Dorothy Matheson said...

Oh Jenny your designs are so inspired. And the ideas you have to use them together sure are great. Your work is so very nice. I do alter patterns to suit me when I wish.

Anonymous said...

Fab-you-lous! You get so much done. All I need is time, but I know you have no more hours than I do. I'm going to be using some of these on mugrugs all year, as I mentioned before, and i have a piece of an older design traced to be a pincushion, but I haven't stitched it yet - I haven't even gotten May's postcard traced yet and June is next week. But all my deadlines will be reached by June 4, and I want to do more handwork in June and catch up on the backlog of things waiting!

Createology said...

I adore how you are encouraging us to personalize your designs to fit our needs. Your designs are beautiful and sweet and lend themselves to sew many variations. It is such a blessing that you offer your wonderful Stitchery Club each and every month. I wouldn't miss receiving my surprises each month. Thank you Jenny Dear... May you enjoy your blog break and take time to recharge your creative soul. XO

Guida said...

Great ideas Jenny thank you very much. Love the new look website. Guida

Christina said...

What a great way to change things up. I have changed colors and used parts of a motif but have never combined. So simple, yet so amazing.

Melody said...

I've really enjoyed this insight into how you design. Thank you.